Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi Looks Back At Her Olympic Gold Medal Moment | TODAY

Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi Looks Back At Her Olympic Gold Medal Moment | TODAY

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  1. In addition to her skating talent, it should be said that Kristi has always conducted herself with the utmost grace and dignity.

  2. Yamaguchi Nagasaki Yamaha. Su..zuki! Hyundai Honda Datsun, Sansui. Mitsu…bishi !!! Kawasaki? Hitachi, Samsung Daihatsu Toyota Hiroshima. NO!! Nissan Isuzu Fukashima? Mazda, Daiwoo, KIA!!!

  3. I remember choosing Kristi as my star idol in 2nd grade and I had to dress up as her and create a huge presentation on why I loved and respected her. Ahhh! Love her so much.

  4. Kristi was always a lady – polite, gracious and friendly to all … a very consistent skater and most deserving of her Olympic Gold! Class all the way, and a wonderful mother who was the antithesis of a "skating mom" – Looking good, girl!

  5. Wow legends are all the same when they succeed they are contented and Just enjoy their future skating career now i know why Yuna Kim also retire for Competetive skating and just focus on doing it

  6. I forgot she went professional so quickly, all I can say is good for her.  She did not have to deal with Harding and the whole knee whacking thing.

  7. Lol. The only thing that's changed with her is she doesn't have those late 80's-early 90's bangs. Haha. She's so amazing and beautiful.

  8. She’s an amazing athlete but honestly her skating bored the [email protected] out of me. Nonetheless anyone that can accomplish what she did is amazing af and I respect her class and endearing personality.

  9. This girl is so snooty I remember working at a salon as an assistant and I looked up at her for a second and she gave me the dirtiest look as if I was below her. Lol I was very surprised

  10. But wait, you fell in your LP in Albertville. That would not have won in ANY other Olympics.

    Love you, but not a fan of this interview.

  11. She has aged extremely well. And I remember her as being one of the few DWTS contestants who kept her cool and never got upset or caused any controversy. And, of course, she is still one of the best to have competed on the show.

  12. Notice in her diplomatic way she laughs off the Tonya movie "…Take it with a grain of salt…there‘s artistic license…." She prob doesn't agree with the sympathetic portrayal of Tonya. Kristi looks great (obviously had some nip tuck work done). But much more articulate in interviews since her skating days !

  13. Can we please have Kristi or Michelle in the Olympic commentator‘s booth instead of the increasingly annoying Tara !! Oh, trollers are gonna say "Michelle didn't win Gold". Then at least get Yamaguchi in there instead of Tara !!

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