FIFA 19 – The Journey: Champions – Story Trailer | PS4

FIFA 19 – The Journey: Champions – Story Trailer | PS4

Rated E for Everyone. Am I a footballer? Yep. Am I one of the best
players in the world? I’ll say. Then I am the
Sultan of Step Overs, Cristiano Ronaldo. In his dreams. Easy, Alex Hunter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You wish. There comes a time in a player’s
career when they become a brand. I’m being pulled in a
million different directions. It doesn’t seem real. I have a shot to
be someone special. You have talent, but no
one is irreplaceable. This is a make-or-break season
for you, Danny. When I’m lifting that Champion’s
League trophy in the air, everyone is going to be sorry
they dealt with the Williams. Family used to be
everything to you. Now you’re just surrounding
yourself with hangers on. You can’t even
have my back on this. You think any of
them would be here if your career ended tomorrow? You can’t play this game. I can play. Being a target man
is not really my game. Make it your game. I just want to show
people what I can do. I think your doing all right so far. My name is on that
trophy, and not you, not anyone is going
to get in my way. That’s part of being here. It’s time to take
things to the next level. It’s the game of football, mate. Best team wins. We both know what
that’s going to be.

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  1. This trailer actually interests me even though I am not a football organiser soccer fan in any way also wow I can't believe that EA are fetching this game out on last gen consoles as well as current gen

  2. FIFA 17 – Journey mode
    FIFA 18 – Journey mode
    FIFA 19 – Journey mode

    EA be like – "Let's make the same game every year."

  3. I don't see why I would buy this when I have to beat games like Spiderman, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Life is Strange 2

  4. So many people whining about this and that
    Since everyone complains IT'S THE SAME GAME FOR YEARS They come up with something new but NOOO,it's never enough is it?

  5. Ea is it really hard to take the Journey's features + more and put it in Career Mode instead of doing a PAINT JOB on the mode each year?

  6. Why no Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on the thumbnail? Especially Cristiano Ronaldo since he has always been the face of FIFA games. Is it because he moved to Juventus?

  7. How does it feel to know you wasted all this time on this story that NOONE cares about when you could have made improvements to Gameplay, Pro Clubs, Career mode….things people actually play!

  8. I am so stoked. I wish this wasn't the last year. The Journey has made FIFA a day 1 buy for me instead of a "I'll get it whenever" buy.

  9. I love story line games. I love how they add that in there. It make it better for me. Cause now I get to know who these ppl are. Then just go into a regular game. Be like who this guy or go into a game n get bored doing the same thing. This storyline in this game. Make it fun for me. Now I can get into sports.

  10. Really? Im sick of Story mode in a football game. Since when a sport game title starting to be more an emotional adventure? Look at PES, they dont have to do anything much about story, just improve the gameplay and graphics. In those terms, they are better than FIFA. EA is a making-money machine

  11. Everyone in the comments is hating on fifa but I for one can't wait for the new and improved loot boxes 🤤

  12. someone please please please tell me the name of this song. I am dying to know. respond respond, please. someone tell me

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