FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap to a Legendary Squad

FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap to a Legendary Squad

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here it’s that time of the season again when we start training our players and it’s difficult to locate XP this season is a bit different than the past so we’re going to take a look at the numbers and see what it takes to bump your players from gold to elite to master level and what’s the best and most effective way to do it first make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications so you’ll notice in his videos post especially event guides and live stream notifications so you can join in and play against me or along with me hear what we have to say usually we go over a little bit of market info during the live streams we’ve been live streaming player vs. player at least once a week so far and I’d like to keep that up and get more and more people involved as the season progresses make sure you check out finally he sleeps calm there you’ll find all sorts of info that’s too small for a video or too hot to give out to everyone there’s a lot of public posts too many of the team only stuff goes public after a few days so check that out there’s merchandise and more is there as well so as long as as well as up-to-date shift in codes and VIP information for Borderlands 3 my other obsession ok I was recently told that in order to continue to grow this channel I needed to pick up some sponsors so the whole point of this YouTube thing is to help me pay for my kids college so unfortunately without money coming in and from the channel it’s pretty pointless and there’s no sponsors right now so I decided to make up a few well because you know why the hell not so today’s video is brought to you by social anxiety disorders are you an introvert the large crowds give you panic attacks does the thought of being judged harshly by strangers put your palms into a sweat you’re not alone studies show about 7% of the population suffer from some level of social anxiety is it a new problem though I say nay sure maybe it’s exacerbated by the onslaught of social media or even a massive amount of microwaves being hammered directly into our brain thanks to an unhealthy amount of Electronics video games and cell phone usage maybe it’s yellow dye number five or all the vaccinations we have as a kid who the hell knows but personally I’d rather loathe small talk and be the weird one rather than give up my Twinkies or end up with polio maybe it’s just because we’ve given a medical name to a feeling that a tenth of the population has experienced for centuries but we just called it being awkward or shy or antisocial and just moved on but now we have to have a name for everything which gives it more weight than it deserves and carries along a stigma that negatively affects those that identify with that 7% regardless of the semantics though if you understand it accept it in talk about it maybe we can break down that wall it’s fine you’re fine whatever we’re all fine when you realize Chicken Little was nothing more than an undiagnosed agoraphobic kind of puts everything into perspective social anxiety disorders let’s unite against this stigma well not unite we don’t unite let’s stand together separately from the comforts of our own homes all right back to player training the method right now is similar to what we were using last season in the season before in FIFA mobile 19 but the numbers are a bit different plus in the new season you can’t buy XP in the store with coins but you do get XP every day as rewards and rivals and XP is all generic now there are no modifiers for attack midfield defense or keeper it’s just XP quick background there are four realistic ways to get XP to train players first go to the store and buy XP at a going rate of 2500 gems for 40,000 XP 2500 gems for 40,000 XP but that’s that’s just insane that’s stupid there are a ton of better ways to come by XP do not under any circumstances do not do this don’t just don’t second you can play and when a minimum of three daily matches it head to head and three daily matches it versus attack for a bonus xp reward based on your current division and either of those rivals scenarios this is where most of your generic XP is going to come from each and every day in addition to your daily reward you’ll be earning XP and your weekly leaderboard rewards as well and that’s all generic XP third you’ll be earning XP through events and the star pass there’s something this Dane can pain just keep playing the game and XP will come along on its own through the events fourth you can train players into each other one card basically eats another card and absorbs its power not at all indicative of real-life thank god or that rugby team from uruguay would have come off that mountain in the seventies better players than before their plane went down which we know wasn’t a case [Music] the last method is what we’re going to mostly explore here in this video if not not the plane crash but the eating players into each other okay but first let’s talk about my personal strategy for putting together a legendary squad within the first first month of this new season instead of training players all willy-nilly without purpose or a clear plan I avoided putting any XP into anyone for as long as I could and just hoard it until I had a full squad of players that I’m expecting to keep for a long time I was holding on to that XP then initially I got my keeper that I wanted and was happy with and assumed I’ll keep for a long time so I dumped every bit of XP into him I’m talking about all the generic XP get from rivals and events and etc that XP always goes into my keeper until I have him at 100 he’s gonna get all my XP I used those only for the keeper then I initially started to pick one player from each tier which was a player that I felt I was gonna keep for a long time mostly because they they’re not gonna receive a program card very quickly I would put into them all my non-actionable players from the events and world tour mostly just world tour now because it seems EA has made an adjustment now all players are optional other than the world tour and now later so my now later players and my world tour I burnt into one player from each tier and I chose who was unlikely to receive a program player soon because I figured I’d keep him for a while I went with him at it and cheery as base cards and milner in the middle because he’s not even starting for a Liverpool but then what the hell he gets a team of the week card or that’s near here nor there Milner went out I’m in training Alexander Alexander Arnold have already received program cards so I put them in so those are the ones I’m playing I’m training right now all the rest of my players are rental base players they get no training at all whatsoever that way when a program player version does come along I can sell my base card without lose a ton of coins remember when you trained someone into another person you keep all of your XP but you lose the value of the players themselves and you only recover 75% of your training cost and that could be a significant coin loss when you’re dealing with players 80-plus especially this early in the season like pissing away hundreds of thousands of coins or even millions of coins depending upon the player and how much training you have into them for example if you take an eighty rated player that you bought for five hundred thousand coins and you train them up to eighty seven OVR it costs you nine hundred and eighty thousand two hundred and seventy two coins to get them there from eighty to eighty seven and it takes four hundred thousand seven hundred and ninety eight XP to do all those upgrades so almost a million in coins and four hundred thousand and XP if you turn around and train him into another player let’s say you take your ad all the way up to eighty seven and then BAM a better player comes along and you’ve got this eighty seven with all this training and you can’t sell him because you’re gonna lose everything you’ll lose all that training XP so you’re gonna burn him into the other one you get all the XP back plus his original twenty five thousand nine hundred and seventy two XP his base card was worth but you can only use seven hundred and thirty five thousand two hundred and four coins of that 500 thousand that you spend on him and the nine hundred thousand you put into him towards the upgrade you’re gonna lose 25% of your training cost plus his entire initial value in this case it’s a total loss of seven hundred and forty five thousand coins just pissed away down the drink I don’t know about you but I prefer to use my coins wisely I plan ahead and I get the most out of everything I have my coins and a flush of the toilet go together like Kanye West and Stephen Hawking like not at all and not because Kanye is alive but because even in death Hawking has a superior IQ too easy so henceforth rental players until I have program players I plan to keep while I don’t want to lose all those coins so in that scenario I talked about five hundred thousand coin ad rated player what if you spent let’s say four million on Van Dyck and he started dumping XP into him you took him to 92 you dropped a few million on coins on the upgrading and you used all that XP Ang’s paid four million for Van Dyck if at that time a better Van Dyck comes along or you find another player you have if you go to sell him you’re gonna lose all that training XP and the money you put into him but if you burn him into the new player you’re gonna lose the four million you paid for a 25% of his cost so be intelligent this early in the season who you train why you train and be prepared that’s why my Van Dyck is still base 88 I don’t wanna lose millions of coins dump all your XP tokens into your keeper and then use your pointless non-actionable players as training in the most efficient way possible alright that out of the way moving on to the heart of this video making effective use of the market for your XP now here’s my player XP chart it’s similar to last season but it’s been updated this is what we’re going to base all of this on we’ve already established that buying XP from the store using gems is just plain stupid in seasons past getting XP in the market for under four times its coin value was fantastic and most cases it was a stretch four to six times was kind of a good range that you were expected so certain times of the year you could go as low as three times but two times like we’re getting right now that was a steal currently this early in the season the player values in the market reflect our current coin status most of us are relatively broke most of the time there aren’t a lot of player choices yet and the floor currency is nothing but a trickle what that does is create a very ripe market for buying XP especially in the lower gold range on the chart you’re gonna see the overall of the players on the left side next is the XP that that OVR generates in other words if you burn a 75 rated player into another one for training he gives up 1,350 XP if you can buy that player for under twenty seven hundred coins you’re getting XP at a ratio of two to one two coins for every one XP if an eighty rated player requires twenty four thousand nine hundred and fourteen XP to reach 81 you could buy that much XP in the store for about fifty thousand coins at a ratio of two to one later on the route in the year will be chocolate a bit to get XP at a cost of let’s say four to one so right now it’s the time this chart shows the ratio of coins for egg to XP for two two one three two one and four to one so we’ll be able to use it for a while so what do we do with that information simple go to the market and search for players in those ranges referencing the chart to make sure you are within the rate within the range on XP for the ratio of coins dead it’s a training cost depending on the day of the week the time of the day and what events are going on you can grant players on bids that easily fall within the two time or three time reg for all positions even the keeper that’ll quickly bump your player up to the next level we’re seeing XP right now going for less than two times when you do a proper search certain times in the day for me here at the end of October I’m grabbing XP under two times market that range from 70 to 74 all day long now right now I’m doing a search for 72 all you know maxing out of 150 rated players with a buy it now your bin price of nine hundred coins max I’ll grab every one I can get my grubby little fingers on and repeat as often as I can other times of the day I may go up to a thousand coins or even a bit higher if the market is in a slump I won’t go above 1200 coins though for any position on average with this technique I’m grabbing players at a ratio of two XP / three coins which it’s one and a half I’m not sure how long this is gonna last and holy hell it’s making upgrades pretty easy at the moment you have the coins yes it’s time-consuming and it does eat up your coin stash really quick but you won’t have an opportunity like this again if you’re short on coins make sure you watch my last video on silver investing it’s it’s working it takes some patience obviously like this morning six hundred thousand and ten minutes just a note to this is the main reason I’m not investing in Gold’s at the moment people are asking why you do Silver’s and not goals because the price for these Gold’s on XP is so low I’m burning them in two other players before I have the opportunity to hold on to them and sell them for profit that’s it for now make sure you subscribe turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on video releases and more importantly weekly live streams where we do player vs. player there’s usually some market talk in there we’ll go over investments it’s always a reason to tune in and see what happens up next get ready for I think it’s Day of the Dead is coming next which is kind of like Generic Scream team and not really it’s all Mexican players and it doesn’t look good it looks like another rehash of everything you’ve already done they basically change change the colors on the pretzel event come on EA you need to step the game up a little bit I’m assuming will have something you CL related soon upgrade your team while it’s possible on the cheap check out finally sleeps calm and consider joining the team there and last thanks again for all our sponsors today social anxiety because if it’s done right panic attacks counters cardio workouts just saying as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making videos [Music] thanks for watching maybe check out one of these other videos next don’t forget to subscribe like comment and share visit my site finally he sleeps calm for daily posts about FIFA mobile and other various brain vomit plus if you get really bored you can find merchandise and my latest comedy album life before the internet at the links below like down at the bottom those links [Music]

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  1. I have a question, if I have an example of a trained Burki at 94 and he somehow gets a special 92 card, what exactly I should do? Should I buy that special card or should I ignore it and keep this I already trained?

  2. When tthe second phase comes out should i get pique and sell the 88 right away or get vardy and sabitzer??

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