FIFA 19 | New Gameplay Features | Timed Finishing

FIFA 19 | New Gameplay Features | Timed Finishing

[MUSIC] He had to get his timing perfectly
to convert that. He couldn’t quite manage it. What a goal! Well, his timing had to be spot on there… and it was. Ugh. What a great goal!

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  1. Like 👍 ótimo vídeo. Espero vc em meu canal . Tmj amigo. Se escreve galerinha eu rtb sua inscrição

  2. More precision more realistic more beautiful goals which is literally in all of the fifa trailers for the last decade! The 19 is the only new thing thats it! Ea is grabbing cash out of our pockets for years by just updating a game and selling it for 60 bucks!

  3. They should just do FIFA every two years and just update kits amd squads. Every two years there is little to no innovation done.

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