‘Fighting Is What We Do Best’ | Derby Days Real Oviedo vs Sporting Gijón

‘Fighting Is What We Do Best’ | Derby Days Real Oviedo vs Sporting Gijón

In a region of Spain like no other Where passion and dedication is applied to every pursuit Lies two very different
cities Embodied by their football clubs Who haven’t played for a decade and a
half until now It’s Sporting Gijon vs Real Oviedo It’s Derby days Asturias The first one in more than 14 years Welcome to Asturias a northern region of Spain that looks and feels like nowhere else in this country We call Asturias ‘The natural Paradise’ because everything is green, everything is rainy but everything is beautiful. Asturias is like the best place in the
world. For example if you pick up a car and make a trip It’s a totally different country than the rest of Spain Different weather, lifestyle, the look and also the people. This is insane, this is all Asturian food? Yer. Of course. But be careful with that, this is very important to us It’s just beans No, it’s not just beans, it’s Asturian favada, more than beans. This is cheese? No, not cheese, Asturian Cheese, the best cheese in the world. This motherfucker is cornbread with picadillo, chips and eggs It’s Mexico meets England let’s be honest No man, no, really, no. You named a street after a drink? Yeah, Cider boulevard It’s just cider on this street Here in Asturias we make it different than the rest of the world I have to take the liquid in here, ok? You’re not gonna make that Are you sure? You didn’t fill it No, never Oh, really? How old when you learnt to pour this? Five years old You were pouring alcohol at five? Yer man. Asturias… It’s a pride It’s a pride? Yer. Asturias is about people being brave Romans tried to conquer us they couldn’t Vikings came here, tried to conquer us, they couldn’t Because we’re strong we are working class people and we try to be our fuckin way you know But for all the significance locals place on Asturian culture in contrast or at least alongside Spanish culture within the Asturias itself comes a regional divide between the big city Gijon and the capital Oviedo Woody Allen, the director he went to Rome, New York, Paris, He filmed around the world. But when he came to Oviedo He said, ‘it’s like a fairy tale, it’s like this city doesn’t belong to this world’ Gijon is better than Madrid, than Barcelona than, New York City than London, you know we got everything here. Both cities are very different Gijon was like working-class people during it’s whole history miners, fishermen and I mean that’s something that is completely opposite to Oviedo where you can find more elegant people you know We have more theatre, more opera, more cultural events We got the beach… they don’t There is a lot of beaches in Asturias Gijon is the biggest city and they’re… not Oviedo citizens don’t go to Gijon Beach just because it’s Gijon? Sometimes Different industries, different landscapes, different economies, but one thing remains the same We don’t play with the food and with the drink and with the football Founded in 1926 as a merger between two
clubs to keep football in the city you may not have heard of Real Oviedo, but you should have because they played a significant part in the history of
Spanish La Liga In the 30s, we had the ‘Electric strikers’ This guy, Langara, was a fucking legend. Six strikers, no defense, always, always attack, attack, attack but here’s the thing for all that history they’ve never won anything like anything So give me the highlights OK…highlights we are Bullshit We haven’t had any success No trophies? No Trophies We never won a title Did you come close? No But their trophy cabinet is the least of their supporters concerns Yer, I agree I know that that we we will never win a trophy, a league or even a semi final in the Copa Del Rey Because if you look into the history, the recent history of this club, you’ll realize the fact that they even exist is an achievement as good as
any in football In 2003 season, we were in second division Ok, that’s not so bad Same as now Yer but we got relegated to second B, third Division. We went down second division, second B division and then the players weren’t paid? Yer so the league put us in Fourth division and we were this close to disappearing as a club. You got relegated twice in one go? One in the pitch and one in the office So you went straight from the second division, skipped the third went straight to the fourth (Tercera) and they took away six points when you got there? And in that moment, the mayor of the city founded a new team why? political reasons for him We played on football fields that were made out of mud If you don’t finish the week, you are almost dead. You should stand a chance then But you need, you can’t wait, you need to do something My heart beats for you, I’m a Carbayon (Oviedo fan) until I die So what did you do We went to the streets We had over 10,000 fans in Tercera People took the phone And called all their friends Do we even have a team? Yes, of course, if you come, We have a team I was a kid and I was in the offices sending letters to fans People took shirts to sell We negotiate with the bank Pay, pay, pay the debt We tried to pay the 45 million, but it was impossible to pay We had match point We had to pay Yes or Yes So you reached out to the world to save you? Yer And what happened? It was magical We had shareholders in all the countries We saved the match point The final match point And now, we don’t have debts And now a new era begins Mayors, debt collectors, the authorities, Oviedo and their supporters defeated them all and whilst they don’t have any cups or league titles the individuals and establishments that tried to bring them down that’s Real trophies We won, Every fight. Every enemy who tried to defeat Oviedo. To kill Oviedo Was defeated by us. and now having cleared off the last of that debt literally the other week and safely secured in Spain’s second division after 14 years of waiting there’s only one
more enemy to tick off the list they’re 14 miles up the road and they’ve just dropped down to the second division Founded in 1905, Sporting De Gijon’s beginnings, just like the city itself originated from the area’s maritime culture Sporting became a club when all the workers from the the ships from England came here and stopped by here they used to play football in the
beach of San Lorenzo The colours of the Sporting de
Gijón are based on Gijon’s flag. Which is based on the maritime flag Red and white stripes white Yer Just like their off-pitch origins,
Sporting’s on pitch ethos directly aligns from the city’s area where the term they
used to describe their footballing philosophy isn’t a Spanish one but an Asturian one And it’s here where those ‘Guajes’
are produced and fostered Sportings famous Mareo Academy considered by many in Spanish football to be almost as good as Barcelona’s La Masia And considered by many in Gijon to be almost as important as their beach Mareo it’s a really, really, really good culture of football It’s everything. It’s the building to build football players Barcelona will spend 100 million but other clubs like Sporting De Gijón can’t do that So they need to invest in the in the kids for a strong first team so I am feeling proud to be born ‘footballistically’ from there David Villa, Luis Enrique, Aberlardo, all the golden era players came out from here from there, from Mareo and it is something very special for the Sporting fans With the identity of sporting so aligned with this city it’s no wonder that just like with Real Oviedo, the people of Gijon support their local club and only their local What is ‘La Mareona’? Why big wave, because it’s like a wave?
It’s like a wave of noise for the most Ah of course, the beach comes up again But it’s not just the home fans of El Molinon who’ll tell you about the incredible atmospheres in this stadium as if you look into the quotes and comments of players and managers who had to be be the opposition here, you’ll quickly
realize that this stadium and ‘El Mareona’ make the best atmosphere in all of
Spanish club Football Whether its size history or mentality
just like when they describe their city for some reason Sportingista’s always
want to stress how different they are to their capital rivals they were in second
division and we were playing against Milan with Arrigo Saccho and Van Basten But for all the talk of how different Sporting are to Real here’s the thing Sporting have won just as much nothing nothing nothing nothing we’ve always been about to win something I mean we were about to win the league and we were about to win the Cup it’s crazy
you know because we’ve been always like this touching, touching, touching but
we never won anything but even when it comes to failure Real and Sporting fans will turn it into a competition They say Sporting fans don’t know what it is to suffer I mean we got relegated and we’ve been suffering through tough times you cannot
compare both situations they went to through some economic struggles but it’s not the same thing We’ve been about to disappear twice with this owner. Twice! I hope Sporting goes down there and see what happens We were in the second division we had a
debt of around 45 million euros Go to third division see if you can resist that… They’ll compete over uniforms They’ll compete over stadiums. El Molinon is something special, you know. It’s the oldest stadium in club Spanish football. And don’t even start on club legends Mata, Mata, Mata David Villa, David Villa, he’s the main striker in Spain’s history Yer, but I don’t respect him as a player, it’s not about goals he scores, its about the what’s behind it, the feeling. The legend Quini, He’s the legend of Asturias Following this whole Asturian derby, I’m seeing something both these sets of supporters don’t they’re very similar. Asturian’s who’ve been given a club and followed it the only way an Asturian can. With blind loyalty and dedication no matter what’s thrown of
them When we had problems We were more, more passionate More problems! More passion! That reminds me of another team You broke your membership record last
year? Yer and we broke it this year But you got relegated yeah but we broke it once again two years in a row who gets relegated and breaks Sporting De Gijon We love to fight against the mayor, the president, La Liga, the federation, everyone El Classico usually 4 or 5 pages But tomorrow, 22! How do you even find enough stories for 22 There is a lot of kids that it’s their first derby The last derby was in 2003, it was another world, another coin (currency) Usually I never drink alcohol before a match and now I took some pills before the game? yeah of course what ecstasy? no, I take a relaxing pill because I was very nervous The coffee this morning was caffeine free You’re not pregnant man, it’s just a game No! This match is not just a derby, not just a maximum rivalry game. It’s like war It’s a war It’s gone to another level of absurd here they told me Asturians are a different people, a different kind of crazy This is a different kind of crazy That’s going to go off It’s like some kind of guerilla style mob wrestling They’re belting themselves I think the nerves have gotten to them because it’s all gone a bit It’s all gone a bit mental here… Oh he’s got it in his mouth What the fuck is going on here They’ve gotten their belts off Their shirts off and they’re whipping each other The last derby was in 2003 and they… I don’t they use their name you don’t even say their name? I don’t like it They made a t-shirt that said: ‘The last derby of the history’ It’s the last derby because you are going to disappear No more derbies, this is the last one And now, 14 years later. We are here. Real’s bus is turning up first. What that means for that bus coming through here, I don’t know but uh, it’s going to special that’s for sure look at the bus Anyway, you wait 14 years to play your mortal enemy, thats going to happen Let’s just going inside now, I don’t think it can get any crazier maybe it can maybe it can I was in Partizan v Red Star The level of passion is similar In Spain, I don’t know about in other leagues, but in Spain I think this is the best derby here It’s a very special derby because 14 years ago there was no twitter, facebook, iPhone, We’re living in a different world almost the best analogy
to explain our recent history You have your mother almost dying in the hospital You’re looking in her eyes and the politicians, the league, the media, are trying to disconnect the
machine and you’re saying, no, no wait, wait, wait I know my mother is in a coma, wait wait wait, I
know that and she’s alive and well now She’s alive I’m sure that this ‘mother’ will be a great grandmother next time on Derby Days

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  4. As I was watching this I was really hoping Oviedo would score an equaliser because of all that it meant and what they went through.

    Great video…. 👍

  5. 8 anos vivia en Asturias ;muy guapo region i tengo mucho recuerdos de el;quantos rusos jugaban en Real Oviedo i Sporting Gijon-Onopko,Ledyahov ,Cherichev;tenia privilegio ver como Sporting como Oviedo sobre terreno

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    Y este tio es periodista? Que alguien le diga xfavor que los nombres no se traducen. La mediocridad de los medios es ya sangrante

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