FIFA 19 Timed Shooting Tutorial

FIFA 19 Timed Shooting Tutorial

I’ve got two new timed finishing techniques
that i’m gonna show you in todays tutorial guys that’s gonna help you absolutely nail
the new timed finishing feature on FIFA 19 hi guys and welcome back to another FIFA 19
tutorial this one is the timed finishing one i was on about 2 methods I’m really excited
about sharing this with you because i knew i’d find a way eventually just practicing
and it all comes with practice and it always does every year if you could smash a like
i would really appreciate it yeah it’s not too complicated when i get into it as you
can see with Draxler it’s perfectly timed because i find it easy and i don’t know why
i was finding it easy it’s because method 1 yeah method 1 i was using but I’ve actually
gone to method 2 so how to do it the first thing i want to get into just in case some
of you don’t understand is there’s obviously too early and there’s too late but there’s
actually early and late as well you can see this ones early too early is terrible that
ones too late there with edin dzeko so obviously we want to get it in the middle in between
both and get it to perfect timing this one with cavani this is what i want to bring up
that one was an early one i don’t know if you saw that but you can actually score them
with the early too early can’t and too late you can’t but with early for some reason you
can score them look at that he’s hit that true as true as you like but obviously you
want it on perfect timing here a great threaded through pass from de bruyne and this one with
ryiad mahrez is also an early one I’ve zoomed it in every time to show you so i just wanted
to throw that in there so you can score from early as well so there is a bit of room for
maneuver obviously if you get it too early it will scuff but early seems to score sometimes
and sometimes it’s more like early is a bit random just randomly chooses like a random
engine with perfect timing it’s more precise you know you’re gonna score more from then
on killer tips so i want to show you method 1 straight away and this goes to show it’s
just logic with this one it’s more about looking at the players foot like here with gabriel
jesus it’s perfect timing and it’s in the back of the net but if you actually look at
this I’ve zoomed it in to show you that was pretty much on the money that one at this
point here I’m starting to power up so holding down the shoot button and then we’re gonna
tap it one more time but just watch I’ll slow it down for you here and i’m actually pressing
the shoot button one more time at the point when he’s just about to kick it and this is
a guide you can use to get the perfect timing and get great timing every time you shoot
for the new double tap timed finishing that was one i was using at first and that’s why
i think i was doing it every time but this is a much better one i cut inside and then
hit one with Lukaku beautiful shot that was i get a bit lucky with the goal but after
i cut inside and hit it with his left foot and it hit the post i feel i deserved that
luck this one is method 2 and i thought i’d show you this and this is super slow motion
and you can use this as a guide instead if you don’t like looking at the players foot
look two bars are coming down every single time and you want to get it in the green so
you can use those two bars as a guide obviously if you get it in the red it’s gonna be too
early and if it’s like that then it’s gonna be too late you know if they collide too late
so you wanna get it dead on the green i have slow motioned that down for you so you can
see it says great timing just about to come up so that’s two methods i wanted to show
you guys it’s like with this Draxler one here i used the method 2 just powered it up and
then pressed it one more time when the bar went in and it went to green it’s very easy
and it is going to take a bit of practice but not a lot guys i promise you most of you
will master this very very quickly and especially with choosing which on you want one more thing
i want to add about timing is you can get the most perfect timing ever as i do with
this upcoming clip with sergio aguero you’re about to see and it doesn’t mean you’re gonna
score every time people seem to think if you get the timed finishing perfect oh it’s a
guaranteed goal look at that one there i couldn’t get that one anymore on the money and it weren’t
a goal so you’re not gonna score every time i just wanted to throw that in there as well
and obviously it’s worth saying i’m gonna to a separate tutorial for headers as for
the areas of the pitch to use this is just outside the box I’ve already said in my low
driven shot tutorial that when you get in the box one on one with the keeper inside
the penalty area that the opposition you should be using the low driven shot if you’re outside
the area use the timed finish and I’ll have a long shot tutorial up for you soon so yeah
make sure you like and share i really appreciate the support guys and yeah I’ll have more FIFA
19 tutorials up for you soon guys thanks for watching.

59 Replies to “FIFA 19 Timed Shooting Tutorial”

  1. Please tell ME what is The advantage of using time finish… I turn IT off and i score a lot of goals with normal shoots. I find IT difficult to get used with this type of shooting. Thank you.

  2. Headers and finesse shots can also be timed-finished right ??? Would love to have a timed-finished headers tut, I used to boss CKs with ur CK tut and diving headers but now CK is weird and it's really hard to timed-finished headers…..

  3. So for method two, you press the shooting button and when the two bars are closing to green, you press the shooting button again ?

  4. Do you recommend even using it or just powering up and shooting normal w out double tapping? I feel like more room for error w timed, no? Also, how do you do a simple tap in, for instance 1v1 w keeper and just wanna roll it past him on the ground? Just tap once now instead of twice quickly and let go?

  5. Ppl gonna cry and cry loud when the'll nitice this time finishing is crazy. I scored bangers and have been scoring by just B+B. Once u get used to then all u score is goals…

    They will surely patch it… also low drivens are hard coz my brain works for fifa 18 low drivens lol

  6. I found out yesterday on a site called, that you can now do manual passing when your controls are on assistant by pressing LB & RB together then pressing the pass button. This is a long time over due command that I’ve been looking forward to.
    I would love to know if this is something that you would implement into your own game play?

    I do believe you can apply this command to lob passes too.

  7. Now with this time finishing in fifa 19..for somebody like me i usually prefer double tap when im one on one with the keeper..but now with time finishing will it contradict with my finishing skills of double tap?? Kindly email if possible [email protected]

  8. Thanks for all the great tips so far bro. Just scored this worldy and the indicator said 'too late' .. any ideas?

  9. So does this mean that first time shots in a crowded situation in the box have been nerfed into the ground? Since you have to hold the shoot button and press it again now instead of just shooting first time when the ball falls to him? I'm not liking it yet.

  10. As for 1 on 1 situations where i used double tap and finesse on 18 is it best to just use finesse in that situation on 19 to slot in bottom corner?

  11. Timed finishing is by far the worst feature ever introduced. It's basicly a cheat for scoring from impossible situations 90% of the time which makes working for real chances almost obsolete.

  12. The problem with timed finishing is when you get a quick rebound from the goaly that gives you a 1001 second to react – impossible to do the doubble tap in that time – so every quick rebound-finish is horrible (or how do you guys solve this?)

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