FIFA Mobile 20 – MAKE MILLIONS Investing in Silver Players

FIFA Mobile 20 – MAKE MILLIONS Investing in Silver Players

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  1. Hi men. I just want to ask. What's the best to do? Sell them for 4 hours or 24 hours?

    Thanks you so much if you can answer my question. God bless.

  2. Guys making millions on fifa mobile and shows us how to make some small change. Which membership level do I need to get info on how to make the big money?

  3. Holy moly I just made a couple million in like 25 mins!! Some 64 rated card went for 85k. Snagged everyone I could find and sold them all. Wow

  4. FHS a question…. Bought some elites for less than 100k and and now many of them are selling for 50k higher than the price i bought what should i do should i q
    Wait for some more time or sell them right away???
    Is 50-60k profit enough for any player????

  5. Absolutely Amazing, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

  6. Hi bro i have one question.
    Why you dont buy 70-71 ovr players for 800 coins and then sell ? Why you buy silvers 68-69 ? You have any speciall reason ?

  7. Can you help me I'm kinda not understand this method can you give me more details please I'm really need help in the investment hope you reply please

  8. Damn, McKamey Manor, how that fucked up shit can be even legal? That dude and his "actors" are psycho, I wouldn't be surprised to know they're actually serial killers.
    Back to the game, I watched the whole video and I get your tips. But the silver filter never really worked for me yet. I keep buying 69s silvers (and some 65-68 from time to time) for 800 coins or less, but even if I keep checking in different times of the day, I never found anything worth more than 5-10k. I even recognize many of those "ugly motherfuckers" you have, as buying random players I got many of them too (I don't have the huge forehead guy though) but maybe it doesn't work in the market I'm in as well as the one you're in, or maybe I'm just checking at the wrong times of the day, or maybe I'm just an unlucky guy (probably everything combined). I'll keep checking and investing/wasting money, I'm not as patient and good as you (plus I've already wasted about 3 millions in bad investments that I doubt I'll ever get back) but I'll keep trying! I'm spending more time on the market than in the past, as this is the longest period ever without events for FIFA Mobile. Almost a month and half and no good events yet. Summer, Oktoberfest, Korean, EL and CL were all pretty irrelevant…I played them all of course but nothing really big yet. I can't wait for Freeze and TOTY, as I can't wait to get rid of base players. Due to lack of events – and therefore good event players – I started training some of them…I only trained those who were less than 80 OVR to activate chemistry, to keep the 80+ I bought XP-free for when I'll eventually try to sell them…but still being forced to have the "rental team" after more than a month is getting pretty awkward, but that's it, let's keep waiting. And as long as you keep drinking, I'll keep drinking too…ehm, I mean watch your videos.

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