FIFA President looks forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

FIFA President looks forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

We expect a great atmosphere in Russia next summer. The world will discover a country which is open, which is welcoming which is warm, which loves to party and to enjoy and to celebrate football. We are expecting a smooth operation. Everything is done for the fans. For instance a new concept with a fan ID has been put in place by the Russian government. The fan ID will allow visa-free entry, will allow free transportation by train between the host cities and many other benefits for the fans. We have already seen that the stadiums in 11 host cities are absolutely state-of-the-art and if you want some tickets rush because we had already 3.5 million requests for the tickets but there are still a few there for everyone to enjoy. You expect fair play on the pitch and when we speak about fair play we have to speak about anti-discrimination and anti-doping as well. Speaking about doping obviously all players in all teams will be tested in competition and out of competition and we are sure that everyone is well aware of this situation. When it comes to anti-discrimination it is the same at FIFA this is a very high priority and we’ll make sure that no incidents will happen but if incidents happen then we have for the first time in a World Cup the so-called three-step procedure where a referee can stop a game or even abandon a game if there are discriminatory racist incidents. This is absolutely not tolerable and we will be very very firm on that so we can expect fair play in Russia. We are in 2018 very soon and I think it is absolutely normal that in 2018 we can explore and see how we can help the referee and the team to take the correct decision. So video assistant refereeing is a topic which will be decided in March of next year but the experience so far has been extremely positive and in addition to this we will obviously have as well goal-line technology which makes sure that if a goal is scored, well it will be awarded to the team that has scored it. So we can expect fantastic matches at the World Cup. We’ve seen with the qualifiers that the football quality has been absolutely amazing. The top players will be there. The three finalists of this year’s The Best Award will be playing in the World Cup with their team-mates so it’s it’s a lot of emotion there and I’m really looking forward to the draw to see who will face whom in the World Cup in 2018.

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  1. Welcome to Russia! Добро пожаловать в Россию! Добро пожаловать в Ростов-на-Дону!

  2. FIFA es una magia, Peru ?? contra viento y marea clasifica, pero ya lo dijo José Velásquez antes del Peru Argentina : cuídense de los argentinos que les pueden dar algo de tomar para perjudicarnos, y así fue, Paolo castigado . Pero nadie habla del arreglo de Ecuador ??Argentina , mas grande que el Sol . MAFIOSOS

  3. Pienso que la FIFA es la mafia del fútbol.A MESSI le levantaron el castigo muy rápido porqué obviamente es Argentino y a PAOLO GUERRERO q no hizo nada le dan 1 año de inhabilidad.

  4. Me hace pensar que ya eligieron quién será el campeón…..espero no sea así y me equivoque siempre y cuando no ajusticien de mala fe al PERUANO.

  5. Sarta de corruptos y ladrones, dejen jugar a guerrero, deben querer su billete para que lo dejen en paz; son unos miserables, las injusticias se pagan tarde o temprano

  6. We hope the president of the Union to agree to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums and to see the file stadiums Iraq has become safe and the security situation is good that he can visit Iraq in the game Saudi Arabia to see the safety of the existing

    My name is Olawale Azeez Dapo from Nigeria.Am a big fan of football in general and i think i have an opinion to share. Sorry about my spoken English
    Been having this dream lately,
    If a team won by 1-0 or 2-0 and 3-0..
    (All the scores above is 3 point and we all know that which is fine)
    Also if a team won by 2-1, 3-1, 3-2..All still 3 points.Agreed.
    But if a team winning goal difference after a match is 6,then they should have six points! But if the scores is 6-1 then the price for winning still 3 points.
    In this case 3 goals difference will be the pack of 3 points.Which means 6 goals difference will results in 6 points,All am saying is "Why can't one match gives more than 3 points? That will be challenging which makes every match much like a final! Every team want to score more goals to get more than 3 points in every winning match!
    This results in "PEAK" performance of every team.
    I have dream of this several times.
    The future is now.
    Even if a team if lacking behind in its league,A successful winning with lot of goals difference will get them more points. In this case no team is safe till the league is over!!
    Pls note;
    If a team won 9-1 then they have six point because 3 goals difference makes 3 point!!
    This is my opinion and am glad i let it out.
    Thank you.

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  9. This is funny cup only Europe 16 countries look Africans countries and asian countries this is racism

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