100 Replies to “FIFA 19 – The New Kick-Off | PS4”

  1. We gonna put “new kick of “ on fifa 18 and charge it for 60€ and call it fifa 19. Genius’.
    Same trash every year.
    Maybe if people not going to buy fifa anymore, they actually change something and make it better?! 🤔

  2. When is EA gonna ask what we want for the game and not add stupid features. Last time fifa was epic is when Messi was on the cover😕

  3. And that's where the Decency ends…. The game does not look impressive…

    PES 19 however… Game play is everything 👌

  4. FIFA , I am an Brazilian FIFA player and I want so much see the Brazilian league "Brazileirao" in the FIFA 19, I want to play with my favorite players and my favorite team the Palmeiras 🙏🙏

  5. does anyone know how to play a classic match instead of me playing a champions league group stage match?? it wont let me try any other game modes.

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