FIFA Mobile 20 – Chemistry Explained – Understanding how it works and how to Obtain Max

FIFA Mobile 20 – Chemistry Explained – Understanding how it works and how to Obtain Max

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  1. The reason why shooting is bad is because it now matters with which foot you shoot, left footers are only good with left foot and with the right foot its only the right foot that can shoot properly

  2. I also think the shooting is terrible but as I only started playing halfway through last season I was thinking this is the norm at the start of season? Does anyone who played start of last season remember the shooting being poor.
    Thanks for all the great content fhs!!

  3. Hey FHS I wanted to ask u a question. When mrkt unlocked in invested in like 40-60 gold players for around 1100-1200 & 30-40 silver player for 500-600 and many of those gold players are going for around 2800-3400. So should I sell them up for around 2k profit or wait some time more and expect them to rise.
    Plsss reply

  4. I am a big fan of urs…nd i almost watch all ur videos…i have finished 5th in derby nd should getva 84 rated lemar nd some skill boosts as reward but still didn't receive any..kindly share suggest me…

  5. The shooting is horrible~~ thought it was me but glad to hear that its happening to you too ….lol… 🙂 Keep up w/the vids I appreciate them alot. 🙂

  6. just go search team that u want on google look their main formation and link it on ur team in will be guarantee linked together with lighting XD…

  7. Yes, I'm also not hitting the target 80% of the time. Absolutely needs to be fixed.. And what's up with most cards having absolutely shit longshot?

  8. I always shoot , hit the post and goes out even from a “safe” position its so annoying! You must have an 84+ player at least, to shoot properly

  9. I bought mahrez like last year I like him because he is fast but can you tell me is saquiri better? More faster?

  10. Shooting was easy when the fm20 started could it from 20 yards out, curve shots were broken then they send out a patch update, increase shot error, goalkeepers positioning. Then any thing other 75 Shooting was horrible. I've gotten use to it so. My problem is that defending is a bit broken this season standing tackling is way to easy track back speed is stupid, pace is all over the place like 40 pace is catching up 100 pace. Mhmm

  11. Improve the shooting and keep the chemistry simple… This game is getting way too tactical with its chemistry…

  12. When did they boost icon chem last season? I only started that in february what should we expect?
    Also big up your vids are awesome❤️

  13. Something else I have a team of the week token but I don’t want any of these players.if I keep it it will be remain for the next team of the week or I will lose it since the pack says 4 more days available..

  14. Thanks for the shout-out and the reference, loved that! I know it's not that much as a contribution but it's still more than last season. But even at a minimum I wanted to join your team, you totally deserve that, your videos are always helpful and entertaining. I'm now waiting for a boost video and a video about coin…coin? Coin farming. Coin? Coin.

  15. Wow great.
    I am 91+123
    Anyone tell me difference b/w MAX chemistry & BONUS chemistry????????
    Bonus I understand. But….
    What about MAX CHEMISTRY?
    I got MAX CHEMISTRY twice(10+10=20), that means +20. But my chemistry is still same(123), not increased.
    Plz reply and explain if you can.

  16. Max Chemistry 160 is available on the global leader boards in VSA. However thanks for this informative video. Waiting eagerly for your tips on firming market in this season.

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