FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap – Take Advantage of the Bear Market

FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap – Take Advantage of the Bear Market

64 Replies to “FIFA Mobile – TRAINING PLAYERS Quick and Cheap – Take Advantage of the Bear Market”

  1. Another great vid bro🔥👏👍👊❤
    Very Interesting Advice
    Keep up the good work bro and can you tell me what you think of this:

  2. I haven't played FM in a week, what the hell do i do!?!?!?!? I still have around 800k though and a 93 team. I have not done icon tournament and no st patricks and i have richarlison 88 though

  3. Make a video on best CB and GK as in VSA we have no control on them ,so we want them to be the best ,so please can you make

  4. That is geat!!! ur mind is different👍, i need to get 2.7mil xp to train 92 to 96 will that cost me alot if use ur method?

  5. Sometimes it cost me like 10M coins to get a player from 95-96 and so on. One player! I buy 90 rated players and it works easy

  6. Does anyone know if I should get toty ronaldo because he is 25 mil right now and I have 13 mil. I can sell mbappe for him but is it worth it?

  7. Training players is quite a struggle for me. I don’t always have the coins to do it and especially all the training xp. Lately we’ve all been getting 90+ players for free and I’m taking advantage of that. The latest events offer skill boosts, coins and xp. I personally always go for the skill boosts. Anyways, great video and I’m loving how EA has completely changed the game! 👍

  8. Hey FHS Today EA gives us some daimond carniball points to claim carniball player for free it's 6000 points and we can get 2000 more in one time offer pack should be buy that and claim 2 players

  9. I'm asking this question 5th time if u didn't reply in this one will ask u to add ur phone number in discription from next video.
    Now the question is I have few toty defenders which are more than 2.5 million so should I sell them or wait becoz one day price rises and second day it drops

  10. Missed commenting properly on your last couple of videos so apologies for that.  The XP increase from 89>90 and 90>91 is insane but this certianly gives options.  One thing I took from it more was the TH 84+'s have more XP than a regular 86, had no idea about that so I'll be scouring the market for some of those.On a side note, I managed to get LLR Rakitic free to play and will get Nainggolen tonight, both of which I probably wouldnt have attempted without your maths behind it.  I can't be arsed doing the math so I usually see what your thoughts are.  Just need some luck to get the 96 Auba from St Paddys now.  Keep up the great work, from a fellow LFC fan <3

  11. Nice video. Sir which gk is good. De gea or Donnarumma. I bought 95 toty de gea. But results are not good in Vs attack. I am thinking for sale him and buy Donnarumma. So I can buy one more striker for my team.

  12. Idea for a video, How does players get so many skill boost? How much do we get every week f2p and where is best to get more..

  13. He's trying to give good knowledge, but you will never go up by his suggestion. Just do player hunting and sell then for few profit. Here's the ratio, selling 5 players with max margin and selling 100 same players with half margin.. you'll earn from half margin. And never try to upgrade/train player by using players and xp. Just upgrade your skill boost and by earning money from buying/selling try to buy high card players cuz you can sell whenever you want and no loss of xps and players used to upgarde. Hope you agree.

  14. I have 16 clovers only I need 18 to buy aubemayang… Someone Pls help me Buddy… My Id Is Navineoz …

  15. Will the bot market work in the same way with all our players, like gold cards ect. Can we just look up the lowest price for that card and set the price slightly under so the bot will purchase?

  16. Great vid and one question I wanna train my 90 overall UCL Courtois to 100 how much will that cost me thx

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