FIFA World Cup 2018™: Kylian Mbappé’s Brilliance

FIFA World Cup 2018™: Kylian Mbappé’s Brilliance

Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe,
the most expensive teenage footballer in history, excelled as France beat Argentina in a thrilling
encounter in the World Cup Round of 16, scoring twice to become the first teenager to do so
since Pele. Mbappe may have only made 44 league starts prior to Russia 2018, but he has taken
to the World Cup with the confidence of a much more experienced player. His accerelation
and broken field running won France’s penalty against Argentina, before he scored two goals
himself, the first a cute strike from close, the second a drilled low shot from Olivier
Giroud’s deft through pass. Mbappe has been playing on the right hand
side of France’s 4-2-3-1. His ability to stretch defences is crucial, as Didier Deschamps
has been using Blaise Matuidi on the left wing, and while he is capable of pushing up,
the Juventus midfielder tends to sit off and tuck in, giving France a lop-sided look. Without
Mbappe pushing forwards, it would be all too easy for this to become a 4-4-1-1, with Giroud
isolated, but the youngster’s pace and direct running for the most part solves this. Mbappe has been working especially well with
both Giroud and Paul Pogba. Pogba’s direct running and passing style from the right hand
of France’s midfield either allows Mbappe to run into space ahead of him, as defenders
are caught between closing Pogba and marking Mbappe, or lets Mbappe run in behind defenders
as Pogba seeks him out with a forward pass. Giroud, a selfless link player as well as
a goal threat, can play Mbappe in with through balls or flicks, and his physical presence
generates space for the winger to move into as Giroud occupies markers. Mbappe also links well with Benjamin Pavard
on the right, dropping off to take a pass and then find Pavard on the over-lap, or turning
and running himself with Pavard making ground on the outside – this creates indecision
in the defence again, as markers do not know whether to close in on Mbappe to stop him
going all the way, or stick with Pavard for when Mbappe passes to him. France are at their best when they play vertically,
with Pogba driving forwards, protected or assisted by Kante and Matuidi, Antoine Griezmann
acting either as a link or running into space himself, and Giroud the focal point, ready
to receive a pass or occupy markers. This suits Mbappe perfctely, as he can drive into
space, either moving from out to in or vice versa. France’s pace on the front foot is
their most effective weapon, and Mbappe is the most dangerous of their players. Despite his young age, Mbappe already has
a superb record, both as a goal scorer and assisting others. His break-through season
was in 2016/17 at Monaco, and he did not hit those heights again this season, but at Paris
Saint-Germain he has to contend with Neymar’s need to be the main man, which has restricted
the service he gets to a degree. It’s not a surprise that he flourishes in a more selfless
side like France, with Pogba, Kante, and Giroud all willing allies. Nonetheless, Mbappe has
weighed in with 13 league goals this season and a further four in the Champions League. He can bring other players in to the game
too, and his driving runs produce space for players running in from deep, or create chances
from crosses. For a player who is so direct, Mbappe also
has a good success rate with his dribbles, showing that far from being simply a quick
player, he has the skill levels to match. He has been less effective with the ball at
feet this season, but he is no longer such an unknown threat; he has become a marked
man, doubled up on by defenders, which means this is understandable.Kylian Mbappe isn’t
the first teenager to announce himself to a wider audience at a World Cup, but while
some have flickered before finding obscurity, he looks destined to join the ranks of the
world’s great players. While his physical attributes are part of this, Mbappe has huge
amounts of skill, awareness, and a temperament for the big stage. France have a real talent
in their ranks and, so far, they are getting the best from him.

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  1. My favorite thing about Mbappe aside from the fact that he reminds me of prime Henry is how grounded he is and is willing to work for the team. A lot of teenagers his age are also fast but his positioning and timing of the runs indicate an intelligence and reading of the game as if he were 29 not 19.

  2. Mbappe has flashes that are not unlike a young Brazilian Ronaldo in some instances, that driving pace, the finishing and also the ability to execute skills moves whilst dribbling at speed

  3. He reached the champions league semis and won the french league as an 18 year old and people are acting like this is is 'coming out party' smh.

  4. He only played one very good game against the worst prepared team in the world cup, with terrible defense and tactic setup. Not surprised. If he plays a good game against Uruguay, then we talk.

  5. Nothing to do with tactics. Mpappe is faster than every player he plays against, and can finish. That's what make him dominant, no tactics involved. He averages faster speeds while running the field than Usain Bolt, it's been proven. If he's marked or not, he cannot be defended. He creates his own space, he creates his own chances. Giroud is just a doofus taking up space which defenders don't even pay attention to and neither do his teammates.

  6. Arguably as good as neymar, minus drama bullshit. Watched him 1x on france vs argentina and he's so good.

  7. Mbappé and Sané. Two of the most exciting young players in world football. How Germany overlooked Sané is baffling.

  8. I like him a lot but there's people that need to settle down, this week I heard someone claim he's the best teenager in any position since Pele, then another person interjected and said he isn't, but he is the best teenage forward since Ronaldo joined Barca. People have very short memories…

    Another one I've heard is that he'll end up like Henry, this kid can't be Henry, he could score more goals than Henry in his career because he's more of a striker and because goals are less distributed nowadays (and more goals are scored in general), but his ceiling isn't Henry, because he can never be a creator the way that Henry was, that's basically his only limitation.

  9. Mbappe is a great player but if he wants to be one of the best he has to leave psg and join a team like madrid

  10. Most underrated football channel right now! Love your work mate! I really enjoy watching this overlay. Do you draw those players actually by yourself or do you have some kind of programm for that?

  11. I saw Mbappe for the first time in a CL game and knew he'd be one of the next greatest! Very exiting to watch after the whole Ronaldo Messi debate

  12. Imagine a wc final between the two classical frenemies England and France. ? would be an interesting match with crazy energy from both sides but France is still more superior.

  13. Uruguay parks the bus and its clear they cant play possesion France will be in uruguays side all 90 except when uruguay just boots it in the direction of suarez and cavani all france have to do is mark them

  14. Can you make a video about Rakitic. The silent workhorse. He is not flashy but without him Croatia would fall apart. Even again Denmark he was great in the first half offensively but second half protected the back line because of him ability to pressure and to distribute the ball effectively. Please and thank you for the consideration

  15. If he stays fit, he’s definitely hitting Hazard/Neymar/Henry levels, but I wanna watch him for 2 more seasons before comparing him to the 2 great Ronaldos or Messi

  16. Anyone think Belgium have a chance against the tumbleweeds Brazil? I'm of the opinion that Brazil are filled with prima Donna's.

  17. Those minus 10 ratings for young players on Championship Manager can be scatterbrained, but Mbappé's is accurate. Not too much of a stretch to see him as the right sided mirror of Henry.

  18. Its not only about talent, hardworking role model is what makes you the best in what you like to do, and Mbappe, will just do that.

  19. Thanks to Tifo Football for helping me understand the game. I watch A LOT of football (maybe too much), but I don't fully understand certain aspects, so thanks for the help.

  20. I think joining a side with Neymar in it has been his only big mistake in a short but sparkling career.


  22. Most expensive so have psg been able to buy him then? Uefa would crucify an English side for that lol

  23. France are able to get the best out of Mpabbe… if Argentina could get the best out of Messi their team would be so much better.

  24. Gracias Messi y Sampaoli por ayudar a Mbappe a convertirse en una estrella. #MessiNeverAgain

  25. This guy rocks. Without him, tbh, France wouldnt have made it this far in this World Cup. Mbappe has been like the cornerstone of their team. He can now be compared to the football legend Pele now. But of course I hope his predictions won't be compared to him

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