FIFA 20 Ultimate Team | Get Started in FUT 20

So, you want to create
the greatest team that has ever played. Follow me, mate.
FIFA Ultimate Team is all you need. Want Zidane, Kaká,
with Drogba? Of course you do! Create your dream squad.
But don’t skip. There’s more! Battle your rivals on the pitch
and in the Transfer Market. Climb the ranks,
earn rewards throughout the season, then customize your club,
show your style and beyond! You don’t need to be a scientist here,
but player chemistry helps. Get the balance right,
then take on the world! Challenge your friends on or offline.
Then play the best in the world! FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the chance
to take football to the next level. And it’s right here.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s see what you’ve got!

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