FIFA Mobile TIPS & TRICKS for Head to Head and Versus – Hidden Skill Moves, Tactics, Gameplay

FIFA Mobile TIPS & TRICKS for Head to Head and Versus – Hidden Skill Moves, Tactics, Gameplay

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  1. Yessss you uploaded I love your videos and I hope you grow to become one of the biggest fifa mobile YouTubers yet ??

  2. Idk if I'm the first one who comment, I would like to thank you for everything you do to make the game more easier,

  3. Vs attack is good but H2H is a scam you can't win even your team is 109 that's why I quit playing H2H but play vs attack regularly

  4. Fhs can you please tell what is happening to the silver's market . The bot goes insane with bidding and the amount of base silvers are decreasing. The profit margin is also decreasing. any tips how to farm coins?

  5. Always enjoy your videos, learn something new every time. Have to say I'm disappointed with the latest event the matchmaking is horrid lol

  6. Well EA shows that he is greedy for money they ask for real money for the knock out reward and the other free rewards are not that good.As a f2p I'm not quite happy with it.
    Are u going to purchase it FHS??

  7. Plsss upload a video on UCL tournament ASAP.
    I know it's quite easy to understand but love ur views on every new events . About pack opening, strategy etc.

  8. I went up to Pro 1 with an 80 ovr team, first practice a lot in unranked then when you are ready just play ranked, I could even win against 88 ovr players with like 50 chemistry even if you loose once the next match you will be going against less ovr players so you get even more trophies.

    Edit: vs attack

  9. Prices of player are increased frequently so do you think it's a good time to sell our investment or wait for few more days.
    Plsss reply to me don't wanna lose this opportunity.

  10. All the tactics with buttons are in vain if your connection is weak. All of em will have milliseconds of delays costing you the match 🙁

  11. I wanna get Smalling which require knot pass to unlouck but i do not know how to unlock it, if it is not duable for F2P then why we got so many Kno point?!!

  12. Nice videos bro.
    Quick question…. what is your take on replacing LB and RB defenders for quick CB? I ve been toying with that using domination Manolas and TOTM pique . I’m getting a little lower OVR but I tend to receive at least 2-4 less goals vs same OVR opponents than usual.
    Any thoughts?
    Thnx and keep going!

  13. An actual tip I had to find out by myself is , if you have lag on Head to Head , finish the match you are playing and then turn off the router, wait for it to switch on and enjoy.
    P.s dont let anyone watch movies in same network because it does slow down the play speed and creates a lot of lag

  14. Sir i am struck for a week in legendary 3 and i have 93-120chem team i wanted to know what is the minimum ovr with which i should try to reach fifa champion

  15. The amount of times I've hit the post when I need a goal most is ridiculous. Fuck Selke! Fuck EA scripting in favour of 100+ OVR players. I'VE HAD SO MANY OF THEM ON ROPES (as a 92) BUT STILL LOSE OR DRAW thanks to the infamous post

  16. Please make a special video on tips for VS Attack mode. (Best formation, Best Players for each position, Tips & Tricks). I have been stuck in 980K for more than 3 months.

  17. Please help in controlling the goalkeeper, I've seen players make the GK charge, but never got to know how to do it

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