FIFA Club Profile Video: Manchester City FC

FIFA Club Profile Video: Manchester City FC

Philosophy, Functionality and Architecture – with these three keywords as a focus and in mind Manchester City Football Club have created a Football Academy that is now viewed as one of the best resourced in the world. A global leading sports infrastructure that is now the bedrock for the club to be successful for the future. The vision for the club, when we started this programme of investing in infrastructure here in Manchester, was truly to build a world-class facility for the future. A world-class football training academy that takes into account the best experiences around the world. 16.5 pitches, one entire inside pitch, three gyms, treatment areas canteens with healthy food and offices for all the staff members. Everything is in one place. The challenge of this project was to frame it. What is it, what are we trying to achieve and how do we go about building infrastructure, hardware that not only captures who we are as an organization and celebrates it and makes it work and thrive every day, but how do we also do that in a way that creates a successful, winning organization? We spent two years researching the world’s best sporting training facilities – not just in soccer but in every sport and we developed a level of understanding an insight into what made truly great sports organization successful. But not just in the sporting context. The club also understood what their responsibilities are towards the local area and the community around the campus. We’ve tried to work with local people to build a facility by the community for the community and with the community. The ambition for the football club was to make sure that we’ve got a stadium and its training ground that are wholly sustainable provided facilities for our players and our young people that give them every opportunity to become the best players we can produce but also good all-rounded people that can deliver into the community. More than 450 players train every week on the 80-acre campus. The players couldn’t be more satisfied with what they have on offer. The facilities of Manchester City Football Club are unbelievable. I think for a professional footballer, this is what you dream of being able to play on nice pitches, to be able to have the best facilities available to improve yourself as a player. So I really feel that all these facilities do benefit in our preparation day to day. Training where the professional footballers train is obviously like a dream come true. It doesn’t matter what level you play at it feels like we are all one team. It makes me feel good on the pitch it makes me work harder and it makes me progress. This is spectacular. This is almost a city inside a city. It’s a state of the art facility and many other professional teams don’t have the luxury of having this. It’s definitely a top notch. Let’s say it’s my home away from home. If I’m not with my family, this is where I feel most comfortable. That’s where I feel most at ease and that’s you know another important fact of whichever facility you are going to be spending your time, it needs to feel like it somehow belongs to you. Manchester City Football Club has transformed the area around the campus from an industrial contaminated area to a new community hub that provides development opportunities education, health and success. This is part of our DNA. This goes back to when this football club started It was very much linked to the community, and for all the right reasons then and for all the right reasons now we are trying to improve the lives of the people in Manchester but we’re also trying to improve what is happening with our young footballers. We want to create better footballers but better people. All you have to do is spend an afternoon here walking around and you are watching community participation within the facility you are seeing our women’s team
training you are seeing Academy and Youth teams competing and you are seeing the first team walking around, within the same complex Very inspirational and a really an incredible facility overall. Manchester City Football Academy is a unique project that sets a new benchmark in football.

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  1. "the best academy in the world" yet they haven't had one homegrown player or a youth academy player coming up and making a instant impact they spent loads of money in that great facilities but they continue to sign players at such high fees. Manchester City is a shameful club.

  2. Manchester is blue because United ain't in Manchester.manchester city supports the Manchester community that what makes Manchester very blue

  3. Manchester united: a poor man worked for decades & earned money & fame with hard work.
    Manchester city: a poor man begging on the streets, one day someone just came & poured money over him.

  4. i'm a united fan but to be fair to city they did build great facilities and they are giving a chance for everyone to play football there, besides i would rather have city grow into a big club because lets be real we need someone to replace arsenal and make the league competitive again haha

  5. Club full of mercenary whores who not even Pep Guardiola will be able to build a lasting legacy with. Destined for mid table obscurity once their oil money runs out…and it will. Then all they'll have is two premier league titles that were gifted to them and a soulless, fanless, shambles of a club with infrastructure they can't afford. I can't wait!

  6. I don't know what united fan keep saying Manchester is red. Of course Manchester is red, cause united is 100 time better then city. City should be compare to tottenham and Everton…. Not Chelsea, united, liverpool and arsenal. City just started getting better in 2012.

  7. Man City maybe has best facility but they can't catch Manchester United heheh lol middle East money and they're proud about it… I'll says it is suck… Manchester United is great academy they've produced many greatest English players…. One of the greatest Academy in footballing history…

  8. Soccer??? Look fam if whole world says football, you say football… When you come to usa you can say soccer…

  9. so they said "the best" club in englaand ? haha laugh so hard, being a fanatic is good but dont be stupid dude, the whole world knows manchester because united. and also i dont know if city have a legend or not ?

  10. I'm not a Manchester City fan myself, but I don't understand why fans of other football clubs use the 'arab money' insult to degrade the club. Most professional clubs all around the world are bought by business men, and it just so happens the chairman of this one doesn't just see it as a way to make money for himself, but instead – as you can see – genuinely wants the best for his club and the fans.

  11. 'Manchester is Blue' – said noone from Manchester, ever. Most city fans live in deserts and put oil on their cornflakes, they've never even been to Manchester ?

  12. Yet no youth products from Man City play for the first team, let alone other teams, how funny. One just went to Dortmund for opportunity.

  13. I love all these united fans moaning and such but just think, you wouldn't be a football club right now if it wasn't for man city

  14. Nobody gave a damn about them 10 years ago. A mediocre mid table side who nobody outside England even knew existed. They got some Arab money and suddenly you've got people saying how "I Love Man City", "Man City are the greatest club ever", and continually wanting over them. I don't like Man Utd but they are still the bigger and better club

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