FIFA 19 Player Ratings | Join The Debate

FIFA 19 Player Ratings | Join The Debate

EA SPORTS is about to announce
the FIFA 19 Player Ratings. Hey, why is my rating not 100? Of course I think my rating
has improved this year. The most anticipated
moment of the year. Breaking News, Kevin De Bruyne
is about to release a statement on the FIFA 19 ratings. We as players have had enough. The ratings that have been give to us
over the past few seasons cannot continue. We urge people
around the world to come together as the FIFA 19 ratings
are being decided. We will not be answering any more
questions at this time. Thank you. The FIFA 19 ratings
just got even more interesting. You haven’t been watching what I do? Giroud….
nods Chelsea into the lead. It’s basically
a disgrace to give me a 53. I’d have been happy
with my rating when I was about 12. I’m better than this. Is that it? Even though
I’m much faster than Auba. Look at how fast
I am getting out of here. Evidently not all players
agree with their ratings. Physicality 71.
That’s a joke. If you score a goal,
your ratings are going up. So of course the players are pushing
for higher ratings, obviously! Gimme 89. I’m not holding that. Again… C’mon. Change that to 100. Some people think that EA SPORTS
have got it spot on. What do you think? I think last year EA SPORTS got
Raheem Sterling’s FIFA ratings right… Excuse me mate,
can you turn that up for me please? But now he’s added goals to his game, he’s got to get
a higher number in FIFA 19 surely? Personally I think EA SPORTS
have got a lot of the ratings right. But I know not everybody agrees. If Loftus Cheek wants a higher rating
he needs to help out more in defence. That is ridiculous. Kevin De Bruyne. Physicality?! I mean to be fair
that’s probably bang on the money. If you don’t do it on the pitch,
then you don’t get the ratings, simple! People can’t stop talking
about the FIFA 19 player ratings. We get very small improvements. Leave it, leave it,
it’s enough. This is outrageous. My message
to the players is go out there and show EA SPORTS you’re better
than the ratings you got last year. You’re completely right about that. Arjen, you have to
score a goal today, if you want your FIFA ratings
to get a bit better again. Sure, just don’t pass
to our opponents, then your passing rating
will get a bit better. Players are going
to extraordinary lengths this year in search of a ratings boost. Come on, add me plus five. Come on 87.
Give him an 88, 89 at least. I’d like to place an advert please
…my name? …erm …Raheem Sterling. Everybody’s got an opinion on this, so get involved and use

100 Replies to “FIFA 19 Player Ratings | Join The Debate”

  1. In my opinion gold sterling,giroud,mbappé in my opinion should be a 91 giroud should be 89 sterling should be 90 and etc

  2. by the way why is ronaldo in the cover, its just not fair(I'm saying this and I'm even a Cristiano ronaldo fan?

  3. When I get older I think my rating will be a 93 believe me I am OG in football and if a goalkeeper a 90 would be good for me no offence but I am the best even better than neymar messi Ronaldo and hazard

  4. Let me be the guy that gives rating and stats out for players let's make a war in social media that will #LET_MO ELMOEIZ

  5. Можете в ФИФА 20 сделать рейтинг Роналду 100 Месси 99 а Дюбале с Суарезом рейтинг 90

  6. Here’s a few of the ratings I think EA got wrong this year… I put my ratings in brackets.

    – Lewandowski (91)
    – Thiago (89)
    – Kimmich (87)
    – Süle (86)
    – Gnabry (85)
    – Coman (85)
    – Neymar (91)
    – Suarez (88)
    – Harry Kane (88)
    – Sergio Ramos (88)
    – Luca Modric (88)
    – Raheem Sterling (89)
    – James Rodríguez (86)

    These are just a FEW of them. And also, stats on some of the players I mentioned need to be boosted as well. Like, James Rodríguez should have much more than 55 pace, and Lewandowski should have at least 91 shooting.

  7. EA did Bayern so dirty this year.

    The fact that Harry Kane has better shooting than Lewandowski just makes me wanna buy PES instead.

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