FIFA Mobile 20 – Top 10 TIPS & TRICKS for Starting FIFA Mobile 20 to jump ahead of the pack!

FIFA Mobile 20 – Top 10 TIPS & TRICKS for Starting FIFA Mobile 20 to jump ahead of the pack!

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here FIFA mobile 20 will be releasing before you know it hell it’s quite possible by the time you see this video it’ll already be out one of the biggest questions I keep getting asked is what can I do at the start of the season to jump ahead of the rest of the pack without knowing exactly what we’re going to be looking at for FIFA mobile 20 I can’t offer specific advice on any events or campaigns but what I can do is give you the methods I’ve used for the last three seasons to get my team out ahead of the rest of the bunch but first make sure you like subscribe comment and share check out final he sleeps calm where I post every day on the FIFA mobile some of it’s for public consumption some of its just for team members only beyond FIFA mobile or I’m also post heavy on the site about my newest addition the console game Borderlands 3 it’s a stylistic first-person shooter full of pop-culture humor gore and billions of guns and loot it’s perfect for the Millennial with OCD all right back to FIFA mobile before we get into FIFA mobile 20 though I need to hit on some points about FIFA mobile 19 because no matter how many times have explained it there are just tons and tons of comments in the videos asking about it again and again and I just need to explain it one last time number one preseason players will not be carried over into FIFA mobile 20 no they do not carry over no no no no number two now in later players will not be carried over into FIFA mobile 20 no they do not carry over no no no no now what does happen is when FIFA mobile 20 is going to be released you’ll be able to trade in the now and later tokens that came with those five now and later players and you can trade those in for a FIFA mobile 20 version of the FIFA mobile 19 9 layer player now this new FIFA mobile 20 version will not be the same 99 or hundred rating as the FIFA mobile 19 version it’ll most likely be in the lower to mid elite range and best guess they’re probably not going to be optional number three at the end of FIFA mobile 19 whatever starting eleven players 11 that you have in your active squad those will carry over into FIFA mobile 20 as your legacy team this will not be the team you use in your normal everyday pursuit of FIFA FIFA mobile greatness no no no no this legacy team will only be used in specific legacy events or legacy campaign or whatever legacy that is it’s a bonus part of FIFA mobile 20 set aside your award players who have taken part in FIFA mobile 19 whoever you have in that starting 11 of your active squad will become your legacy team rank ups boo stats everything carries over now it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to do anything else with it whatsoever whatever it is at the end of the season is what its gonna be no upgrades no training no formation changes not a zip nothing your starting 11 in your active squad the moment the reset occurs becomes your legacy team well you end up with FIFA mobile 19 that’s gonna be permanent that’s your legacy squad ok now that we’ve got that under control one more time one last recap all your gems all your coins all your reserve players not in your active line up all your stamina all of its gonna disappear at the reset gone by by not lost in the ether preseason players do not carry over now and later players do not carry over it’s just that now and later token that they come with it’s gonna reward you with a FIFA mobile Elite of the same player and last the legacy squad will only be used in legacy events everyone will be starting from scratch on their ultimate team at the reset got it okay moving on best practices on getting a jump start in FIFA mobile 20 my top 10 list tips and tricks number one now later points are going to be very important in the very first event which is why I’ve been urging you to make them your priority during preseason we do not have details yet on how the events going to work but rest assured it will be a chance to start your ultimate team in the right direction number two the higher your OVR at the end of FIFA mobile 19 the better off you’ll be in FIFA mobile 20 this is twofold first we’re expecting a reward system based on your OVR to allow you to open daily packs with the resources coins and players etc last year the higher your ending OVR the longer you were able to claim these daily rewards second part of this one the higher the OVR on your legacy team the better the rewards you’ll be able to receive in the legacy campaign and events are and that’s per EA the higher your OVR at the end of FIFA mobile 19 the better the rewards will be available in the campaign event or camp legacy campaign legacy event or whatever they’re gonna call it this is another reason to put in all the effort you can muster right now to finish the season as strong as you possibly can number three when the new season starts play everything do not leave any single node any single skill game or event unturned every reset every day all day anything that’s grind about start grinding especially head-to-head in vs. even if you’re losing just keep playing anything you can possibly do to the grind in the game do it winning is not as important as just the act of playing and collecting resources and rewards if there’s any type of event or skill game that is unlimited in that is not on some kind of an eight-hour reset or 12-hour reset or whatever use all the stamina you can number four to grind you’re gonna need tons of stamina stamina is something else that is not being carried over on the reset so you’ll have to start fresh watching videos at the start of the season so if you have a ton of stamina right now you’re really not gonna be carrying it over so there’s really no point in dealing with it don’t watch any videos now if you don’t need to wait and start doing that after the reset number five the key to the start of the season is unlocking the market as soon as you are able to and to do that you’ll need to progress through the rest of the events once you unlock the market that’s when the real fun is going to begin and I’m not talking about buying the players you want I’m talking about selling every single player you have and that you can number six once that market is unlocked you’re gonna want to sell everything fire sale don’t worry about investments in the beginning worry about unloading every damn player you do not need while the prices are as high as they’re gonna be in the beginning of the season and trust me that prices are gonna be astronomical and by astronomical I mean insane okay if there’s a way to make coins on the market by farming then I’ll post a video otherwise just focus on selling everything you can and continue to open and earn dump dump dump get rid of it all number seven rent your team don’t buy a team think of it like taking a two-month sabbatical into another country sure you need to get around but you’re not gonna buy a car that you’ll just be selling back before you leave to come home and losing half of what you’re putting into it especially one of you only using it for a couple of months worst yet there’s no way you’re gonna be putting like an air ride kit on it or repainting it or let alone even putting a new stereo in it just to lose all that cash when you that you dropped into it as soon as you go to sell it and move back home nope you’re not buying the car you’re gonna Ober your ass around or ride the bus same mentality goes for FIFA mobile in the beginning of the season instead of buying anyone in the market play with the best squad you can pack or earn in the events spend zero coins on players because the market is never going to be as high as it is in the first few weeks for players that will be shitty as hell come next month when you pack or earn a better player just swap them out and sell what you’re no longer needing but whatever you do do not buy any one for your squad at least not in the beginning of the season number eight I’m being serious about this whole rental think team thing uber that bitch do not train anyone save all of your XP you have until the game settles in and you need a stronger team to even be able to compete run that untrained rental squad as long as you possibly can saving all the coins all the XP everything your earnings for what it makes sense to start buying players number nine when you do decide to start training up players and/or buying someone in the market put a hundred percent of your effort into your goalie a keeper that is the toughest position to maintain that should be the first player you train no matter what every single bit of universal XP you get needs to be reserved for your keeper then as you move forward through the game sacrifice that position into the next one by training your existing keeper into whatever you’re swapping them out with that’s the hardest position to train so if you focus all your XP there you’ll be better off when the XP becomes so difficult to obtain usually about the start of the new year number 10 last one if you’re free to play but you’re not above spending a little bit of hard-earned cash every now and then when it benefits you the most you may want to consider buying fifa points on the very first day of the new season because has of last year at the start of FIFA mobile 19 day one is when it benefited you the most if FIFA mobile 20 uses the same VIP system as FIFA mobile 19 did spending cash on the very first reset of the season brings in VIP points that are worth more on day one than they are on day 10 or day 50 this is a mathematical breakdown that last season allowed someone to throw some cash at the game on day 1 to jump so far ahead of vfp points that they could go into the freeze event with 50,000 or more gems or no market tax while address 1 was lucky to have if they were saving up to eight to ten thousand gems on January 1st and market tax set to 0% not until halfway through March now this is a math game if this is the same next season I’ll talk about it right after the reset stay tuned to finally sleeps calm because that’s probably where I’ll post it for everyone but for now be prepared save your money and consider the possibility of breaking ranks on the free to play on the first reset and we’ll see after that actually happens if it’s gonna be worth it pay attention to finally sleeps calm lets you see how it goes that’s it finishing FIFA mobile 19 strong and getting ready for the next season it should be a priority it’s shaping up to be a very very cool upgrade on the game for FIFA mobile 20 I’m most excited about all the leader Boyd’s boards it also looks to have a very involved campaign system and a wide variety of models and paths to success hopefully you’re as excited as I am like subscribe share and comment check out finally sleeps calm and if you’re into first person shooters make sure you check out Borderlands 3 on your console or PC watch the channel we’ll be talking about it as we move forward hold your breath FIFA mobile 20 be here before you know it as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making video [Music] thanks for watching maybe check out one of these other videos next don’t forget to subscribe like comment and share visit my site finally he sleeps calm for daily posts about FIFA mobile and other various brain vomit plus if you get really bored you can find merchandise and my latest comedy album life before the internet at the links below like down the bottom those links [Music]

74 Replies to “FIFA Mobile 20 – Top 10 TIPS & TRICKS for Starting FIFA Mobile 20 to jump ahead of the pack!”

  1. This is a very good video for the start of next season, I'm not gonna lie but I didnt understand what you meant when you said rent player. May you explain it abit more if you can?

  2. some ofthe people in d comment section are just too dumb to even play this game.. i mean common man he basically explain everything..

  3. at the beginning of the season , some events can not be unlocked unless a specific OVR , so what do u advice as u said we should keep our xps and coins , i mean we are forced to spend

  4. Very simple noobs: At the end of this season, the starting 11 which you have used, will carry over to next season, and you can use it for SPECIFIC events. Preseason players will carry over if you put them in your active line-up, so they will effectively be in your legacy team. Now and Later players are not carrying over, the token you got with then will, and you can trade that in for a 80-85 version of the Now and Later player you got. Yet again, if you put a Now and Later player in your Legacy Squad, they will carry over and you can use the Legacy Squad for CERTAIN SPECIFIC events. Finally, the higher the OVR is, the more and better rewards you will get. Now and Later points can be redeemed in next season, for certain consumables, without a cool-down. Stop bother the PRO FHS with the stupid questions.

  5. I got a 100 now and later points.
    I think i can turn out to be better than you at the much you got finally he sleeps??

  6. I swear some of these people in the comment section is fking dumb as a rock.. He basically explains it and there's still some dumbass asking if players carried over

  7. FinallyHeSleeps thx so much this will help me especially the one were you said get rid of players as soon as you unlock the market you help so much

  8. FHS -> "Do this to get a jump start on FIFA Mobile 20"
    Everyone -> "does what FHS said"
    1 month later
    Nobody is ahead of the pack 😐

  9. my team:
    GK- 100 handanovic(retro)
    lb- 98 robertson (utots)
    CB-100 hummels(now and later)
    CB-100 godin(preseason)
    RB-100 trippier(preseason)

    CM-99 brandt(preseason)
    CM-100 pogba(retro)
    CAM-100 reus(utots)

    LW-100 coman(retro)
    RW-100 salah(sahara)
    ST-100 jovic(preseason)

    Is this team good?
    OVR- 126
    4-3-3 attack

  10. Very important advices, thank you Liverpool lover
    I just wanna ask you about something
    I can claim Hummels as I can go up from 130 OVR to 131
    Which choice is best?
    Thank you again and again

  11. I hv something like 400 training camp points .. I already have Felix and Herrera so should I take Hummels or take anything else because there is no node for money

  12. Question? This will be my second season playing FM.. Didnt start Playing this until January of this year,so I missed the thanksgiving event completely.I use a exclusively all U.S. squad. Should I be saving gems, fifa points,coins for this event,since will be the best source for decent players for me early into the season I plan to "rent" a squad until then.Any suggestions would be appreciated.thanks.

  13. I didn't train any player till Sahara (I was a 102)… this year… my friend played all year and is at 116 … I am a casual player and have reached 114….very nice tips FHS

  14. I don't know if this is a stupid question but
    Is there any point in playing FIFA mobile 20 beta?
    Also do I have to set anything up before it carries over like link account or does it change to FIFA 20 in FIFA 19 app?

  15. …aaand after bugging you here for some months…I'm finally now a team member of your site! Thank you for all the tips! I wish you all the best for FIFA Mobile 20!

  16. Anyone know how to get LEGACY ENERGY and LEGACY CHALLENGE ENERGY apart from watching ads?????? Without them how can someone proceed???

  17. Hey..when will you post the video for FM20. Your videos are always strategically best but it comes out quite late. Plz make it up soon

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