FIFA 19 Skills in REAL-LIFE! Skill Challenge

FIFA 19 Skills in REAL-LIFE! Skill Challenge

Whats’s up guys and welcome to a new video!
FIFA19 is out now. We already played the full version and recorded some really nice skills and goals. In collaboration with EASports we present you a FIFA 19 SKILL challenge where we try to recreate some of these clips. Just click on the link in the video description if you want to purchase FIFA19 for yourself or your significant other. Stay tuned for a nice give away regarding FIFA 19 until the end of the video. Ok, let’s check out the first goal. Neymar! This is his special FIFA 19 move. We can handle it, right? I will beat you! You will break your legs… Show me your skills… Neymar Jr.! This guy is an absolute washout! This is Neymar Jr. Shouldn’ t be a problem, like I said! Can you copy it? Next skill! I think we reached the next step, as this goal is a little bit harder to recreate. You can start Felix! Looks pretty nice. Come on Felix. First try – let’s go! Show me your skills! First try directly to the top corner… NOT. First take Boy! Just go home Felix! I’m sorry… The pressure’s on me now Last try. That’s it! Next clip. Let me see your skills! No no no my friend! This is how it should look like… Skill level was a +2 It doesn’t get easier. Nice challenge! Last try. I got something for you! Me too! Lukas: “F”
Felix: “I” Let’s go on to the really sick goals. Ok, It’s my turn again. This is such a sick FIFA move! It looks really difficult. At least it’s a goal! This one was not bad, wasn’t it? Felix aka Diego Costa! This was the goal! Both “F.I.” Mbppé, Okocha and a volley with our weak foot! We have to shoot with the left foot to the right corner, but we are both right foots. Close… It was a bouncer! Use your left foot please. I can see Lukas’ third letter coming down here. We both have “F.I.” and three goals to go. This was in slow motion! To the top corner?! You have to shoot to the left. THIS is how you do this challenge! Wait wait wait! ok, go! wait wait wait! wait a dustgrain! Now we have a sideways scissor-kick. This one is good! ok guys, this is going to be the sickest stunt in team fk history… …or let’s say the first time someone breaks his bones live on camera. Another cross please! Lukas, you will definitely get a letter! I can do this much better in FIFA… Unfortunately this was your third letter. Last goal/skill to recreate. We both have 3 letters. The one with 4 letters is the looser. Can he do it? I hit the ball perfectly. Yes, but you aimed badly… He saved it! Bumper! Does’n count sorry. This was a goal! I won the challenge! Instant Replay please! Ok, Felix we rewatched it and it was a… GOAL. I was lucky with this one. But it was a great challenge! We had a lot of fun shooting the goals in FIFA19 and in real life on the pitch. Thanks to EASports for the collaboration. Please find all informations about the FIFA 19 giveaway down below! Thank’s for watching! See ya, Bye!

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  1. Lukas hat nicht gewonnen! Felix hat doch vorher auch getroffen! Wirklich, Lukas ist der einzige von den freekickerz den ich nicht mag! Er schummelt immer und ist einfach nur arrogant

  2. Lukas bitte hör auf die ganze Zeit irgendeine Scheiße im Hintergrund zu schreien und arrogant zu werden , mich regt das einfach nur auf

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