FIFA 19 PRO CLUBS | Goalkeeper Build +Body Type Glitch

FIFA 19 PRO CLUBS | Goalkeeper Build +Body Type Glitch

Goalkeeper Build Gameplay and Editing by Make Haste Use 6’5 (195cm) and 176lbs (80kg) for a Goalkeeper build Strength boosts will make it easier to collect the ball in a one on one situation Select interceptions to help collect through balls Ball controle is more important for a goalkeeper than dribbling Agility will improve your players ability to peform diving saves Select long passing to improve you long flat kicks to teammates Select 5 star weak foot to be comfortable clearing the ball on either foot Select all of the goalkeeping boosts and traits Body Type Glitch Use the body type glitch for a stocky body on a medium weight build You will be agile with a wider frame to block one on ones Your player will do a broken animation, when you dive while sprinting To avoid these animations let go of R2 and hold L2 before he dives

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  1. I use assisted, manual save assistance does not help you avoid the broken animations. The broken animations are a problem with the games code and needs to be patched just like the wrong foot free kick styles. They most likely won't be patched though

  2. How does the Glitch work? I cant understand how it helps, if you are not playing with the glitch option. Is that for PS4 as well? Nice Channel, tks

  3. When you go to intercept a cross, do you just hit Y (not sure what that is on ps) or do manually move your keeper to get the cross?

  4. help with saves you have what is included. and how do you make saves. at what time and with what sticks.
    how do you use authorization

  5. Hello, I’m actually new at goalkeeping and I really love it. I’m playing on PS4 but I’m a bit confuse. Is it better to dive with the right analog ? Or pressing the X button ? Is it better when you go off your line for a 1v1 to press square to defend or circle button ? Is it better to move with L2 or should I maintain L1 ?
    My pro is 87 now but still conceding lot of goals
    Thank you very much for the advice.

  6. Ima try to get fifa 19 soon but y so yall but so light what if I make him 6'1 205 would that affect attributes?

  7. I switched my Triangle/Y to R1. I switched it for being able to have the chance to rush and flick if any fast ball movement happens. Game changer?

  8. Thank you so much you don’t how many times I want to Quit Goal keeping in Pro clubs when I Try to punch out a Shot since the Animations Are broken

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