What am I even?.. What’s happening! Brabbsy
here with another one. If you are new to the crew you know what to do – smash the subscribe button to join the
sub squad, very much appreciated. this video dribbling techniques so hopefully help
you keep the ball longer be able to keep it in tighter spaces and break down your
opponent’s defense combine it with my skills video tutorial you’re good to go
let’s do it first tip try and get out of the habit of holding down the sprint
button everywhere you go as this makes ball control harder. instead, just
reserve sprinting for if you’ve just beaten a man and every other time
get into the habit of releasing sprint before you get the ball.. then you know
what to do with the analog stick next is using the l2 button to shield
the ball from your opponent. this will literally put your player in between the
ball and the defender which will make it much harder to get the ball off you but
also make it much easier to turn. you can use this especially to hold up play
ready for another player or just to set up an audacious goal scoring opportunity.
next up we have stand up dribbling which is literally the opposite of shielding
the ball instead we’re going to turn and face the goal and the defender by
holding the l2 and the r2 buttons Once doing this you can use the left
analog stick to shake the defender off and if you release the back two buttons
you can then perform a quick turn to get past them. I recommend using this trick
especially on the wing this is really good for cutting inside and out ready to
set up a goal scoring opportunity. after you’re comfortable using these
techniques you can then throw in other skill moves such as the fake shots and
the drag backs which are really effective to shake off the defender
further for the purpose of this tutorial we’re focusing on the more simpler
tricks as this is more to do with the dribbling and ball control aspects
however if at any point you want to learn some more complex skill moves feel
free to jump onto my channel as I’ve also done a skill move tutorial. These
dribbling techniques are so simple but will instantly improve your game to
summarize we have shielding the ball with l2 ball rolls with r1 stand-up
dribbling with the back buttons and fake shots with shoot and pass. go into the
arena and practice doing this. Here’s a few examples of how these can be used in
a real match scenario try and use this skill move to switch up your style of
play by pretending to cut inside of the pitch
before going back to the byline or vice versa in this particular goal scoring scenario
noticed that we’ve not used a sprint button at all rather just held the ball
up ready to find that killer pass in this final demonstration again no
sprint was used instead we use the tricks that we learn in the arena to
hold the ball up, lure the defenders in and create that goal scoring opportunity
master all this and your attacking game will improve immensely. hope that was
useful for you champs! if it was give that button a poke really helps me out and
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ciao for now Love you bye!


  1. Excellent vid I’m sure you are going to have 100000 subs soon just stick at it block out the haters and never give up

  2. That's the only type of video on youtube that explains how to dribble like a pro does ! Thanks for putting the controler input too ! Now I'll go practice some of that magic cuz that's sooooo helpful and will improve my game drastically ! Keep it up man 😀

  3. Is there any reason why your pressing down L3 for? I see alot of pros clicking their left stick in now with the synced obs controller and just wondering if it actually does anything as I cant find nothing about it on google.

  4. Bruh, you're the only one that I've seen that does killer dribbles without the Right analog

  5. You never mentioned L3 once yet your pressing it all the time in the little window box type thing. Whats that aboot like ?

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