Fifa Worldcup Football 2018 Technology| VAR – Goal Line Tech|FIFA Match Highlights| Tekky Tek

Fifa Worldcup Football 2018 Technology| VAR – Goal Line Tech|FIFA Match Highlights| Tekky Tek

hello hi and welcome to tekky tek
ticka ticka liquor swagger in number do we do tht number equal eight to tending
it or you can take another sample and I’m right fee for worthy of 2018 so
number a channeler almost technology puts on over into a to the mock-up and
referred to this parameter and the technologies to you seen var and gore
line technology so our technology Celtic anthem okay come on Eve IRS’s the FIFA
World Cup record monitoring a link put the changes or no identity technology
cutting Alanna haven’t done the mohkumat comp we do assistant referee in the
wooden your technology you skin and other either paraphrase I programmed
like and so I would Innokin angle no commercially from say like a regular
character on um nila so every Hill p.m. windy or an IE we do assistant of free
in the 1-800 to technology or other either lump camera showdown or others
austerity then you put the personal camera widget under so other lungful
tracking and so are tracking in which a the ankle on a way to invest review get
another a strangulated to over the region team a diliman slacker other may
be mistaken identity and other gold lined up I got the one that are no gold
pretty said I’m gonna take her a confusion within them things on a
dilemma on a number on you we are technology which chainable
either chain of the were analyst a little sample can and then either More
school ever decentralized operation romanza so I would I do moon assistant
al-quran diagram on that we do assistant our current item plus ordinary play
operators under the Malik on replay in longer than I would in the machine
replace the wait another and I’m not a medial karna the tilt outed we’re in the
carrying Linda referee other various Indra Freeman th e so e assistant alkyd
other the IBC Romola you can all carry EVDO celery play every contacted other
character refrigerator all right so I’m gonna technology opcode other oppression
uses an hour watch I would use in another case traditionally watch in the
or another goal are the governing so I’ll do a confirmation would come in
and I go under but a confirmation I would have watch you ate another ebiere
technology using the main carrying on a chill on the gold pin it and down with
the penalties in a red card I love the way her mum is taken identity even the
controlling or in the mean-free first half when Donna so uh they had the Navy
learn a full main control it again there so they hamana the official aid in
locating alum broadcast unit number imaginary moon screen corner another the
picture-in-picture right are they the one two three and the moon type so I did
a big box with her main scenes are you gotta either ground another kind of
guiding like the review time in okay so second box he would another this second
right here another here afraid of he said him referee generating let him out
of box away a third way another mainly coach a lingual coach ending it players
in you’re never the main chamber so I’m gonna already be in a time look at
number Kyra moon the picture-in-picture car number ten develop CUDA the e versus
a football are they using the ball you see they Canada or NFC cheaper in lab or
loan so other which attract inside you can learn Ivan the moment other than the
speed against the Careca regular track T and signal you do it in earlier
technology and I kind of ball in the accurate speed
I’ll angle been a players in a spirit the lump reduce you don’t drink you know
each and every minute eating in with the team’s alum we will shoot another state
within a made Lola over camera no in lamp and device which trundle so yoga
which is on the it too easy it was implied it invested contribute
again Evie didn’t get to put in the garage like I know me either El Arco re
on the light and hit on the leg enough for epidemic of the chose having a
baseline in any video ready Akira so re and ARCA either already on the just
pressure p.m. thing and they are knowledge vanetti re other Chronicle new
anywhere in the car you little English so the charm of evening look at the
months allowance kuda they are the key video stop eating it like chega put on a
subscript chica you got a football create all the friends in LAPD person is
sherry their cousin Elmer friends beautifully Sharia good as a Markov
engine all ready to give the waiver of the total so I’ll give away the rules
and regulations description water so Al’s okay are they will a Sega or
Amazon gift card in the core quite a lubricant Susana I do technology video
carnival a bye

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