FIFA Mobile – TOP TEN TIPS and TRICKS – Gameplay, Squad building, Events, TotW, Scouting, more

FIFA Mobile – TOP TEN TIPS and TRICKS – Gameplay, Squad building, Events, TotW, Scouting, more

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  1. thank you I apriciate this man I play Fifa Mobile this season and I was playing it the previos season.I wana just give my opinion on Winger(LW,RW,LF,RF,LM and RM),for me personaly I am really stresing because of their weak foots.Because if Player has 1,2,3 weak foot from long range distance their shoots are anncourate,very bad curled and with less power wich is the worst in my personal opinion.I am using 3-4-3 formation on my acc(I have to facebook and google play store),I use 90 0VR RW Douglas Costa,very good player to use.He is very good but his weak foot is awful and the has special trait "avoid weaker foot,btw he is left footed.He is very good,decent speed,but he right food frong long range distance like 30m :/.On the LW I use Leroy Sane(Team Hero),left footed 3star weak foot but his weak foot same story as the douglas costa.Other players in my team are great.I will change to 4-1-2-1-2wide formation wich is my favourite of them all.Btw I am having English Premier Leage team all players execpt Douglas Costa wich lins litlebit with Lunar Wilian.Pretty long text from me to read but just wana give my opinion. 🙂

  2. FinallyHeSleeps, how could I defend those annoying crossers?
    I’m using Potm Pique, Ferdinand and Duffy as CB.

  3. The only thing I was not aware of was that you cant hum while holding your nose which I instantly tried as soon as you said it haha??

  4. I have make Fifa mobile TOTS event concept watch in my channel ? plz watch the concepts this is my 5th. Suggest me what should I make in next event

  5. Hi brother..u r awesome..i need ur help..i have 15 million……i have 95 duffy..90 acerbi..i need a beast cb for vsa….whom i go for??? And who are the 3 beast cb for vsa around 25 million…i can spend 25 million for 3 cbs

  6. Duffy+Pique(POTM)…F2P killer cb combo…both power headers and I am doing very well with them in the TT event

  7. Nice video. Need your suggestion. Which is the best defending formation for league tournament against all formation.

  8. Our league needs an active member who plays league Vs league and should be 99+ ovr if you want to join please send your username

  9. Why I can't see any fans in stadium? always show a vacant stadium.i use high graphics though the problem didn't sort out.would u please help??

  10. ads In domination they give 2 xp and 2 skill boosts and you can do them 3 times per week
    Total.6 xp n skill boosts

  11. I wish I never upgraded my skill boosts tho :/ I recently switched to all leg boost, so I take coins from league points 😀

  12. Please post a video of UEFA champions league round of 8 F2P and please include the most we can get out of this event expain it fully doubt- for what are they asking a 1000 gems NAME – Manas Gupta

  13. 14:28 Me too, I had 1 one just there bothering the heck out of me and I was just waiting for a player to sell to have the coins(went on an ovr upgrade spending spree so I had very little coins left).

  14. I have a 10 mill budget to make a 94-95 team for the ucl tournament with around 2 or 3 ucl players what do u recommend?

  15. Whats your take on the new ucl event, good they removed points for loss? Ether way I think its insane in the membrane. How not to play 10 hours a day((24*60/5)/(60/2)) for 9 days to get boost or players? This is a cross road, if i dont i can just give up and do something els..

  16. I'm selling Fifa Mobile 19 account with 98ovr 120chem. The team is worth 100-120mil featuring toty Ronaldo, toty mbappe,91 Vieira, 90 Campbell…

  17. I just played a vs attack match in the QF tournament and my team was wearing the exact same kit as the opponents. Good job ea

  18. The thing is scouting has never popped out 90+ player for me…. I'm waiting with lots of points!?
    And I am not at all gonna spend gems for resets every time….a few times I do…. But still not even once 90+ player has appeared ?

  19. Check heel to heel now with FW players having good dribbling stat…. It's freaking awesome to get rid of defenders pulling you from back or side!

    Im a new youtuber please i need your support please watch my video and subscribe.

  21. Dude I have posted alot of players in the Market on their estimated market value yet I am not able to sell them.Nobody buys them.Smh.

  22. im an f2p player and was wondering if chemistry is more important than OVR. because if i want to complete most of the game (events and campaign etc) i would need OVR because they are ovr requirements. i heard chemistry only effects VS attack and thats it. if thats the case i would go for the OVR build because the chemistry build would cost me more and cant use new event cards like neymar and savic etc.

  23. I just got a 96 rated on scouting but only have 4000 scounting points it’s 5800 scouting points rip also it’s 22,000,000 coins

  24. You are not like those people who brag with there stupid packs you are a one who shows the right way to be a goood fifa mobile player.keep it up;)

  25. I absolutely love the scouting section of this game. Well worth it, and so easy to get players. One question about it though: There’s a section where you progress through matches grouped by league and you can get a ton of points and players from winning these matches. I thought they would reset after a certain time of completing all of them, but they didn’t. Do they ever reset? At the start of the new season maybe?

  26. Why the push for coins? Newb here, it seems the only use for them is paying to train up players which you can only do with players or training XP…

  27. Hey mate – love your insight and meaningful info – I am a little confused point 7 – so can someone help – I went and bought De Jong 96 who has power header ability – and I have heading at +12 – so his stats for heading, jumping, aggression etc etc are all 140 – yet he only scores with a header from corner maybe 1 in 3 or less even when I swipe – you were saying guaranteed goal from the corner – can someone explain what is going wrong ? Is it that he is Striker and not a CB ?

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