FIFA 19 World Tour – Lingard & Rashford vs Stormzy & Dapaah | PS4

FIFA 19 World Tour – Lingard & Rashford vs Stormzy & Dapaah | PS4

[SCREAMING] That thing is on you. Yeah.
Be England. Let’s get cracking. Remember, just foul them.
Just foul them. There’s no rules. [CENSORED] You can’t swear. I’m in.
I’m in. [SCREAMING] [POP] What was that? That was a good touch, guys. I like that. Come to me, to me, to me, to me. To me, to me, to
me, to me, to me. I’m getting used to it.
I’m getting used to it. What are you doing? Foul them.
Foul them. How do you punch? Wait for me.
Wait for me. I’m waiting. Finish it. No, wait for me. That was death. It was you as well. Here we go, on the run. Clamper! [SCREAMING] [POP] Should have clamped him. You should have
clamped him, bro. That stinks, bro. Why did you bring that? This guy is so messed up. In case someone elbows someone,
you just — you know what I’m saying? [DOOR RINGER] Someone. What’s that? That’s because
you sprayed the DP. [POP]
[POP] We didn’t score. Stop doing that if
they didn’t score! They didn’t score! It looked like it went in. They didn’t score. Wasting confetti. Melon. Finish it. Come on! In your face. Dapper, dapper right there. Look.
Look where I am. Oh. Like that. Triangle boom. Hold up.
Who’s this. Get me a tissue.
I’m sweating. I need a tissue. Use some of this. Where’s the headband? Ready?
Ready, boys? Come on.
Come on. It’s on. It’s on.
It’s on. Pay attention to
what’s going on. This is real life. This is real life.
This is real life. [POP] Pop that.
Pop that. What?
What? What just happened? I was rubbing my eyes and I
come back, and there’s a goal. Why were you rubbing your
eyes when these were on the box? Go in there.
Go in there. [POP] Bang that!
Bang that! And I scored with you.
And I scored with you. [SCREAMING] Grab him.
Look. [SCREAM] You were standing
in front of him, bro. What are you doing? We’ve got to bring this. Yeah.
71 minutes, we can do this, bro. Finish that. [POP] Yeah! That’s scaring me every time. Who scored that? Why is he laughing so much? Why you laughing? Cut this. Why are you laughing so much? Oh my.
They just scored, prof. They just scored, prof. No. When did the game
even start back, prof? That is dumb. Come chase them down with me. [SCREAMING] Why did you just?
I said don’t. I didn’t think I
would get the ball, did I? We’ve lost, man. Jarring, jarring, jarring. Well done, lads.
Good game. [POP] Why do you lot keep doing that? No one scored. What was the point of that? I think we was the
better players today. We were dominant. We worked well as a team. I feel we got the
result we deserve. In real life, of course I can. If you come watch me at — yeah.
Thank you very much. I’ve done it before. I’ve not seen it back to be
honest, so we’ll just have to check when we get back
in the changing room. Are you really gonna ask
me if we were cheating? Hold me back, prof.
Hold me back. You’re really gonna ask
me if we was cheating? What the? No further questions.
Thank you. PlayStation, the
best place to play.

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