FIFA 19 – New Gameplay Features: Active Touch System Trailer | PS4

FIFA 19 – New Gameplay Features: Active Touch System Trailer | PS4

Great touch on the ball. What a goal! Lovely first touch.
That wasn’t easy. Superb individual skill. Ribery on the move. And he’s put it in the net for Chelsea. Looking confidant with the ball at his feet. Excellent first touch. And there is a goal! Celebrate, young man, celebrate.

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  1. I skip Ultimate Team cause it's endless grind. Beside of that none of our friends care about the team we have anyway.

  2. Does anyone know will this game be released on the PS2???, if so will it have the online mode also???, thanks.

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  4. What happened to FIFA. It's changed in a sad way. EA what are you doing. FIFA is the kind of game you can just release all that negativity from your day but now it's just sad

  5. How about fixing defence? How about for every improvement to off-ball runs and touch and so on, you also improve off-ball run tracking, marking, or teammates actually being aware they're actually on a football pitch. Far too often they act blind and downright stupid just because the player isn't controlling them at that momet.

  6. When I read the comment. 90% of comments are negative. but guys please understand there is no better game than fifa. fifa 18 is awesome game. there is no lot of improvements needed on it.

  7. De bruyne looks so emotionless in the thumbnail. And overall fifa gameplay lacks emotions (players breathing with their mouths, being sorry after a bad pass and etc) i think this would make the game more realistic

  8. SCUSATE HO APPENA APERTO IL VIDEO e ho visto che c'erano tre palle Quindi anche FIFA 19 avrà i glitch

  9. who and here in the comments means that you can not afford fifa 19
    boys every day at 21 play with members if you want!

  10. I don't understand u guys. Everyone says fifa 17 2.0, but what do u think? They add a battle royale mode? Its a soccer game, so every soccer games are the same. But they add champions league, Europe league, New tricks. New Flicks etc etc so they add much New things. So guys, stop crying and go play minecraft…

  11. every year same thing. Ohh this game is so dynamic so creative and all that stuff. Next thing you know after couple months…most broken game as always..

  12. Watching last years FIFA 19 trailers really makes you realise how little they changed and added to the game compared to this year

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