FIFA 19 PRO CLUBS | CDM Build +Body Type Glitch

FIFA 19 PRO CLUBS  | CDM Build +Body Type Glitch

Defensive Midfielder build Gameplay and Editing by Make Haste Knuckleball Free Kick Use 5’10 and 149lbs for a defensive midfielder build Use all your strength boosts and injury free to avoid injury when being countered Select all of the defending boosts Select everything except skill moves Back heel flair passes can help keep the ball in play Select long passing and curve, long diagonal balls are effective on fifa 19 Select all shot power and long shot boosts, finishing is not worthwhile as a cdm I’ve selected free kick accuracy boosts. Cdm is good for free kicks as it has the highest composure If you don’t like to take free kicks you can swap with passing boosts or skill moves Body Type Glitch Use the body type glitch for a stocky body on a lightweight build You will be agile and able to guard the ball easier with a wider frame Hold L1 + R1 and press x for a manual pass Use 2.5-3 bars of power for a through ball manual pass

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  1. I've always thought its better to be taller because CDM's usually win headers, so I'd rather rather do heading than free kicks

  2. When i do this with striker….the shots are very bad. I use 177cm and 68 kg….with glitch 115 kg….i got shot of 92 but he shots like a 85. Do i use only playerstyle 1 and 2 or can i use player 3 and 1?

  3. Der schiesst wie ein Trottel wenn ich den als stürmer einstelle. Er bewegt sich wie ein gott…nur schiessen ist grotte.

  4. I think the stamina is pretty important with the second wind glitch. Also would you go shorter than 5’10?

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