FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap – Take Advantage of the Bear Market

FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap – Take Advantage of the Bear Market

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here it was suggested to me to put a video together about training players and the current market special thanks go to it’s crazy science for getting me moving while back I posted a video on how to train your players quick and easy going from silver or gold all the way up to master that video still holds true but right now with the bear market we’re experiencing and most players already upgrading within the master realm going from 94 to 95 for example we need to update that technique with numbers that match the requirements to take a 79 rated player to 80 it only requires three thousand four hundred and forty two X B but to take an eighty rated elite player to 81 you jump all the way up to twenty four thousand nine hundred and fourteen XP if you’ve been playing for a while those numbers seem laughable now to go from eighty nine rated to ninety rated master it takes a hundred and fifty six five hundred and thirty one XP but to go from a ninety rated master to ninety one we’re now talking four hundred and sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty eight XP 96 to 97 try over a million XP if you haven’t already watched my original training video check it out first the technique is the same but we’re going to bump up all the numbers tenfold just a quick background there are four realistic ways to get XP to training players first up go to the store and buy XP at a going rate of 40 thousand coins per 2500 random XP that’s a 16-time markup for every one XP you’re paying 16 coins that’s just plain stupid do not do this second you can win head-to-head you get XP rewards there and then wait while the pack opens is good but don’t only rely on this third most of the events were seeing spit out XP put those to good use fourth this is the important one you can train players into each other one card basically eats another and absorbs its power not at all indicative of real life thank God although it would explain some of Suarez’s past behavior and Suarez trains a lot the last method is what we’re going to explore here same as my previous video eating players into each other when you need hundreds of thousands of XP or a million or more instead of just ten or twenty thousand at a time messing with bronze silver or gold cards is it’s an exercise in patience on par with taking the winner to sit in silent meditation at a Buddhist monastery a worthwhile expedition of self enlightenment and sure but not if you’re trying to take your ninety-two rating Salada 93 here’s my player XP chart this is what we’re going to base all of this on we’re already established that buying XP from the store is not at all cost effective at a rate of 16 times well my last video showed was a way to bring that cost down to three to five times or three to one to five to one coin stacks P so you’re spending three coins per XP or up to five coins per XP with the current bare market with elite prices as low as they are now is the time to capitalize and train your team on the chart you’ll see the ouvea are on the left side next is the XP that OVR generates in other words if you burn an eighty-five rated player into another one for training he gives up thirty three thousand seven hundred Pete if you can buy that player for under a hundred and thirty four thousand eight hundred coins you’re cutting that 16 to one ratio from XP bought in the store down to four to one four coins for every one XP that’s the first column the four time mark up here’s the five time mark up and the sixth time mark up on the left side this is the chart for all base and program players that give standard XP it’s pretty much everybody on the right these are the handicapped team hero cards now there may be more than just team heroes when you watch this video so make sure you check what the XP is against the chart for team heroes the 82 rated players are handicapped meaning they give less XP than a base card but when you move up to the 84 86 and 88 rated team heroes however their XP is boosted meaning it gives up more XP than a base card keep an eye on these cards in the market they are an easy way to secure a lot of XP at around a five-time markup so what do we do with all this information it’s pretty simple go to the market and search for players in those ranges referencing the chart to make sure you are within the range of coins to XP depending upon the day of the week the time of the day and what events are going on you can grab players on bids that easily fall within the four to five times range that will quickly bump your player up to the next level at four hundred and sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty eight XP that’s required to bring a ninety rated master up to ninety one all it takes is seventeen eighty rated players to get you there at the current market where you can easily pick up eighty rated players for around one hundred and ten thousand coins that’s just under two million coins for the XP needed if you can secure some of the team hero cars at a decent rate you can only need to buy maybe eleven of the 84 rated team heroes to do the trick right now midfield on attack can be picked up anywhere from 150 to 165 thousand coins putting those tears of the field close to the four to one range now it’s easier to do attack in mid field defense is a little bit more you’re gonna be in the sixth time range for those but just keep an eye on the market also don’t underestimate the power of master players as XP either for example can abri the belly button card from Lunar New Year yeah belly button cuz everybody has him has been selling as low as 1.5 1.6 million you can easily pick him up at any time of the day any day of the week for around 1.9 to 2 million coins which gives you 360 2000 XP at a 5 to 5 and a half time mark up quick and easy for goalkeepers it’s going to be a bit tougher now that’s the hardest position on the field to Train XP right now the quickest bet is to go with team hero Pickford and just take a bit of a hit with a 10 time mark up I know it’s it’s a lot more than we’re doing with anybody else but it’s only one position on the field that’s the only one that’s off the chart at the moment now here’s a quick note something to remember as you train up your players if you buy an 89 rated keeper let’s just use this as an example let’s say st. Patrick’s Day button that you’re attempting to train up to 95 for example if you bought XP at a 10 times markup and it takes a total of two point eight nine million XP that’s twenty nine million for the XP alone plus there’s the training cost to consider because you don’t train players for free it costs four point three five million to get him from 89 to 95 plus you had to buy him for 2.8 million which is is going rate at the time of this video that brings his total cost to just around 36 million coins which is the same price is going out and buying karna ball anderson right now so keep those numbers in mind sometimes it’s easier and more cost effective to save your coins and just buy the better player rather than training up who you can afford at the time be patient make long-term decisions sometimes you may sit with a crappy player while you’re farming the market or adding coins to your stock to be able to buy their better player that’s it for now good luck enjoy all the events EA keeps releasing and take advantage of this bear market while lass now is the time to invest in players for the long game as well as training up your team don’t miss out on the max OVR tokens in the st. Patrick’s Day event or all the boost between that same event and Carnivale those are going to be very important moving into the spring if you want to stay competitive like subscribe share comment find me on Twitter or Instagram check out final he sleeps calm for a lot more in depth to info on FIFA mobile sniping filters merchandise some of my best stuff maybe even consider becoming a member if you want very there’s even more benefits for that that’s it I’m out time for a refill as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making videos [Music] [Music]

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  1. Another great vid bro????❤
    Very Interesting Advice
    Keep up the good work bro and can you tell me what you think of this:

  2. I haven't played FM in a week, what the hell do i do!?!?!?!? I still have around 800k though and a 93 team. I have not done icon tournament and no st patricks and i have richarlison 88 though

  3. Make a video on best CB and GK as in VSA we have no control on them ,so we want them to be the best ,so please can you make

  4. That is geat!!! ur mind is different?, i need to get 2.7mil xp to train 92 to 96 will that cost me alot if use ur method?

  5. Sometimes it cost me like 10M coins to get a player from 95-96 and so on. One player! I buy 90 rated players and it works easy

  6. Does anyone know if I should get toty ronaldo because he is 25 mil right now and I have 13 mil. I can sell mbappe for him but is it worth it?

  7. Training players is quite a struggle for me. I don’t always have the coins to do it and especially all the training xp. Lately we’ve all been getting 90+ players for free and I’m taking advantage of that. The latest events offer skill boosts, coins and xp. I personally always go for the skill boosts. Anyways, great video and I’m loving how EA has completely changed the game! ?

  8. Hey FHS Today EA gives us some daimond carniball points to claim carniball player for free it's 6000 points and we can get 2000 more in one time offer pack should be buy that and claim 2 players

  9. I'm asking this question 5th time if u didn't reply in this one will ask u to add ur phone number in discription from next video.
    Now the question is I have few toty defenders which are more than 2.5 million so should I sell them or wait becoz one day price rises and second day it drops

  10. Missed commenting properly on your last couple of videos so apologies for that.  The XP increase from 89>90 and 90>91 is insane but this certianly gives options.  One thing I took from it more was the TH 84+'s have more XP than a regular 86, had no idea about that so I'll be scouring the market for some of those.On a side note, I managed to get LLR Rakitic free to play and will get Nainggolen tonight, both of which I probably wouldnt have attempted without your maths behind it.  I can't be arsed doing the math so I usually see what your thoughts are.  Just need some luck to get the 96 Auba from St Paddys now.  Keep up the great work, from a fellow LFC fan <3

  11. Nice video. Sir which gk is good. De gea or Donnarumma. I bought 95 toty de gea. But results are not good in Vs attack. I am thinking for sale him and buy Donnarumma. So I can buy one more striker for my team.

  12. Idea for a video, How does players get so many skill boost? How much do we get every week f2p and where is best to get more..

  13. He's trying to give good knowledge, but you will never go up by his suggestion. Just do player hunting and sell then for few profit. Here's the ratio, selling 5 players with max margin and selling 100 same players with half margin.. you'll earn from half margin. And never try to upgrade/train player by using players and xp. Just upgrade your skill boost and by earning money from buying/selling try to buy high card players cuz you can sell whenever you want and no loss of xps and players used to upgarde. Hope you agree.

  14. I have 16 clovers only I need 18 to buy aubemayang… Someone Pls help me Buddy… My Id Is Navineoz …

  15. Will the bot market work in the same way with all our players, like gold cards ect. Can we just look up the lowest price for that card and set the price slightly under so the bot will purchase?

  16. Great vid and one question I wanna train my 90 overall UCL Courtois to 100 how much will that cost me thx

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