FIFA 19 – Team of the Season: Premier League | PS4

FIFA 19 – Team of the Season: Premier League | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Cracked in a beauty. On and on.
Astonishing. Oh wow!
Goal! That is beyond special. The shot away… Absolutely sensational… …from Sergio Ageüro.

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  1. Bought every fifa that came out since FIFA FRANCE 98 N64.. fifa 19 is the last fifa I will ever buy!!!!Thanks EA!! You were great back in the day.. now you are ? and seem to ruin every game you touch.

  2. Just drop an get rid of toxic people out of ur life freestyle video . …would appreciate it if you'd check it out❤

  3. Hey this is kinda of out of the blue but i wanted to know if u can bring back old wwe games back and wwe 2k14 if u could since u brought mk9

  4. They litterally could just make one fifa game and patch it every year. That's how little effort is put in.

  5. I still don’t know why salah rating is higher than agüero and sterling, this season agüero and sterling perform are much better than salah

  6. Long time old school gamer here (in my mid 40's) and I have been loyal to FIFA ever since the days of the PS 2, bought every edition blindly but no more. Their greed, obsession with FUT to the detriment of every other mode and sheer laziness has made me switch to PES. Thank you EA for waking me up and til you actually put in effort to make some interesting changes to your product, I'm handing my money to Konami.

  7. Ah, EA's untaxed, unregulated casino Slot Machine! FIFA: the reason EA closes developer studios due to unrealistic financial expectations and the destroyer of new EA games IP.

  8. Dear PlayStation if you add the Back in Black DLC maps to the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Deluxe Edition for a hundred dollars, you got my money.

  9. I was just wondering sense sony and microsoft are teaming up if their is going to be crossplay for minecraft

  10. FIFA 20 ??

    Pre Order Pack : Super Legend Ultimate Platinum Gold Pack **guarantee R.Lukaku or A.Sanchez*

    Over 80+ new card types. (Team of the pre-season cards, FIFA matche day cards, Team of the Century cards, April Fool's Day cards. etc….)

    Unlock the limit with 150+ Overall stats.

    New Engines *Frostbite 3.0.1* Update new bugs, new glitches, new spywares etc….

    and Same Solid Career mode!!!

  11. I don't know why people think that this is the gameplay . It's the real life lads .so why they are talking about the graphics ??

  12. For Those That They Are Asking What's The Track Song Name, Is Easy The Title Is Until Dawn From Tom Boddy, To Be Honest, I'm Enjoying More The Fifa 17, Is The Best Fifa Game That I Have Ever Played, I Play Every Night On The PS4!!!, If You Want A Match Just Send Me A Friend Request On The PS4, I Enjoyed A Little Bit The Fifa 19, But I Prefer The Fifa 17, Well There's The Answer Of The Curiosity Song That You Were Asking After 10 Comments That I Read, Well Enjoy, Cheers!!! =D

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