FIFA World Cup 2018™ Best Moments

FIFA World Cup 2018™ Best Moments

Russia 2018: it’s been an extraordinary
World Cup. Drama, upsets, controversy, and some sublime football. Here are our favourite
moments of perhaps the most exciting World Cup ever. Panama’s first ever World Cup goal (vs England) Felipe Baloy. Thirty-seven years old, 13 clubs.
Winning his 98th cap and with three goals to his name in an international career spanning
17 years. Ricardo Avila swings in a left footed free kick. Panama are 6-0 down with 13 minutes
left to play. Baloy emerges from a cluster of static white shirts, throws himself forwards,
right leg extended, guides a perfect finish hard and low past the outstretched left hand
of the England ‘keeper. A hug from Blas Perez, a kiss blown to the jubilant fans who
have made the journey of six thousand miles. Panama’s first ever World Cup goal. Schmeichel saves vs Croatia Twenty-five minutes into extra time, a place
in the quarter-finals at stake, penalty Croatia. Modric places the ball down on the spot, strikes
it, and Schmeichel flings himself to his left, cradling the saved shot. Teammates surround
him. Peter looking down from the stands, the other Great Dane. And then, the shoot-out.
A blur of yellow plunging right, trailing leg, Badelj’s hands cover his face. Then
up steps Pivaric, Schmeichel’s arms stretched high, diving right, celebrating with a thrown,
clenched fist, echoed by his father. It’s not enough, but no one could have done more. Dier penalty vs Colombia After normal time, extra time, goals, fouls,
a brutal, sapping game, nothing could separate England and Colombia. And so, to penalties.
The rocks on which England have foundered so many times. Henderson’s shot, brilliantly
saved by Ospina. Pickford’s heroics give England a chance. And up steps Eric Dier.
Spurs. Bottler. He’ll miss. They always lose. Looks down, looks at the keeper, a few
steps and strikes it. 4-3, Pickford under a heap of bodies, Dier redeeming years of
failure from 12 yards. England’s first ever success in a World Cup penalty shoot-out. Korea Republic second goal vs Germany Germany, defending Champions, have 30 seconds
to save their World Cup. Everyone is forward, a throw in to Manuel Neuer, sweeper keeper
turned midfielder. Desperation, then confusion, as Ju Se-jong steals in, takes the ball, turns
and heaves it up the pitch with his left. And there, despite the exhaustion, the chasing
and pressing, is Son Heung-min, hurling himself after the pass. Sule does his best, but Son
is quicker, gives himself the easiest left foot tuck into the goal, peeling away, jumps
arms outstretched into a bundle of teammates. Ozil, on his haunches. The unthinkable has
happened. Mario Fernandes header vs Croatia Alan Dzagoev, breathing heavily, looks across
at the jostling and movement in the penalty area. Russia, the hosts, have less than ten
minutes to give themselves a chance of progressing against Croatia. In the crowd, hands are clenched
in prayer. Dzagoev starts, stutters, starts again, and crosses. Croatia flat-footed, and
Mario Fernandes rises, heads home unopposed, bottom left. Ecstatic, leaping the advertising
hoardings and screaming at the crowd, fists clenched. On the side-lines, Cherchesov prowls,
almost a smile. The hosts have a chance, again. Fernandes: born in Brazil, made in Russia. Iran VAR no goal vs Spain Iran have a free kick, minutes after Spain
have scored. Tenacious, well-organised, but they have not exactly threatened. Until now.
Ramin Rezaeian crosses, two Iranians running towards the back post, chased by a defender.
It falls to Saeid Ezatolahi who calmly slots it through the legs of a collapsing, twisting
De Gea. The number 6 sprints for the corner, as teammates leap on him, the bench clearing
to join the celebrations. But Spain are unconvinced, Pique shrugging. It goes to VAR, monitors
in a box-room in Moscow. Iran are denied, correctly. Ezatolahi, crestfallen. From ecstasy
in agony in a moment. Belgium breakaway vs Japan From 2-0 down to 2-2. Thirty seconds left.
At stake, the right to play Brazil in the quarters. Courtois rises, plucks a corner
from the air. Sprints to the edge of his box, rolls it to de Bruyne, sprinting into space.
Four Belgians in a line, Lukaku ahead, but Japan have three back. De Bruyne, as nonchalant
as you can be a full stretch with the seconds ticking down, out to Meunier. Meunier crosses,
low, towards Lukaku. Lukaku, leaning into his man, lets the ball whisper past his foot.
To Chadli, left-footed, past the dive of Kawashima. End to end, the perfect counter. Messi goal vs Argentina There’s a moment, as Ever Banega’s pass
arcs towards Messi, and the Nigerian defence turn and chase, when you just know. Messi
bursts forwards. The ball nestles on his left thigh, watched all the way, drops, a little
flick forwards with the left foot, letting it run across his body until, just before
the angle is too tight, his right foot wraps around the shot, which rises, curls away,
into the net. Messi sinks to his knees, for a moment all that weight floating away. Maradona
in the stands, clutching himself, eyes to the heavens. Pavard goal vs Argentina France Argentina. Vibrant, young France, angry,
shaken Argentina, brittle but always dangerous. They’ve clawed their way ahead, too, despite
Sampaoli, despite everything. And then, a break. Matudi finds Hernandez sprinting down
the flank, and somehow he gets a cross in. It evades everyone, bounces once, twice. And
there is Pavard, unfancied Pavard, the one you hadn’t heard of. His body contorted
to 45 degrees, a perfect connection. Five players between him and the goal. The finest,
sweetest shot of the World Cup, curling in, unsaveable. Pavard runs, slides on his knees
towards the bench. After that, the rest is easy. Cavani and Ronaldo Portugal are losing. The European Champions
need to find something against battle-hardened, never-say-die Uruguay. And then Uruguay’s
Cavani, goal-scorer, talisman, breaks down. Limping towards the touch line. His game,
and possible World Cup, over. Ronaldo, Portugal’s captain, goes to him, puts an arm around his
waist, shepherds him off. Perhaps it’s to hurry him up, to get on with the game. But
perhaps it’s a gesture of sportsmanship, the decent thing to do for a respected opponent.
Whichever, it’s an image that will last. Two fierce competitors, united in a moment
of kindness.

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  1. Perfect video. The only thing missing is Ronaldo's 87th minute free-kick against Spain. ♥️ Pure drama

  2. My favorite matches:
    Spain vs Portugal
    Germany vs Mexico
    France vs Argentina
    South Korea vs Germany
    Argentina vs Croatia

  3. Wow you almost forget that Spain was in the same poll as England to get to the final lol! So much for easiest root

  4. Hated Sampaoli as well ah? How did he do so well with Chile and just flat out fail with Argentina? Definitely a video on this would be superb

  5. England winning on pens & Russia beating Spain are my favourite moments. Oddly even though England is #1 for me, I think I celebrated Russia’s win more – probably because I despise Spain.

  6. Hey guys, there’s a video that was about 2 minuets long that FOX had at the end of the final match. Right after they said goodbye from Russia. They showed a video with a song and all the highlights from the start of World Cup to the finish. I can’t find that video or the song that was playing along with it. If anyone knows what I’m talking about please let me know!

  7. Well done Casper. What an achievement to emerge from his farthers shadow! No one could have done more. Not even dad!

  8. Mpappe becoming only the 2nd teenager to score in a World Cup final.
    Excellent channel by the way. Astute and informed. It makes a huge difference to hear someone consider and talk about football in an intelligent manner, rather than the ladish, pally thing we have so much of on you tube.

  9. Thanks for putting that together! There were a lot of great moments in the 2018 World Cup, some of which I had forgotten about.

  10. New season starts! New players, New managers , tactics and formations …. Looking forward for Tifo football videos for the EPL..

  11. Iran's last minute rally against Spain was the start of the 2nd phase of the world cup where teams realize that there is no tomorrow or moment like this ever again.

  12. I Went to Russia! Moscow, St.petersburg, And Sochi! As a 12 Year old! Fifa helps people explore the world! From A Peruvian 🙂

  13. Love and appreciate your videos! Any chance you pick different sponsers, for future videos, than the monsterous gambling industry

  14. Think Iran's strike into the side-netting that could've put them through against Portugal is deserving of being here, but the moments that didn't make the cut are as much a statement of how good this tournament has been. Loved your work throughout!

  15. Idk about all of you but this World Cup exceeded expectations. Portugal’s come back to tie 3-3 at the end vs Spain, Mexico’s upset over the world champs, Peru’s performance against Denmark that deserved more, Croatia’s surprise win against Argentina, Russia eliminating Spain in pens, Colombia’s amazing performance vs Poland, Belgium vs Brazil nail biter, Croatia ends the “its coming home” from the English, kroos last second free kick, I could go on and on. What did I miss help me out here?

  16. Do a video about Olivier Giroud's role in France's system and why he still was in the starting lineup without a single shot on goal

    Greetings from Costa Rica

  17. Cristiano's freekick against Spain??? That was the best individual performance in a match by any player in this WC!

  18. I feel these should also have been included:
    – Kroos' last minute impossible free kick against Sweden
    – Ronaldo's hat trick, particularly the free kick goal, against Spain
    – Rakitic scoring the final penalty in two consecutive knockout games
    – Japanese and Senegalese fans cleaning up the stadium

  19. 10 unforgettable world cup 2018 moments:

    1- CR7 incredible Hattrick against spain

    2- Neymar rolling..rolling..rolling

    3- Germany 0-2 South korean

    4- Russian miracle

    5- VAR system and penalty

    6- It's coming home jokes by the three lions

    7- Cr7 and Leo departures in same day…

    8- Batsyuashi funny celebration after januzaj goal

    9- Mbappe introduce himself in world cup

    10- Belgium spectacular comeback against japan

  20. What are you talking about? This was one of the most boring world cups I've seen since the 90s. Vast majority of the teams focused on defense with either 4-5-1 or 5-4-1, lots of matches they were looking at each other for 80 minutes or so, passing to the sides unproductivelly. Just look at the amount of goals in the last 10-15'. That's not a good sign.

  21. Loved every single these, but as a Peruvian i am biased for you to include Carrillo's goal against Australia, our first World Cup Goal after 36 years! People cried in the stadium that day!

  22. Ronaldo’s hat trick should b there moment of genius and possibly overall that game was the best game of the tournament

  23. Is no one going to talk about Toni croos and his clutch free kick in the 95th minute of Germany vs Sweden to keep Germany alive in the group stage. With the ball making a perfect curve and placement that made it hard to save.

  24. Great vid, disappointed however not to see Ronaldo and Kroos' last minute free kicks, and Shaqiri's winner against Serbia. Nonetheless, I can't help but think how crazy it would be to wake up from a month long coma and watch this video..

  25. Tifo plz add the Ronaldo free kick in this video. It was a moment to savour. This would make the video brilliant which it is

  26. Brilliant video, goose bumps throughout the whole thing but a few points… How can you not have portugal vs spain and something about the final or even spain vs russia in the round of 16… You missed very key points in the video

  27. You forgot about Lisa's feats in Nigeria's game against Iceland. That game was celebrate across the entire African diaspora

  28. The way Belgium played from the back v Japan is what Unai Emery is trying to do at Arsenal. Its not working so far, but when it does, it'll be great!

  29. I'm over the fact that USA?? didn't make it….but umm
    England vs Colombia that shit was Craaaazy!
    CR7 vs Spain that was craaazy!
    Uruguay vs Russia the Europeans didn't know what hit them!!!
    Oh man there's a lot more but this video was awesome!

  30. Yo tifo why do you hate croatia? How were fernandes' goal and schmeichel failing top moments but not 3-0 argentina, or 2 shootout winning goals from Rakitić or making the world cup final or our first goal in it? Also where is Zuber's goal to draw with brazil and mbappé being a teenager scoring in a world cup final?

  31. Hi! I am learning animation and really want to know how you make these videos which software do you use, etc. If anybody does know, please reply

  32. smeichel "no one could've done more" except for literally the Croatian guy on the other goal who saved more shots lmfao

  33. Sweden 0-2 England deserves a mention. The euphoria around the nation at realising that FINALLY England hadn't let us down by not fulfilling their potential, that England had done what the greats of 1990 had done, that England had reannounced themselves after years as sleeping giants as one of the greatest footballing nations in the world. In my social club, I celebrated as Maguire headed in the first goal from a corner. Our lucky Red kit was like against Colombia proving lucky again. And then the second goal and the resolute defending epitomised by John Stones throwing himself at every shot and blocking many, and the best save Pickford made at the World Cup. The final whistle blows and one cannot tell whether it is euphoria or relief we are experiencing. In my view, it was both. Finally we'd done the nation proud, and necking down that Coke in the drenched Sun I finally realised just how amazing football is for the soul. Everyone around each other best friends, kind of friends and strangers, were being so kind to each other – a rare moment the world stops and humans for some brilliant unexplained reason unite to celebrate. We'd done it oh at long last we'd done it. And everyone was happy.

  34. What about Paolo Guerrero’s goal, after nearly not making it to Russia, that gave Peru their first victory in the WC since 1982

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