FIFA 19 Player Ratings Parody | Join The Mass Debate

FIFA 19 Player Ratings Parody | Join The Mass Debate

these spots are about to announce that the fast 19th player ratings why is my rating not 100 how much am I getting paid to save this nonsense the most anticipated moment [Music] breakages Kevin de ginger is a beta releases David on the feedbacks 93 teens any idea how much is getting paid to straight responses we as players are bad enough we are sick of playing for Roberto Martinez and we’re sick of FIFA’s ratings thank you I mean honestly put the FIFA’s ratings be any more boring let’s be fast ratings have just got even more interesting did you see my bicycle kit and me with the Champions League improve this year oh my rating is a disgrace this is not seem escorpion take pleasure footage not sad photos you assholes oh my wife will be watching this oh I would have been happy with my ratings if I was about 12 I would have been given a rating if she wasn’t about 12 but the demo is really say sinkers is good Wow physicality 71 if I’ve come to Manchester United my ratings would be going down give me a 69 I’ve no dinner come on change that to 100 till 100 million euros and say whatever nonsense you want sour Coast applies to push it for hire [Music] excuse me mate can you turn that up for me please sure then you just turn up for me please and if you call me a nonce on social media you will be blocked fans Mukesh draw me and can take your tour shape head in where’s my weaker foot command+ fat points it was only drink driving I’d like to hire twelve focus please bye dad Thibaut Courtois now get involved and don’t forget the teabag [Music] [Music] you [Music]

100 Replies to “FIFA 19 Player Ratings Parody | Join The Mass Debate”

  1. Cómo se veria el Chicharito Hernández dibujado de humano aquí ???
    O Chucky Lozano que aparece como Chucky ???

  2. Don't put Adam Johnson in a Sunderland kit, it is disrespectful to the club and city as a whole and I know for a fact that people hate it he played for many teams like Middlesbrough Leeds Watford and Manchester city and he even has 12 England caps yet you put him in a Sunderland kit stop

  3. ?? Neymar dubbing is the best
    No matter how much I've seen your videos
    Please do another videi releted to fifa 20 ratings ♥️
    Love from nepal

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