FIFA 19 Sin Reglas – ¿Mejor que FIFA 98?

FIFA 19 Sin Reglas – ¿Mejor que FIFA 98?

July 12, 2018, YouTube has the
honor that I decide to upload the best video of the best FIFA. FIFA 98 without referee
almost a month later Electronic Arts announces the no rules mode in FIFA 19
so to celebrate the anniversary of this glorious video. I have been with a
friend to play FIFA 19. How can you imagine the way we’re going to play is the
mode without rules. A game mode that love because it allows you to play without
interruptions, with show, without ties of the referee. Doing good
football even, look after this cake that control with the same foot. Jordi Alba
huge and attention because this move I love. You have to force a corner
throwing an incredible pitch to goalie, even killing a defender. Y
then you take any uncle there as in plan … “I’m going home”
Chutas to top of power and you put the kick of your life and that’s it. Goal for
the squad of Busquets. Busquets has not done this in their life. But here
is in FIFA, partying with me. And Cholo does not care. well we continue with the
recital … LET’S GO He has given the ball to my player, he is confused. There
let’s go take a … HEY! what have you done ?? He has dodged it! What is this joke? Hey! He has removed my leg Well, that was fatal … It’s worth this too Cholo is crazy about my criminality attempts. And eye
that apart from cakes there is also good football. Look at this little car from Dembélé
with spectacular center with bounce in the defense and goal by the square to sack We continue with my concern look at this absence of criminality El Cholo no
he knows how to complain he’s already here I continue with good football, eye this other
center of Dembélé take the ball and the ball has gone to the
outside. Has been lost He has left the stadium! It’s okay, here’s another ball Incredible, good and this is Tony
Bala Teeth takes two strokes and continues well If I shoot you, you caaaaaes WUPS! we go incredible was not even an El Cholo
he still does not matter even if he wins his team Al Cholo because it does not matter? what
happens to him is his team already celebrating that peels
Let’s try to read the lips cholo to see what I say now what
I understand everything “Bring some boots, I’ll fix it!” the cholo was a big one in his time
Julen Guerrero made him a good penetration luckily for El Cholo,
I have just the game they need with indoor soccer legends and fouls is the
fifa 20 is not the fifa 98 let’s play a Colombia Argentina, two
equipazos of the time. Argentina had apart from Cholo to Batistuta. I have many
I want to see how he plays with my conditions. My conditions are referee stricness 0 and player
exaggerated attributes. There we go, I avoid the first one in Argentina. Valderrama is a crack and eye first time it is for the goalkeeper. Do not
nothing happens that the doorman does !! HUMAN GOAL !!!! there’s an injured guy … oh no the defense! they have given him strong more fight more fight the injured
Yes so bad. There goes Batistuta! He is going to touch the ball for the first time. NO NOOO! After this painful loss, and important
let’s go for my first chapter in my Soccer manual that is: A good beating at
Goalkeeper is 75% goal Here you have it … We shake the dust a little
goalie. Midfield shot and there we have made the 1-0 for Colombia. 7 minute
I give the ball to the goalie I do the mythical … I hope But my friend destroys me
I have my backs bursting Here we have flying Combo Combo! Cholo is a smart guy he knows that if he touches the ball he’s going
charge. Here goes the hero on the other side walking But amid so much confusion
a genius arose This play consists of: Leaving the ball
from one side. Say “now I come back” You beat the doorman. You go back for the
ball and you score goal While the doorman complains It’s called … THE I’LL BE BACKINHA you leave the ball, you tell him now I come back you give him a
good beating the goalkeeper come back to the ball and goal Well, here I am doing mine. I pass it to the partner, who is alone. STOP! forgiveness 3-0 wins Colombia. Here we have 1-2-3-4
beatings like four goals that I just put in and here he let me take a little
for the violent enthusiasm with my values ​​and defense against corner
spanking him while my doorman distracted a little they have closed and then
when measuring a goal by goal argentina 41 and here is my secret weapon we take out
quarrel 2 nothing consists of relatively activate counter and you stay hitting
punching the goalkeeper is incredibly stunned
4-2 for colombia argentina is approximate the fight is real came up here my goalkeeper
has set to do long has gone from one end to another the field has returned to
see how many I managed to do is not a good idea if you are goalkeepers more than was
because rag tender austria super goal goal of Argentina 43 of comeback
about I think you pay attention in bermúdez as they do here advanced morriña
and valderrama automatically after he goes on strike, he spends his time in bermúdez and
bermúdez scores from midfield this goal this goal is crazy I stay
exclaimed advanced quarrel now returns now leaves in the corner goes by the goalkeeper
it bursts the ball just invermun of bermúdez tuta for the goal
from midfield what is this minute 41 53 the goalie keeps complaining
Herrera takes advantage 63 it’s a mistake they end up half with a
forward but the goalkeeper 64 minutes with English because cleaning
kittens a host and the end of the first part as you see faults to 0 fair
play first. Well let’s start with the second part This is being an earthquake. He has entered haggling to the bottom carries Simeone was passed goalkeeper but his
doorman is busy and receiving and for true of this star that carries
injured from the beginning of the match like a hero scoring a goal 7-5 haha Celebrate lame Of somersault too! Simeone is receiving like a champion finally safe in the hands of my port … NOOO 7-6 and Mondragón is full of hate. He is like a dog defending the ball. It is His little bone. all players have been infected that brawling spirit all less
bermúdez there goes metegol bermúdez hero 8-6 for Colombia. Argentina trembles
the public goes crazy Crespo bursts to the goalkeeper smacks and hits the goal
squad 8-7 of crespo and Valderrama is giving it
everything, especially your knuckles. This is how a crossbar challenge is made!
Autopase, bounce and GOL 8-8 Argentina reaches Colombia and not only that
the overcomes “Someone stop this! PLEASE” Argentina is dominating colombia se la la
returns the blood is all over the field
simeone is receiving and of course the doorman and finally my hours in dark
souls bear fruit here you have me doing parry dodging blows
deadly and leaving me with the ball like I feel like it. What injustice
8-10 to feel let’s see how it is our friend go FIFA 98 is the Dark Souls of football games.
My goalkeeper is totally out AAAH! Human goal and conventional goal Here we have Estrada raising the
team with the pylon hammer pulls and crossbar and Posthumous Goal of Valencia.
Again the madness seized the house of a young man own minute 83 we go
911 colombia loses almost half valence goal but it’s impossible I just want him
ask for mercy hype I love you honey cutting of children’s last chance
of putting the goals is impossible in out the milk seriously yes, sure
ah here I leave you another colleague that got into
the cifa 19 and I take the opportunity to thank you here then it has been
the first subscriber to sign up pattern you have the link in the
description eyes there were scenes deleted and how was it made

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  1. Oye we no tiene nada k ver con el video pero quiero tener al adefesios futbol club pero no tengo el pes 2019 has un parche para el pes 2014 x fa :v ahre xdds

  2. Solo falta que el balón salga ,por fuera y sea golll sin reglas les invito a mi canal de Youtube James Beby gracias

  3. weeey el 12 julio es mi cumpleanoss wiiii

    PD: Mi teclado es en ingles por eso cumpleanos esta mal escrito :V

  4. Por más vídeos así tío, desde que comenzó el vídeo no he parado de reírme ??? . Un saludo desde Murcia

  5. Lo provee la ahoravolviña en el FIFA 98 de mi padre y le pegué 30 puñetazos y otras treinta patadas xdddď porciento alguien del 28 de Julio de 2019 dale like si eres de ese dia

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