FIFA 20 Rumours Ahead of E3 2019 | (Career Mode, ‘The Vault’ Mode, Pro Clubs & More!)

FIFA 20 Rumours Ahead of E3 2019 | (Career Mode, ‘The Vault’ Mode, Pro Clubs & More!)

In one of my most recent videos, I explored
just what exactly we could expect during EA’s livestream session to revel fifa 20. Discussing the likes of a new reveal trailer,
announcements made by ea that stated they were making changes to the gameplay – and
also a ‘game-changing’ new announcement that was promised during the official confirmation
of fifa 20 itself. In this video today, I want to talk about
the rumours themselves that are currently making the rounds across social media and
the internet. These aren’t things that we should necessarily
expect or are 100% happening, but just a collection of the speculation that fifa players are producing
ahead of the fifa 20 reveal. It’s always worth baring in mind that these
rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt – and although I’ve done lots of research
to try verify as much of these sources as I can, you should always conduct your own
If you want to learn more. As always, make sure that you let me know
in the comments section down below what you would like to see added and changed in the
game for fifa 20 and I’ll do my best to get back to you. On that note, let’s get into the rumours. So first off, let’s talk about the one that
has really come into focus over the last 48 hours – and that is talk of a new ‘vault
mode’ coming to fifa 20. I’ve seen a few different descriptions of
this so called vault mode and am still unsure which one it could even be. Some say it’s a fifa street mode, others
say it’s a new area in the pro clubs game mode that people can play; we’re still unsure. People were talking about this over the last
couple of months, but what has made it really come into focus recently was the new fifa
20 reveal teaser that ea sports dropped on 6th June. In it was something that people are calling
a V – and fans are now speculating that this is teasing the alleged new game mode
that will be making its way to the franchise for fifa 20. I’ve seen many different youtubers upload
videos showing screenshots of messages they’ve received on twitter from alleged reliable
sources; of course, we have no idea whether this is true or not. People are speculating that the formula of
this supposed vault mode will emulate that of the likes of fortnite and apex legends;
where you purchase a battle pass like item and then you’ll unlock customisable items
based on that; which if true, would be absolutely pathetic in my opinion; but let’s not get
into that until we know for sure what is happening -and then I can go on one of my rants at EA. Either way, we’re hoping this isn’t the
‘game-changing announcement’ that EA promised, because a new small game mode based on micro
transactions isn’t what fans were looking for. Moving on from that, we’ve also got the
rumours about the English national league being present in fifa 20. For those of you who don’t know what that
is, the national league is the fifth division in English football; one league below the
sky bet league two. This came about a couple of months ago when
the national league themselves actually started a petition on for ea sports to
add the league to the game in time for fifa 20. Currently, the petition has over ten thousand
signatures, but I’m sure that figure could have shot right up if it had the right amount
of publicity. Things have been pretty quiet since the petition
was first set out – and fans are hoping this is because the two parties have been
in discussions regarding adding the league to the fifa franchise. Now, of course, there’s a lot more to it
than just obtaining the licenses. They also need to design all of the kits and
logos, but most importantly, they need to add all the layers to the fifa database and
then apply all of the ratings; something which ea might not be willing to do without an established
team working on the scouting and the feedback for each of the teams and the players. However, there are plenty of databases and
scouting tools used by all professional football clubs and associations that the company could
use to get the foundations and the basis ratings for the first year – and then establish
people scouting all of the teams in time for season two and onwards; it’s certainly not
impossible. This would certainly be a most welcome addition
to the game; particularly for career mode players who now have another tier to start
in for their road to glory saves. Speaking of career mode, we also have ea’s
little teaser during their pitch notes of the new gameplay changes coming to fifa 20. In the press release, they stated that they
would have information on how we’re looking to innovate in areas such as Career Mode and
Pro Clubs. What exactly they mean by that, we have no
idea; as they decided not to elaborate any further. Of course, career mode fans like myself – and
I’m sure many of you that are watching this video right now, won’t be very optimistic
about that – purely because of ea’s displayed lack of care for career mode over the years. However, one thing that they’ve rarely done,
if at all, is promise improvements to career mode and then not deliver. Usually what they do is just remain quiet
when asked about the game mode and then don’t release anything to further back up that silence. This time, however, they’ve essentially
promised fans that things will change – and for the better, so now we’re going to find
out if they’ll be true to their word or not. Again, I don’t want to go off on a rant
about career mode, so we’ll leave it there for now and come back to it should they or
should they not announce major improvements and changes. Switching up game modes now, I want to talk
about the little bit of speculation regarding ultimate team and packs. Earlier on in the year, it was confirmed by
the Belgian government that packs and micro transactions in the form of chance attempts
would be banned from games; meaning that fifa and pes players could no longer purchase fifa
points and packs. This has, of course, led other countries politicians
to begin debating the same thing – and with that, comes a lot of uncertainty surrounding
the future of packs within ultimate team. I’m now wondering whether ea will begin
working on changes to the pack system to prevent this from being inflicted on them and them
being caught in the cold. Earlier on in the video, we spoke about how
there may be a battle pass like option coming to this suggested vault mode, well, think
of that in an ultimate team format. You buy a battle pass – and with every time
you level or tier up, you get a new player or certain amount of coins that is listed
beforehand. This would potentially prevent allegations
of gambling because players know exactly what they’re getting – and therefore ea would
be able to nullify any cries of gambling; despite it still being a pay to win model. I certainly think this is something worth
thinking about for fans – and completely believe that they will already be discussing
this and potentially even looking to implement it into future games; if they haven’t done
so already for fifa 20. Something that I want to come back to this
year once again; dynamic whether. Every single year, fans and media outlets
find themselves talking about how it’s going to be added to the next instalment of the
franchise, but it never seems to be the case. Surely this year must be they year? I mean, come on, they have it in most of their
other games that use the frostbite engine; I just find it so strange that fifa hasn’t
followed suit. It really doesn’t make sense to me. Even konami have made a big thing about how
pes has this feature present, but fifa just doesn’t seem to have even played with the
feature in any way. It’s such a natural and fundamental part
of football in general; it may effect the way that you play the game, so as a result,
surely it has to be implemented as soon as possible? Something else that we should also consider
is the potential of fifa moving to a subscription model; rather than a single, annual release. It’s something that members from ea have
spoken about in the past – and clearly they’ve been looking at way to employ this new model. They already have ea access; which is clearly
a dulled down version of what they’re looking to do, could it be possible that live games
and new releases follow suit? In my opinion, this is going to be nailed
on to happen; no question. The only question is, will it be in place
in time for fifa 20, or is it a longer process that we should expect a little bit later on
down the road? I would say it’s unlikely to be implemented
ahead of the fifa 20 release, however it’s certainly not impossible. With that in mind, I’d advise everyone to
keep an eye out for it during the coming months. Just in case. So that bring this video off to a close today
then guys. We’ve collected quite a few rumours and
bits of speculation which I hope you found useful. Let me know in the comments section down below
what you guys think about them. Which ones do you think might be true – and
which ones false? I’d love to hear, so let me know. Give me a follow on twitter if you haven’t
already using the twitter handle @bromo018; the link for that is in the description. Leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe
to the channel for more regular gaming content. On that note, we’re going to round it off
there. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

28 Replies to “FIFA 20 Rumours Ahead of E3 2019 | (Career Mode, ‘The Vault’ Mode, Pro Clubs & More!)”

  1. They need to change all ball mechanics similar to the way pes 19 is . The passing , shooting etc all feels far more realistic on pes . Being honest a lot of gameplay needs to change in fifa still to this day it feels very robotic & unrealistic.

  2. I would be so happy if they added the national league into fifa probably won’t happen but I can dream ?

  3. Fix the youth scouting in career mode sick off it u ask to find a attacking player and it brings u back a goalkeeper who wouldn’t get into the worlds worst team fifa is now a unfunny JOKE

  4. Why would a battle pass be pathetic? I thought its kind of cool, it wouldnt make you bored after playing like 3 games

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  6. Volta is just another H2H kickoff mode that will be cool for a week but will have no progressing content to have you play it for over the first month just like Alex Hunter, they just want you on Ultimate team for the year buying packs and filling their pockets.


  7. In career mode Some players should not be able to go to some teams. Some players are bigger than some clubs but fifa makes it feel as if once u have the money u can buy them which does not make sense. In reality Neymar can never go to Sevilla even if they can afford to buy him. And u should be able to request for more money to be able to sign more players. U should be able to increase players skill moves and weak foot. In the career mode no matter the amount of trophies u win the club will always be seen as the same club u started with. A club status should improve depending on ur performance. For instance if ur club starts to win champions league the club status should increase and closer to be compared with bigger clubs and not just remain on the same status as u started the career from.

  8. Bro. With career mode, do u know if they'll put in for a female career ? Just to change things up like in the journey mode ?

  9. EA are just a bunch of money grabbing bastards. I hope they go bust and someone decent can take over the licensing, hopefully giving us a game that we actually want to play

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