FIFA 20 | Player Career Mode Wishlist (In-Depth) – Part One (Be A Pro)

FIFA 20 | Player Career Mode Wishlist (In-Depth) – Part One (Be A Pro)

After covering manager career mode and potential
new leagues for our wishlist series for fifa 20, we now switch our focus towards player
career mode. Now, I have to say, I’ve always been a big
fan of the foundation of this mode. I’ve always loved playing as my own created
player down the years, but I’ve just fell out of love with it due to EA’s lack of
interest in adding features and improving it. In fact it was in a recent video about Career
Mode bugs that I stated I wasn’t going to play it again for the rest of FIFA 19 because
of the fact that EA still haven’t addressed the issue of not receiving transfer offers
which is ruining my experience – and the experience of plenty of other player career
mode fans. Despite this, however, I still always live
in hope that things will change with every new edition of FIFA that comes out each year. With news that The Journey has now ran its
course, perhaps they will now shift their focus back on to career mode to adapt it to
things they implemented throughout the journey over its three-year life span. So, with that in mind, let’s get into the
some of the suggestions that I have for Player career Mode. Just a quick note, if you’re yet to check
out my Ajax Career Mode series on FIFA 19, then be sure to give that a look after this
Player Career Mode wishlist. I’ll leave a link to the playlist in the
description. As always, if you have any suggestions for
improvements that you would like to see made to player career mode on fifa, then make sure
that you let me know in the comments section down below. Although, please bare in mind that I do have
a long list of features to talk about and they won’t all be in the first part. With that in mind, let’s begin. If you’ve watched my previous wishlist videos
then you’ll know that we split these into sections. First off, I want to talk about your My Player
Career section. This revolves around your career itself and
the direction you can go. First off, I’d like to see a feature where
you as the player can negotiate your contract length and the wage you receive. With the contract length, you then have the
option to run it down and leave the club as a free agent. You would then be able to take as much time
out of the game as possible and wait for the right club and offer to come your way. This is something that I desperately want
to see added to the mode because it truly would give you a sense of freedom and choice
to forge your own career; rather than always being forced to play for a club that you perhaps
don’t want to be at. Next up, I want to see the limit to how many
offers you can have at any one time removed. Currently, you can only have pone outstanding
offer – and you must either reject or accept it to receive another one. This doesn’t make any sense in my opinion
because it means you have to take a risk and can’t analyse your options because you only
have one. If you want to move but are holding out for
a different club than the one that has come in for you, then you should be able to wait
and see if your team of choice makes an offer before you accept or reject the original. Linking to that, a feature where you can state
your desire to move to a certain club in the hope that they will react to that and submit
a bid for you would be great. There are plenty of real world examples of
a player holding out for a move, the club in question hearing that and then reacting
by going in for him. It just makes sense. Of course, it wouldn’t always be the case
because the footballing world isn’t an ideal one, you may state your desire and nothing
comes of it, but it would at least always be an option to try and get that transfer
you so desperately want. After that, I’d also like to see a feature
where on top of your contract, you can negotiate sponsorship with various different companies
such as adidas, nike and many more. This would have a direct affect on the apparel
you wear (we’ll move onto that shortly), the boots you wear and also your finances
(we’ll also come onto that later on in the series). This is a fundamental part of an athletes
life and it is something that we have already seen replicated in The Journey game mode across
the three instalments. So we already know that the thinking is there. Moving on from my player career aspects now,
I have three separate topics that are too big to go under any others – and I’ll
release one of them right now in this first instalment of the wishlist – and that is
free roam. Free roam is something that has been highly
requested from the career mode fanbase; not only because of the appeal of the feature,
but also because we are now seeing it in other sports franchise video games and we feel like
ea now needs to get with the times and take the next step. The likes of NBA 2k and wwe 2k both feature
this for their respective career game modes. With the free roam feature in fifa, you’ll
be able to walk around places such as the training ground, the stadium on a match day,
your house (yes, you can buy a house with the finances you’re receiving). Now, people may think this is a bit fantastical,
but this is actually the direction that gaming is now going. People are looking for depth and realism and
this is all a part of that. EA have this technology. They have the free roam games from their bioware
division and the likes of The Sims franchise for the finances and the houses etc. They’ve already alluded to this sort of
thing with the journey. Alex hunter is regularly based in his house;
even the home hub for the game mode is set in his different houses. Yes, you couldn’t free roam, but that’s
all about growing and improving it. That’s the next step. It’s where 2k are taking their sports games
– and now it’s time for ea sports to do the same. You’d be able to customise your characters
clothing attire. If you have a sponsorship deal with nike for
example, it will be in your contract that you have to wear some form of nike apparel
in your attire and you will have to abide by that when choosing your outfits. This line of thinking is certainly what the
fans are looking for in my opinion. Moving on from free roam, we now have player
customisation. The customisation features on fifa are okay,
but there’s a lot more that can be done in order to improve it and bring it up to
speed. For one, I’d like to be able to add more
details when creating your player. For example, your players favoured club and
his home town. These would add to storylines which we are
going to talk about in the next part of our player career wishlist; so make sure you tune
into that by the way. On top of that, I would like to see greater
license for hair customisation available to us in the game. The ability to customise the back and sides
of your players hairstyle separate to the top is something in particular that I’m
looking for. This is a feature in Pro Evolution Soccer’s
become a legend game mode; although that has far fewer hairstyles available to choose from
in it. It would certainly allow you greater choice
to pick how you really want him to look. Next up is something that is highly recommended
from the career mode community is tattoos. We’ve now seen them added to real players
that already have them, but are yet to see the feature introduced to player customisation
when creating your own. It was actually available in The Journey,
but of course they added good features to that without also implementing them into player
career mode; or even pro clubs for that matter. Another change I want to see to player customisation
is the starting age. In career mode, the minimum age you can begin
you save as is 20, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Some players already have double figures in
caps for their country by that age. Others have already won major titles and European
trophies. You’re essentially skipping four very important
years of a players career and taking it away from yours as well. For me, the better way to go about this is
to have the minimum starting age as a 16 year old rather than a 20 year old. I feel this would make much more sense,. After that, I feel an important addition would
be the ability to change your position midway through your save – and also add new positions. This is just such a massive part of football. We see players rotated and changed all of
the time, but that isn’t represented in fifa. Sometimes you might get a bit bored of the
same position and want to switch it up a bit. Maybe move out onto the wing or switch the
wing that you play on; it doesn’t have to be a dramatic change. With the ai manager unwilling to rotate you,
this is how you would be able to affect it. That would be one of the most needed changes
in my opinion. Finally, I’d like the option to be able
to select a couple of players in the game that are idols for your created player. You may be wondering why, but this is something
that would play a very big role later on down the line. This will link into the storylines topic which
I’m going to talk about at the beginning of part two, so make sure that you come back
for that – and if you’re watching this video when it’s already out, then check
that out at the end of this video. But for now guys, it’s time to round part
one off there. If you’ve enjoyed the video, then don’t
forget to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more regular gaming content. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter using
the twitter handle @bromo018, the link is in the description – and also check out
my fifa 19 ajax career mode series that’s currently ongoing. On that note, it’s time to round it off
there. I’m bromo18 – and I’ll see you soon.

18 Replies to “FIFA 20 | Player Career Mode Wishlist (In-Depth) – Part One (Be A Pro)”

  1. Its not the best idea but i think that a cutscene where your player goes onto a plane and go to a place like barcelona or atleast medicals would be Amazing.

  2. I agree with pretty much all of this suggestions. I would love to see storylines come to career mode! Great video by the way!

  3. This is the first career mode where my player hasnt got any transfer offers, now im too demoralised to play another season.

  4. I really want gameface back, I used to love using drake or celebs in a career mode scenario. or if a footballer hasn't been scanned do it as best as u can to replicate it. And obviously hairstyles and tattos as well.

  5. They have to do something with wages, they don’t have a function they are just there. Imo their function would be unlocking things in the career.

  6. The player career mode is the only game mode I really play due to not having the time to play ultimate team and manager mode…….I've been praying to God/Allah, Buddha and any other God that will listen. Still waiting EA

  7. I'm all up for the realism a sort of fifa crossed with gta. Driving to training hanging with friends the decisions you make affect your career I'd love it. NBA 2k19 is halfway there

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