FIFA 19 | Rainbow to Scorpion Shot & Pass Tutorial

FIFA 19 | Rainbow to Scorpion Shot & Pass Tutorial

Ensure Analog Sprint is On The player should have at least 80 Agility, 80 Balance and 80 Reactions The optimal height for Rainbow/Scorpion Kicks is 5’6-6’0 The player should have at least 4 star skill moves and the flair trait Scorpion Lobbed Pass Scorpion Lobbed Pass is easier to peform from 60-40 yards Slow down to a jogging pace (To peform a failed simple rainbow) (As soon as the player peforms a failed simple rainbow) Scorpion Short Pass Slow down to a jogging pace Stay within 15 yards of the teammate for a Scorpion Short Pass Scorpion Through Ball Move the player on a slight angle from the teammate You can aim the pass but this isn’t important Scorpion Shot Attempt a Rainbow/Scorpion Shot inside the penalty box Slow down to a jogging pace Move the player on a slight angle from the goal You can aim the shot but this isn’t important Examples

65 Replies to “FIFA 19 | Rainbow to Scorpion Shot & Pass Tutorial”

  1. Broo who you play like that !! make another cdm build video pls !!i love you videos ,I learned a lot from them!!

  2. Yahoo…finally I know what is my mistake when try to perform scorpion kick.. attempt the failed one not rainbow flicks.. thanks legend ??

  3. Do you have to have the flair trait? And when I'm trying to do it he passes it up high after the failed rainbow im trying it with Douglas Costa and nice vid again

  4. I did it some couple times but its so hard. Everytime when i got it the goalie made some steps to me. Does the goaly needs to get out of the goal to get the Skills done?
    And another question, how often does the skill work for u when you try it for example 20 Times. I want to Master this so bad. Pls help. Very nice Video i approciate that and sry for Ma english im german lol

  5. I can't pull the right timing… Is it like when my player starts doing the rainbow or just before? Great video btw

  6. I tried doing this with cr7 but didnt work. Turns out his balance is 70 so i get why it didn't work. Right now as I'm typing, im in practice arena with douglas costa. Still isnt working. Simple fail rainbow flick right? So i flick right analog down and up and quickly press L2 and X or Squad(im using altenate) still doesnt work. Costa ia 5ft8 and agility and every is good and has flair traits. Still i keep practicing it doesnt work. Can you try it out for me? Is costa not capable of doing it or im doing smthg wrong here?

  7. Dude it doesnt work I do the failed rainbow then emidieantly hold lt and x and it does like through the Leg pass I'm mad

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