FIFA 19 World Tour | Odell Beckham Jr. x A$AP Rocky

FIFA 19 World Tour | Odell Beckham Jr. x A$AP Rocky

FIFA World Tour Shout out to the real ODB You know, you can add the J if you like Every time I see him, I see a fellow pretty boy, you know what I’m sayin’? So you can set it up with no fouls, no nothin’ I been playing Fifa since like 2001. Like, I been playing it for a long time. Yeah, I play board games like Sorry, Clue What was the first sport you fell in love with as a kid? It really was soccer, but I tell you the truth I told my mom when I was four years old, I’m practicing for Sundays. Like I was gonna be playing football I’m gonna come clean. I was always trash at sports. But when I was about like eight or nine, I really wanted to play football bad Short pass, long pass Yo, why you lie saying you don’t know how to play, bro? Think FIFA’s just international Actually as a matter of fact I had David Alaba and a couple of his people from Bayern Munich over at the crib. Two of ’em couldn’t speak no English at all Me and my boy played ’em two on two And they was like cussin’ in German the whole time We couldn’t understand anything, but you can understand that they was getting into it Damn you good boy! Bro, how you did that bro? So what settings you got on your controller? I feel like I Catch a lot of heat just because I’m so different alright? I got blonde top I want to hit them folks with y’all on dance. I wanna have a good time I like to make people feel like You can always be you It correlates to where I’m at in hip-hop You wear whatever you want You have hoop earrings, if you got diamonds on your teeth You a rock star, bro! It don’t matter if they got a uniform on you or not you’re a rock star It ain’t too many of us out there, man Thanks for having us bro

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  1. I bet 50% people who comment on this video say fifa 19 is bad without buying or even trying the game they just say it cause it is what people say i actually love fifa 19 and enjoy it cause it is a football game after all and we all love football

  2. EA yo tengo el fifa mobile 19 y cuando empiezo el primer entrenamient de aprender a tirar llega a 100 la carga pero no empieza a jugar COMO HAGO

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  4. Odell is A$AP’s son. Everything he knows about fashion or thinks is trendy he got from Flacko wether he knows it or not (I hope he does but he really was tryna act like ASAP didn’t birth him).

    This is the difference between an actual icon/trendsetter/pioneer and a follower who thinks he’s creative.

    Shout out to Tyler the Creator and Travis but they ain’t pretty like these niggas

    Oh and OBJ can ball the fuckout so it’s not purely hating on my end

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