FIFA Mobile New 99 OVR Tournament Winner Cristiano Ronaldo Gameplay vs 107 OVR! Insane Bicycle Goal!

FIFA Mobile New 99 OVR Tournament Winner Cristiano Ronaldo Gameplay vs 107 OVR! Insane Bicycle Goal!

All right here we go Stopde Nation. It is now time the winners of the Champions league [are] now here. So real Madrid obviously won over Juventus. I thought I was going to be Juventus So I picked wrong, but I didn’t even actually finish all of the sets for them anyways But the Chiellini one is little disappointing I kind of wish I could get that one upgraded because that would be a nice centre back I’m excited to try and finish these ones off. I do I have enough to complete One of them. We didn’t do Marcelo, so this is the only one I can’t actually complete right now I would have do a lot of work to do it We did pick up a lot of trophies though, because a few days ago. They were going for like 15,000 coins, but we do have this 99 overall Cristiano Ronaldo I’m going to do whatever I can to [make] sure we can get this card for you because I want to show you some gameplay with it We did this first set. We just have to do his second set right now Which is going to require us to have 50 tournament tokens because we picked wrong [I] know we picked wrong, but because we picked wrong in this one We have [to] add an additional 50 tokens But we do have the bundle that we can open up, which also along with the bundle is going to give us ten of those tournament tokens so we should have enough to get him anyways from the bundle and You get the winner’s trophy as the topper and you need the winner’s trophy in order to do it. You can also Get the Winner’s trophy From the sets as well with that there So we might actually do two winners trophies. We can do two bundles. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens We’ll do the first one Open it up, and then we’ll try and get a little bit of gameplay with it at the end So hopefully we need a couple elite players. That’s my only problem right now I got a bunch of gold all the things I need for that, but I do not have quite enough elite players I’m sure nine of them. We might have to sell some of our trophies and [let’s] [bring] some good elite luck going right now. Which is not happening It’s not happening [so] far in these packs, but we’re doing it for the tournament tokens. We’re doing it for the topper at the end. I’m going through hopefully they’re [still] going for not so much once we get all this finished But I’m sure the elites are going to start to increase a little bit in price because you do need a whole bunch Of them trying to do that. Luckily with the team of the season the prices have gone down a lot because you can get them in the live event Which is really nice So opening up this next one still nothing in these packs. Pack number seven of 11 Trying to finish off there with. Oh one elite there you go alright. So we are what, nine elites away now? I’m getting closer, but still a ways to go, and another gold one pack nine of 11 Hoping for another elite pull here, and there’s another elite, but what look at that pack oh, man Four elites okay, so we needed some elites. We got a Aguerro in there too. Which is like I’m Hoping it’s still a pretty valuable elite it used to be a very valuable elite. And then our last pack no elites in that one But we do get our bundle topper. I really like the card art on that topper by the way anyways our winners Trophy. A beautiful trophy right there putting that into the set, and we are going to go and Try and finish it off. We’ll see how close. We are we’ll see how close. I’m guessing. We’re like within a couple if we go in Here 44 I don’t really want to put Agüero into that so 43 out of that one with the Winner’s trophy We can now go in and complete this I hope there you go, okay, so we got to go complete our 95 overall Ronaldo. We will go do that right now Take the current one out of our team, so we take out the current one Go back into our plans back to the 95 overall Ronaldo. We will complete the 95 overall Ronaldo It’s unfortunate because we have a whole lot of untradable elites that we could put into these sets But we can’t put them into the set because It just doesn’t work like that because you can’t put the untradable ones into the set so we got to go and pick up Seven more, we got to get seven more. We do have some elite trophies We might be able to sell [um] give us a few coins to finish off those last ones But we’ll get back into it in a little bit [alright] We’re going to claim this 99 overall Cristiano Ronaldo card, so this is exciting I’m excited to put this one on the team check them out there as we put it in. Update the team +3 positioning +2 speed A pretty Wicked card. I’m excited to see what these stats are looking like as we go on to the team. The Centre Forward That’s actually pretty good position now. There are not a whole lot of cards in that position already We can see it’s going to be nice if we put them in 106 overall a hundred and nine Sprint speed 105 acceleration 109 dribbling really good heading, really good Positioning pretty much good everything of course they all have really good reactions. Is going to do the rainbow flick as well Going back to [the] team does boost Griezmann up to 106 as well on the team. So really nice They’re doing some boost to the rest of the team as well. We’re going to go in We’ll do a bit of [gameplay] with them. We’re going to try some VS attack although [I] think that a lot of the VS attack um ones that requires your centre forward [are] pretty much always countered, so we’re going to try it anyways might be a countered VS attack But we’re going to go in and we’re going to see we can do All right, we’re going to try this again. See if this works we didn’t really get a chance to see them in action against an actual team because they Must have gotten disconnected, but we’re going to try it again. One [more] time We still are not getting countered. Which is nice someone with equal fans, so hopefully we’ll get a good match going on here Oh here. We go into this one 106 overall all right 107 after the boost we got a hard match coming up here So we’re going to have a very difficult match to go up against starting it off Ronaldo is going to tap it to Greizmann. He is just going to take a shot and Trying to start this thing off When that happens. When it goes to their team it takes an extra like two seconds that we don’t have, but Ronaldo is going to try and use this move he gets past the first defender Again past the second defender past the third defender put it in. Puts it in beautiful Stick skill actually on this card really liking it Not sure if we’re going to be able to pull off the victory in this one But Griezmann is going to try and make it work. He puts it in goal number, [two]. That’s what I want to see That’s what I want to see All right Griezmann. A beautiful move by Griezmann Griezmann in, Shot, goal number three there you go this is an intense match we got going on right now! Ronaldo tap into Griezmann beautiful pass. Griezmann ah they put in their second goal We got to start getting things going here Griezmann nice pass up, Honda… Honda puts it into the Middle. Oh There it is. I’ve never done a bike before that was beautiful. Alright Ronaldo Still a bit of a lag going on, which is strange but coming in takes the shot. I can’t quite get it. They got four This match is getting intense right now Ronaldo nice little pass oh. Honda.. Honda coming in Gets passed shot in there. Yeah puts it in just gets it [past] the keeper on that one beautiful, beautiful finish right there [he] makes a nice little [roulette] move coming in. Passed Ramos, passed the final defender. Can’t quite get it in there come on Just get rid of it, get rid of it. I hate when that takes so long to get rid of the ball Ronaldo coming in takes the shot puts it in a beautiful strike there from Ronaldo That’s the kind of thing you want to see from your man a 99 overall gets past, puts it in [ah] just Gets to it. The keeper [on] that one. Come on. We need another one We need another one right here. Off the corner off the corner nothing. Great chance here Griezmann. Griezmann puts it into the box all right take the shot take the shot there It is beautiful goal, and as time expires. It could be like 10. Like 7 to 4 now But 10 to 4 by the end for the other team. But what a match oh, I’m shaking right now That was a beautiful match some really nice plays We got a little bit of Cristiano Ronaldo action going on, but some beautiful gameplay, especially from Griezmann They played really nice. 7 to 5 final score. We’re going to take out 7,000 only 7400 fans for that come on all right whatever. Let’s see what happens. Move in here and we are now up into 550k 414 place. I just keep going up and down. I don’t know consistency is not my forte. But anyways there is the Cristiano Ronaldo Gameplay Beautiful right there against a 107 overall team. He shows his strength, shows what he can do, but thank you for checking this out Thank you for stopping by it’s been a pleasure as always Stopde out

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  4. I miss this season so much. If you actually play you get good players which makes the game for fun and worth playing unlike fifa 19 season

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