FIFA 20 Premiere: Trent Alexander-Arnold v Rhian Brewster | ‘THAT RIGHT BACK SCORED!’

FIFA 20 Premiere: Trent Alexander-Arnold v Rhian Brewster | ‘THAT RIGHT BACK SCORED!’

No way! NOOO!
90th minute! Ready to get smoked?! I’ve went the Reds, haven’t I? I’ve went the Reds. He’s picked them first, so I can’t get to them. Go PSG or something. Who have PSG got? Mbappe. Fam, Spain, there’s no… Oh. What’d you mean, there’s no Spain? I need to do my team, innit? Your team’s mad! Am I gonna play Rhian?! No! See the disrespect? The disrespect! Nah, to be fair… No, I’m gonna put you
on the bench just in case. Give you a little run-out,
give you your debut, innit? I’ve actually never played you on FIFA. I’ve never, ever played you,
I’ve never seen what you’re about. I’ve a feeling you’re dead! Let me change my controllers, bruv. Don’t tell me you’re shooting with square? Agh! RHIAN: This is weird already. TRENT: How’s this weird, bro? Oh, trying to play a little possession. I’m gonna stay in, sit in,
you’re not gonna break me down. Ahh, knew it. Fell into the trap. Boom. – Boom!
– Pass it, man! You know what?
It’s looking a bit hopeful for me. Lad, you can’t break me down. I bet you hold down…
Ohh! Sit down! Sit down. I need some runs in behind. There it is. There it is. You’re gonna burn Semedo?
Don’t be silly. Ohh, those one-twos on the side! Ooh! Corner. TRENT: The young Scouser’s on it. Head it away, man. Give it back out. Offside, no? Thank you. Get onside, man! He’s keeping the ball but
he’s not really breaking me down. It’s pathetic, really. Ohh, play him in! Come on, Hendo. Ohh, Virg! He is, and he’s getting nothing! His main man, he’s got Joey G
keeps helping him out, man. What kind of pass is that? Ah, look at that, get up! See what I mean? Joey G again.
Not Trent, Joe. Get off! – That’s a foul, no?
– Get off! Are we playing fouls in this game? Nah, it’s a tight first half, tight first half. You’ve had three shots
and not one on target! RHIAN: Gimme that back, bro. TRENT: Oh, there he is,
the young right-back. Ohh! Oh, heavy touch. Offside. He’s offside, man! He still missed anyway. Ohhh! Oh, no, what a chance! Is there VAR in this game? Oh, he’s in! Don’t be silly. Nooo! RHIAN: Awww. Sorry for my language, guys. Don’t get tight, bro. Aghhh, no way! Why didn’t you shoot? – Because I wanted to.
– He’s scared. Come on! Head it, man, what you doing? No way! Nooo! 90th minute! – Is that extra-time?
– Yeah. Not yet, not yet. He doesn’t have the fitness
to play 30 minutes. Ohh, take him down! Ohhhhh! THEY LAUGH What can I say? Messi, Messi, Messi! You just get chipped!
You just get chipped! See what I’m saying? Chipped! First goal on FIFA 20, and I’m glad
to say it’s against Trent. It’s game over, man.
Like I told you, the game’s done. The game is done! If you wanna quit, the game is done, OK? It’s done. Get it, get it. That right-back scored. That right-back scored – not this one.
That one. The game’s done. Got to put Vidal on. He’s mean. I’ve put on young Brewster,
I’m desperate right now. I’m desperate. Go on, shoot. Oh, man, he’s crusty. Rhian, there he is. He’s crusty, him, bro. You need to know how to use him, man. Nah, that skill there! I just done a fake shot
and he done a 360 spin. Little weirdo. Get out, go on! Go on, Rhian! I’ll let him score. – Come on!
– Yes! Little Peanut. Come on. Don’t say you let me – let him – score,
it was a goal anyway. Oh, Trent, stay with your runner, please. Puh-lease. The game’s done. Oh, my God. Shut up, man, stop saying that. Oh, my God, Messi. YES! Told you, man, it gets like that. It gets like that, man. What’d you have to say, bro? Disappointed, innit? What you saying, like? You need to go home,
practice a little bit, come back… First game on it! I’m joking. Good game, bro!

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  2. Love the “What can I say -messi messi messi” as a reference to a American pundit who spoke at half time when Liverpool beat Barca 4-0

  3. Liverpool players ratings so unfair compared to real and psg even when we get 2 champs league finals. Hence I will never bye that game again

  4. من عربي لايك وينضم وياي ??احبكم حب واستمرو واستمرو واستمروو يا خورافيين

  5. I'd love to see Pep and Klopp pick their respectice 11, then go up against with the real players 11v11 in pro club mode.

  6. Trent is like an ordinary lad, but actually he s a world class Right Back who helps Liverpool FC won Champions League ? and especially that Famous comeback with a cheeky Corner Kick vs Barca??‍♂️YNWA

  7. Hope Rhian gets his debut soon and goals…both got long, successful careers ahead but TAA, wow, what a career already, age 20! YNWA!

  8. You don't realise these 2 are still young kids and Trent has been in 2 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALS and won 1 at the age of 20yo and took one of the PEAKEST CORNERS IN CL HISTORY the boi has a great career ahead of him lucky boi.And Trent called brester a little beanhead..

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