if you are looking to make 1 million coins in fifa 19 Ultimate Team in less than 14 days on complete auto-pilot then stay tuned to this video hi my name is Graham I will show you in this video how you can make a million coins or more automatically and safely with Foot droid by following three simple steps before I jump into the three steps I just want to show you this this is my dashboard and this is how many coins I have made in the last seven days you can see here it’s more than a million coins this is my account so you can see on my account here I have 1 million nine hundred thousand coins after using this autobuyer in just a few days and you can see here I hit the mark of 1 million coins in just 7 days so the 3 simple steps you need to do you go to your account you tap on the 3 dots in the corner and add a new account you type your email and password and the platform and then you close the window then you head to inventory and you go to the buy list and then you create a new buy list I’m going to create one here I’m going to call it test 0 1 you add the list so the list as you can see here is totally empty then you start searching for players so you can add to the list and build your buying list so in this case I’ll add Lukaku the 87 rated Lukaku I leave the auto price feature on so foot droid can scan the transfer market and find the best possible deals from me so you add this to your list so your list is created you go back to your account then you hit the account you want to select and click Edit then you select a buying list from here from the drop down menu hit save then you go back to clicking on the account make sure the box is ticked and then you hit start selected so that’s it guys if you’re looking to quickly make a million coins or more on complete portal pilots build your dream team and the weekend League look no further than Foot droid fruit droid will help you make all the coins you need to build your dream team you just need to head now to Foot droid dot net choose a plan and we shall see you in the members area thank you so much for watching this video and have a happy trading date

71 Replies to “FIFA 20 Autobuyer [MAKE OVER 1 MILLION COINS IN 7 DAYS!]”

  1. OMG! This is just what I'm looking for. My friend actually recommend me to check FutDroid out. He is using and making millions. He already bought Hazard and Eusebio. How much does this bot cost?

  2. I know for a fact aht those bots work. This one specially look way better than others I've seen. If someone is using it, let me know so I can give it a go.

  3. This FurDroid app is too cheap for what it is offering. It's like an irresistible offer. To good to be true. If anyone is using it, let me know if this works. I need more coins in Fifa 19

  4. Well, even being an active fifa gamer for less than a year, after spending lots of time of trying and testing, i could say that the most efficient fifa 19 autobuyer at the moment is Futdroid. Furthermore its price is quite cheap for what it offers. Thank you FutDroid. Keep up the good Work.

  5. Tried the lot out there , and so far this has been the easiest to set up. By the way futdroid actually works. Sign up for their trial to test and make sure that it works for you as well.

  6. Wow wow wow. This is an amazing software that really cares about me the end user. Thank you for making a SLICK platform to allow me to trade easily not to mention Exceptional customer service. You guys have my business for the long haul

  7. Very good, your video friend Thank you for making a SLICK platform and explaining how to do it, continue making tutorials …

  8. Fifa autobuyer is a nice that released recently and i think it is useful to make huge coin within short time. Thanks

  9. Totally helpful video about fifa 19 autobuyer. Loved it. Its totally satisfying. Recommendable video for everyone. Thanks.

  10. My account can’t acces the transfer market on the web app RIP me ? but I can see that it does work I just need to play mode games apparently to unlock the market even tho I’ve played over 60 games

  11. can i search for players from the same league?
    like if some player of bayern be listed for less than 1k, i buy them all?

  12. In the tutorial it says i should have the price check at 20-30 mins, but isn't that too short? I mean it takes so much time…
    And why isn't the program putting the players that it bought in the transfer market?

  13. the Problem is.. it's impossible to setup for searching all players by League to buy many players.. you need put name by name..

  14. Paid the trial fee and wordfence has locked me out before I could even login. What a great start. Please could you fix this or I will have to cancel

  15. I cant go on futdroid any more because it says my subscription has expired but i payed for it today whats happening?

  16. Not worth it imo. You also need to know how to trade and create your buying list. I thought the bot would do it for you

  17. But don't you need enough money to purchase those players. Like I have 22k so can't afford anyone good really

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