FIFA Mobile – TOTS TEAM OF THE SEASON – Complete Event Breakdown

FIFA Mobile – TOTS TEAM OF THE SEASON – Complete Event Breakdown

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here well team the season is upon us it’s here it’s officially here the wife bought me a case of Guinness and a bottle of Bailey’s so you know I’m ready to dig in for a long night most of you notice that I moved my team the season predictions video over from finally sleeps calm to YouTube for everyone to see about an hour after the event released I honestly thought I had a couple of days based on the schedule EA has been going by this year but just when you think you have it all figured out and you’re kind of waiting on a fastball but kind of expecting a curveball and then EA goes and throws 110 mile per hour rocket straight at your beings so that’s my Friday also yes I’m well aware that the Marcella Picard art in my predictions video is the wrong marcelo it should be Olympique Lyonnais Marcelo not Real Madrid Marcelo what can I say I just took DA’s fastball to the fruitball it’s not all gonna be perfect [Music] so back to the task at hand team of the season each week on Friday EA will release a new league all the daily events that reset on the 12 hour mark will spit out rewards that can be used in the current league this first week is the community team put together based on who we voted on from EAS list of nominees this first week is a bit of an anomaly because it’s not a it’s not really a team of the season team or league it’s and there’s no weekend tournament but we’ll talk about that in a minute okay team of the season is going to be a seven week event with each league getting a full week plus a bit of buffer at the end to use all your points the main portion of the event which consists of five different events of which you can choose three they give out team of the season energy and team of the season points the team of the season energy is used to buy player shards and entries into the weekend tournaments which start next weekend and with the first league there’s no tournament this first weekend I mean there is but it’s for the UCL next weekend this team of the season and UCL both tournaments same time and again fastball to the twig and giggle berries thanks EA but we’ll come back to the tournament first you have five events to choose from first is a skill game that gives up six energy next in is an ad that you can watch for six more energy there’s a stock match against a shitty team you can play that gives you six more energy those are the three basic ones there’s also a vs. match and a head-to-head match that both give up eight energy on a win but only five on a tie and four on a loss they both require a hundred OVR team with all players at a minimum of 80 much like we’ve been seeing in you see all tournament if you’re feeling lucky and cocky enough to go after them by all means feel free not this guy the risk versus reward is pretty pointless you need to win more than you lose or tie to come out ahead and with a hundred overall max setting it’s very likely that I’ll just do that it’s gonna be a wash for me the difference between that six and eight it’s it’s not worth the time once you complete three of those five events you get a bonus 30 team of the season points and five random shards from players in the current league this first weekend those are community players these five events reset every 12 hours basically each day you’re going to end up with about 36 energy 60 team of the season points in ten player shards there’s also a daily energy offer dollar ninety-nine per day for a bonus 15 energy completely up to you but that dollar 99 adds up quickly I’m skipping it there’s also some packs in the store it it’s up to you if you want to reach into your pocket feel free but I’m not I’m gonna run this thing free-to-play I’ve already going in on the knockout pass for UCL so team in the season we’re gonna do it the hard way team of the season points of which you are getting 60 per day by completing all events can be traded in on boost coins or XP you’re looking at three awards rewards per day with 60 which is going to add up really quick that’s 300,000 coins per day or 60,000 XP per day or if you’re like me that’s an X load of boost don’t screw around with the XP R coins go go for the boost you could spend these tokens as soon as you get them you don’t have to wait next let’s take a look at the player shards despite EA claiming this is something brand new this is basically the same old we’ve been seeing all year but instead of basket points in Easter or clovers or whatever crap they had in st. Patrick’s Day it’s now player shards which sounds more like a bathroom function than a building block but we’ll let that go player shards shards which the more I say it the more it bothers me shards shards shirts shard chart chart like chart when you fart but your pants your chart that’s that’s what the issue is sounds like charts player sharks I’m just gonna call them tokens they’re player tokens each player has a match you can play once only once that gives you 10 player tokens it requires 10 energy and after that you can trade 10 energy for 2 to 5 tokens randomly there’s a bulk trade in two but the only advantage whether it is a saves you time so a hundred energy for 20 to 50 tokens let’s take a second and see what’s possible with the community players ok alter while we with for example requires 90 tokens you’ll get 10 for the match then 2 to 5 tokens for every 10 energy spent let’s just assume your average three and a half so to get 90 tokens for that player you’ll need to trade in about 240 energy total maybe more maybe less because it’s you’re getting 2 to 5 with every pack depending upon what drops if you get 36 energy per day that means it’ll take all week to earn enough energy free to play for outer wild one more thing to know / EA the player costs will vary from lead to leak there’s no way of knowing how many tokens you’ll need for any player or what is going to be possible until the league is announced and released on Friday it’s gonna make planning a little bit tough along with each league there’s a prime icon that requires you to earn all of the starters for that league first if it’s taking all week to get 192 rated starter those prime icons may be out of your league see what I did there out of your league moving on each day you get ten random player tokens by completing the daily events you have the choice to trade those in for team of the season points which get you coins XP or boost nothing goes to waste it’s basically like a composting toilet it all comes back around one more thing we need to talk about the weekend tournaments that start next weekend with the release of the first league what we know right now is it’ll be more like the weekend tournaments in FIFA mobile 18 then the current UCL tournaments there will be a max overall of a hundred with no one under 80 if you have specific players in your team there are bonuses that can be awarded as well but again at this time we don’t know if there’s a max bonus or not what we do know is that there is an eighth power bonus for having a starter from that week’s league in your lineup not just a starter at all five power bonus for two reserves or starters from that week’s league in your lineup and three power bonus for five players from the week’s league in your lineup this bonus is only rewarded on wins it’s not draws or losses it’s sounds confusing but I think we’ll understand it once the tournament is released standard power bonus is 10 for a win 6 for a drone 4 for a loss if you win you get a returned tournament ticket again because we’re only going by this spotty info provided by EA at this point we don’t know how many tournament tickets are required to play how you earn them or whether the tournament is only 12 matches or 15 or you play until you lose 3 we don’t know my speculation is there will be a max number of matches similar to what we saw in the icons tournament it’s not a grinding event like you see L sort of well he is saying that you can play as many tournament matches as you want but the buying cost goes up every time you restart so like in the icons tournament you’d only play three rounds in a weekend this you can play as many as you want the first time through is free second time you have to either spend 30 of your team of the season energy or 1250 fifa points it’s either or third time through 35 energy or 1500 fifa points all the way through into the fifth it’s 50 energy or 2000 fifa points and that that restart for 6 7th and 8th and 9th is always the same so it’s fit them beyond 50 team the season energy or 2000 FIFA points doesn’t look like gems are gonna be into play in this see things are starting to get a little interesting and by interesting I mean complicated as hell ok what do you get for the tournament remember those powerpoints I just talked about that you get on wins and bonuses those get traded in on a threshold which is the same way to knock out passwords that’s the way we understand it right now the more power you have the more rewards you get you’re not turning power in it just shows how far down the line making it at least that’s the way I’m understanding okay here’s the chart per ei ten rewards in total ranging from coins to players to XP there’s no boost on here remember that no boost also there’s some player tokens available for this week’s league whatever week you’re playing the tournament depending upon how hard it is to obtain bonus rewards with the players if there is a max bonus you can achieve and how hard it is to win matches this is a serious possibility for rewards and maybe a reason to hold on to your team of the season energy just breaking it down if there’s no bonus cap and you can earn all 16 available bonus plus 10 for a win that means to get all the way to reward number 10 you’ll have to win 51 matches because we don’t know how many matches you’ll get before you have to reset the tournament that could take upward of 10,000 FIFA points or 300 team of the season energy just to reach will have to take a look at again this again next weekend when the tournament actually comes out also not quite sure what EA is referring to on this one main league player slot plus league user logo what’s slot are they even talking about I still don’t know charts slots starting to get out of hand now that we sort of understand all of it what’s the best strategy to get the players you want okay you have a couple of options first go for the biggest payday and just buy the players you want trade in your team of the season points for coins forget the boost grab players as fast as you can and just sell them and rake in all the coins buy what you want near the end 300 thousand coins available every day in the resources section that’s over 15 million coins before this event ends just trading in your daily points and selling any players you can earn with your team of the season energy or the tournaments and you can probably pick up a player too before at all it’s all over in the market it’s not really my suggestion but it is a sound strategy all the same for me I’m waiting for Premier League once it gets released I’ll buy packs with all of my gems I should have about 10,000 by then which should be four packs I’ll immediately sell any one I can get in those packs because they’ll be worth the most as soon as the league is released if I get a player I’ll also be holding on to all of my team of the season energy until I have a chance to better evaluate the weekend tournament and see which direction is gonna be possible and if there’s any Premier League players that I really want should have about two hundred and fifty two energy before the first tournament gets released now we’re anticipating EPL will be the first league because it has been in the past plus you may get more energy with the packs I’ll be holding on all that energy for quite a while though until I have a chance to decide on a player to in that league I want I’m gonna wait what I won’t be waiting on though is the team of the season points you traded on those resources that’s going in to boost as soon as I earn I’ve already spent my one from the first reset one last thing whenever you earn a team of the season starter you also are given team of the season ultimate points which will be used in the last week for ultimate players holding your energy until then is a worthwhile option if you’re hoping for the chance at an ultimate player the only disadvantage to holding your energy is not getting starters until the last week you’ll miss out on a tournament bonus and the chance to sell starters when they are worth the most so really there’s a lot to think about all in all it looks like an exciting event but we’re still in its infancy don’t miss your turns hold on to your energy and don’t spend your gems until the league you’re most excited about is released make sure you like subscribe comment and share check out finally sleeps calm where I post additional notes about events sniping filters market opportunities tips and more happy grinding and get ready this is a very long event that we’ll be dealing with all the way through June as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making videos [Music] you [Music]

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