FIFA 20 – Official Volta Gameplay Trailer | PS4

FIFA 20 – Official Volta Gameplay Trailer | PS4

MASSAPPEALS PLAYING] Let’s go show the world what we’re about.

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  1. Can someone please explain all this "casino" references I read? Is it cause how EA sells u a pizza only to get a slice and pay the rest in extra payments?

  2. Hello sony playstation 🙂
    I just want to say : can you please remake one of the best and my favorite game please .. the game is final fantasy x . Thanx ,hope my dream come true 🙂 miss you lady yuna

  3. Yes, the reason we all wanted fifa street to return was for us to be able to customise our players and spend money on digital clothes

  4. People are complaining about FIFA with Gambling and Microtransactions but dont realized it's the same game and money grab every year and the same people are buying it.

  5. All I see is street soccer. Ooooohh I get it, the real FIFA football game would be a $75.95 dlc. Go ahead EA, make a street soccer icon on the cover. See if if it sells.

  6. I'd rather the resources go into making the career mode better but hey can't sell DLC that way I guess. Nobody wants a soccer NBA streets ripoff

  7. This is what happens when you fanboys begged for Fifa Street to be remade? Now you gotta pay another £60 to do the exact same thing you've been doing for the last 5 years but NOW WITH AVATARS??

  8. Señores de PlayStation dejen de promocionar un juego que es el mismo de hace 5 años y lo único se ha dedicado rescatar fans por pagar licencias . Todo es una falsedad

  9. You disclaim my article so weak EA Sports aka Sony. It is all about to make more and more money there is no lovely feeling and FIFA Ultimate Team is so pay to win there You can tell me whatever it takes I stay by my statement and I will write and spread it everywhere.!????

  10. All of those players that like to spam tricks in normal football matches are gonna bust their nut all over the walls when playing this mode.

  11. ahahha dio caro che merda! Non basta il fatto di essere una slot machine, non basta il fatto di non avere manco CR7 e la juventus, ora anche sta cagata pazzesca dello street soccer… vabbè ciaone!

  12. Who still buys Fifa games anymore i mean pretty much the only thing that is different with this game when compared to the previous Fifa is the name.

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  14. FIFA 19 sucked, glad I didn't buy. I'll have to wait on some gameplay reviews to make my decision.
    Edit: hold on, this doesn't come standard in FIFA 20? F off then, I'll be trying Pro Evo again.

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