FIFA 19 | New Gameplay Features | Dynamic Tactics

FIFA 19 | New Gameplay Features | Dynamic Tactics

I am Pep Guardiola
and this is FIFA 19 Tactics [MUSIC] We’re going to get the ball up into their half of the field
much quicker Sometimes it’s really difficult
to create chances All the games are different, so we use different ways
to approach the game Every manager
and every team has a plan, if it doesn’t work try to change
a little bit during the game Follow your instinct, follow what you like to do, and do it!

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  1. I honestly just care about Pro Clubs cuz me and my friends it’s all we play and we’re like a group of 5/7 people.

  2. If anyone has a free black ops 4 beta code u would love it my Instagram is @ kristian.fserrano
    I would super appreciate it

  3. Why are they making fifa 19 when they cant even fix fifa 18 , i paid 60 U.S dollars for it to just freeze when i try to start the game. I havent even played it once and they wont give me a refund 😑

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  5. Me and quite a few other people on reddit are having problems connecting our controllers to our Xbox One. Did a update cause this????

  6. Will it have a training/tutorial mode similar to the Madden games?
    Not knowing how to play (controls) at all has kept me from getting a soccer game.
    And can I create my own players/team?
    Is there a franchise mode similar to the Madden franchise mode?

  7. Make multiplayer free I will do my best to comment this on every video if anyone wants to join me that will be helpful and hopefully they will listen

  8. This will only work against cpu and not in FUT but I hope they add The Journey so it won't basically be Fifa 18 again

  9. Xbox i have big problem with my xbox i updated xbox but i closed xbox about 50% and it goes 100% then i updated the crew 2 it doesnt work then i updated fortnite and it doesnt work too but games im not updated are work but fortnite and the crew 2 is my favourite games i play only those games and now i cant play pls help me

  10. Fifa tactics lol, ea sports its in the scripted. Cmon ea the gamers know this game has no 100 percent genuine gameplay, The game is scripted. Game will still be full of glitches. its the same old game every year but with a new gimmick like fifa 20 will have super refs lol. There should also be more awareness and warnings on how much you spend on your gambling machine, sorry i meant to say ultimate team to discourage online gambling because lets face it, it is gambling.

  11. New Strips ,New team signings ,couple of new stadiums…Same gameplay ,same commentary ,same setup ,Infact it's the very same GAME.

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