FIFA 19 – How to FIX (Black Screen, Crash and more)

FIFA 19 – How to FIX (Black Screen, Crash and more)

Hi everybody welcome to you all Sasha here. Download Extreme Injector. Open Extreme Injector. Move 3 files from the Extreme Injector archive to the default location with FIFA game. Open Extreme Injector. In “Process Name”, enter FIFA19_demo.exe Click “Add file”. Choose Dualcore and EasyHook64. Open FIFA 19. These are our minimal game settings. In Extreme Injector, click “Inject”. New people are invited to subscribe to the

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  1. when i inject it gives me error says platform dissmatch, you're trying to inject 64 bit process (dual core ) into 32 bit process (fifa 19.exe)

  2. mam problem próbowałem tego sposobu ale nic nie dało. Gram karierę w 19 i rozgrywam mecz i wyłącza gre i wyrzuca do pulpitu. To samo jak próbuję symulować mecz. Nie mogę iść dalej.

  3. cpu : intel i5-3337u 1.8ghz
    ram 8go
    graphic card : intel hd graphics 4000 + amd readeon hd 7670m 1go ….
    do you work !?

  4. Hi please can you help me fix the black grass I followed the steps and it's not still working I'm using Lenovo ThinkPad s1 yoga Intel core i5 4210u windows 10 Intel HD 4400 graphics

  5. My fifa file doesn't want to display in the Callum of process name of the injector please help, and I can see it when I select on the listed files

  6. Thank you very much really for this video after applying this method fifa started to run but unfortunately after a while when i started playing it stuck again and it keeps happening after i did alot research and finally found another big problem which is fifa is using 100% of cpu …at 1st when it starts it's using about 37% cpu and its running fine suddenly and randomly it reaches 100% of cpu usage and it gets stuck…i dont know how to fix this problem

  7. Fuck this, when i downloaded the file in mediafire my pc found a virus i thought oh i forgot to turn it off but its freaking Trojan.

  8. hi
    there are many links in the description but there is not any link in front of Extreme Injector v3.7.3
    how can I get the link?

  9. the game is working but the problem is that game is lagging crazy when gpu usage is 0% but when gpu usage gets more than 0% the game begins to be smoothly so i think i need something make gpu more than 0% can you help me

    specs :

    pentium e6500

    8 ram ddr3

    gtx 1050 2gb

    notice : i think this problem is because fifa 19 doesn't support pentium processors

  10. Can this fix my FIFA19 because when the game is about to start the stadium is just dark? please help

  11. what is the solution for my fifa 19 keep crashing to desktop everytime i click SQUAD HUB on carreer mode? please help me 🙁

  12. I already used the injector but it won't load past the openings screen. i can't load champions nor career. Just stuck with the games on main screen

  13. is there a fix for crash on startup i downloaded fitgirl Fifa and i might be the only one with the issue

  14. my fifa 18 is running until game menu but when match screen starts my game closes without any error notification….plzz somebody help me out

  15. Help brothers! My config: Win7SP1 x64, 16Gb DDR3, GA-X48T-DQ6, Xeon X3363, CTX1060 6Gb. FIFA 19 not start. I heard that FIFA19 uses SSE4.2 instructions that my CPU does not have. Or does Windows 10 make a miracle?

  16. It keeps showing a 3 second black screen pop up and it won't start the game when I try to launch the game. any way to fix that?

  17. Bro i got a message like procedure entry point MFTEnumEx not found in dynamic…you know the rest…please help me solve this guys

  18. I turn on the game, then when i click on play mode, it shows, you want to turn off the game..Yes and No buttons…It quickly jumps between them..Then, crash and close the game..So i cant even start to playing game..Does your method work for my problem too?

  19. Hi guys i dont understand my fifa 19 just shuts down after playing 1-2 games wihtout any error, i already updated my drivers. My specification is also okay. please help to solve it 🙁

  20. I have fifa 20 demo,its closing as soon as I open it,what can I do help please,,or can you make a video on it..i'm isure it'll help people with the same problem…should I use this method

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