FIFA 20 | Wrong Breaks New Ground | Official Launch Trailer

FIFA 20 | Wrong Breaks New Ground | Official Launch Trailer

You’d never do that in a real game. That’s WRONG. Wrong? What’s wrong with wrong? I mean… is that the wrong place for a pitch? Hey, I like our pitch! Alrite, let’s talk about wrong What the **** you wearing? Is that the wrong kit? ‘Vinicius yeah… I see you’ ‘Everyone’s gonna want them, trust me That’s the wrong way to play…(laughter)…alrite, pack it up Remember when Sancho was wrong to leave? You’re killing it over there my guy Oh…AJ? Wrong sport She’s the wrong influence… yeah, but I think she’s okay with that Sterling… they say he’s the wrong size, he runs wrong.. he’s got the wrong tattoo. That’s just noise man, wrong’s working for you Wrong? Yeah! Cuz wrong is the new right. Wrong Breaks New Ground Yeah, that’s wrong

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  1. Fix player movements, they move like robots, not fluid like real life.

    Fix ball movements, moves like ball in pinball machines.

    EA: WrOnG bReAkS nEw GrOuNd

  2. Nice video.
    The FIFA 20 is rubbish though. First time I'm really considering sticking with last year's version.

  3. Die einzige Möglichkeit, dass EA den Karrieremodus von Anfang an gut macht, wäre wahrscheinlich, wenn man irgendwie In-Game Käufe einbauen würde.


  5. You guys really sh:t the bed with this one. But I’m sure your shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank. PES from here on out. You’ve lost a 15 year fifa buyer.

  6. 0:41 ok i might be looking to much into this, but could that be a nod towards a new fight night champion? I highly doubt it but a guy can dream

  7. Worst fifa ever career mode is just boring and so much wrong with it…may even go back to pes…defending is awful game play slow lags takes forever to do skill moves passing is awful….yeah game looks amazing but I'd rather have the game play then the look come on EA what are you guys doing we spend good money on this title every year and this year you have let us down massively…shambles does anyone at EA actually like football ?????

  8. Schade, kein Versprechen gehalten , aber was sollte man von EA auch erwarten. Abwehrspieler steuern ist immer noch wie Schlittschuhlaufen, und vor allem bleiben Spieler stehen wenn der Gegenspieler deutlich stärker ist, das ist einfach nur peinlich und als Spieler fühlt man sich nur verarscht. Das fühlt sich nicht wirklich nach Fussball an…

  9. Cadê a face do João Félix?
    Sério mesmo que não vão add a face de uma das maiores promessas do Futebol mundial?
    Até o lixo do pés tem a face dele real!

  10. Hello I am new to the game I bought last year 19 now I am 20 and would like to know how to qualify for FIFA 20 global series?

  11. Probablemente este sea mi ultimo año con fifa, mejoran aspectos como la velocidad de juego pero otros los empeoran (como los penales )y no hay un puto año en que no salga el juego sin que este lleno de bugs. Cobran todos los años lo que vale un juego de estreno top para entregar una actualización de mierda y bugeada.

  12. Yea, when your kid does something wrong and they tell you "but wrong is the new right", i bet you're gonna be thrilled!

  13. you political correct fucktards are so delusional. why are there so many women in this commercial? FIFAs audience is like 95% male you dumbnuts.

  14. wie mich allein dieser Spielfokus verloren scheiss aufregt, das machen andere Spiele doch auch nicht? Es kann halt immer mal sein , das eine MySQL cmd kurz aufpoppt….

  15. Volta was gonna be good then they made it part of the journey

    Career mode was gonna be good but then fifa broke it

    The actual game was gonna be good then fifa spent all there money on trailers

  16. Next year i will buy pes. Sorry Ea, I play Fifa since Fifa 2003. But this game is the most horrible game what i ever played.

  17. The worst Fifa-game ever!!!
    The first five days old roster! An update was no help. Then all the changed stadium names are set back! And then there is the career mode .. what an desaster! The best teams loose, interviews are always the same and the player editor .. oh my!! You've to scroll to the country, league and team.. and if you change a player you have the same way another time. Embarassing!!

    And the penalty's .. how should I play with a friend on a couch if he see's where I'm shooting the ball!? I widh I could change the penalty's to the old ones from Fifa 16 and so on..

  18. Сука как можно играть в онлайне, если ты нажал удар, а он ударил только через минут 5

  19. Parabéns FIFA por politizar um game que é consumido quase em sua totalidade por homens. Espero que essa galerinha lhes de os mesmo lucros abusivos de anos.

  20. The game is so bad . The basses is awful and the defence is so bad you and the keeper is stupid you should fix all that

  21. Dear Ea, please Ribery face, (why removed) Lukaku face update and beard, Rakitic hair update, Adebayor face,(why removed), Manolas face. Fernando Lloriente face, Cengiz Ünder face. Ibisevic face. be careful please transfers update. Game launch You late 🙁 please @easportsfifa

  22. Fifa 20 es una basura en la liga mx, no tienen respeto, hay demasiados errores, tanto en uniformes como en jugadores, luego por qué ya se van a Pes, si no corrigen los errores, si no dan el respeto a la liga y si no dan el realismo que se merece verán que pronto también se irá a Pes, y eso solo en la liga mx, no se si haya más errores en otras ligas.

  23. This game is broken full of bugs. The squad battle xp points are not increasing your rank. I can't believe ea have not done a patch to fix this problem. Do not buy this game until its fixed otherwise you will be let down and feel that you have been conned.

  24. EA please im waiting so long for good sbc but there is allways trash who need walcott he even didnt have 3 star skills please bring out the league sbc like in fifa 17,18 and 19

  25. Bitte bringt endlich die ligen sbc raus walcott braucht keiner wir wollen alle gute packs bekommen und wir geben teams mit einem rating von 83 ab und kriegen ein 12.500 pack was macht das für einen sinn ihr zockt uns alle nur ab und wundert euch warum ihr so viel hate abbekommt

  26. Why is FIFA discriminating white footballers?! There's hardly any in the game intro and menu. We're still majority in playing and watching so why are we under-represented?! At least white guy on the cover. I dont know if i'm gonna buy it next year if that's the case! Even the music is performed by a black guy!

  27. Why are you now destroying fifa. You are changing into PES 2019. I want a refund. You didnt even check Fifa 20 did you or do you just want to kill Fifa. Why don't you join Fifa 19 and Fifa 08 09 10 and 11 12.

  28. Sorry, but fifa20 is nice, but FUT is nonsens. All the youtubers paid alot…4000, 5000 euros for a good FUT team. It is not fair against players who grind without the real money. There is no balance anymore. Don't forget, its a game for fun and not a game for only money spending. #exitfifa #nofifaanymore

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