FIFA FUTMATES: Assombalonga & Gibson

FIFA FUTMATES: Assombalonga & Gibson

Not bad that, two out. Adama… …pace? 99. You won’t have given him enough, 100% because he is rapid, isn’t he? Yeah, but you said Aubameyang is the fastest on FIFA, so… If it was done fairly, I would back him to beat any footballer in a race on the planet. Yeah, same. I reckon they’ll give him 91. Big man, go with him. It’s 93. Not bad that, two out. What do you reckon his passing is? Does he pass? One? We’ve never seen him pass the ball so we haven’t got a clue. Go on you give this one. 42? 59. Oh, generous. Alright so next up is Stewart Downing… …what’s his defensive score? We’ve just done some one-on-ones down there and he wasn’t the… He wasn’t the greatest defensively to be fair. He conceded a penalty against me. No, but his scores are going to be high, having the career he’s had… …yeah… England, Liverpool, West Ham. What do you reckon? 60? 39 Shooting Gibbo what do you reckon? Oh, it’s going to be horrendous, isn’t it? I’ve scored five goals in my career. 31? 26 That’s brutal. I’m probably a 30. They’re ruthless, aren’t they? There are keepers who have probably got similar… Seriously? Yeah, but I don’t get to shoot. I average one goal a year, that’s what my average is. Just lash one in this season… I’ve already scored one, drove it home against Nottingham Forest, roof of the net, they weren’t watching that game, were they? Can we have a look at that please? Shall we do your stats Britt? You probably know yours… A little bit. You know them off by heart. He’s got them on his bedroom wall. What about physical, or physique? You’re a strong lad, aren’t you? I’d like to think 80. Right, it’s exactly the same as Ben. Hang on let’s break it down, what do you mean physical? I don’t want you both wrestling it out! You’re both 71. Yeah? That feels too high. They just missed our gym session. Yeah, exactly. Didn’t see me pumping. Do you know what, I’ll take that to be fair because he bullies some centre-halves. I’m quite pleased with that. I think that’s a bit harsh on you. Yeah, it is a bit harsh to be fair, but I don’t they’ve been watching really. I think they’ve just chucked some numbers around but just saying. Just going to do Bamford. That gives us an opportunity. Pace? Erm, 30? It’s a bad running style, isn’t it? Yeah, very bad. I wish you had his accurate running style. Oh, right, come on, Pat… 70? That’s higher than me, so if this is right then FIFA have got it all wrong. I’m not happy with that. 74. Oh, my days. That’s horrendous. So you’re 82. What were you Ben? 82, that’s decent. 63. I would blow Pat away in a race. Blow him away! We need to do some complaining about that. You’re rapid then. Yeah, they’ve actually done me nice for once. What about his shooting? Pat? Well, they’re going to have him high aren’t they. To be fair, he’s a good finisher, isn’t he? Yeah, I would say they’ll probably give him 70. 68. Our guesses weren’t bad to be fair. Passing? 55? 59. We’re actually getting close though with these. Alright, Braithwaite next up… …what about his pace? He’s quite nippy, isn’t he? He is, he is quick. I reckon probably about 84… 84? Yep, spot on. Do you know what it is right, normally he comes in with this one… …and I never know… …he picks and chooses when he does it with me, do you know what I mean? So that’s why, that’s killed me. I was thinking you were going to come and give me this one. From now on we’ll stick with the bang, bang, yeah? Yeah.

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  1. Adama genuinely never passes the ball. No matter how good a position he is in to pass it he will try and knock it in between 2 players

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