FIFA 19 Demo Trailer | Your Season Starts Now

FIFA 19 Demo Trailer | Your Season Starts Now

Well, the huge news this transfer window, obviously Cristiano Ronaldo’s switch from Real Madrid to Juventus. And now he takes center stage. The entire season has built to this. A huge moment on the biggest stage. Someone will make a difference. This is it!

70 Replies to “FIFA 19 Demo Trailer | Your Season Starts Now”

  1. Um dos piores jogos da geração, muito mal avaliado na Store, handcap grotesco, quase não inova mas vai continuar vendendo muito

  2. Please insert credit card ? to watch the trailer

    Do you want to upgrade to the colour version? ?

    Do you want sound to go with the video? ?

  3. We need the Spider-Man game for Xbox or at,east some sorta open world Spider-Man game


    Like If u felt the same (or just reply idc)

  4. FIFA 19 demo was rated 18k times and has 4.5 stars on PS store. I do not believe this. It the same stuff. I think they paid people to rate it on PS store and YouTube.

  5. الحركة مغيرينهة ومصعبينهة والشوت كلش مصعبينة …صارت اشبه بpes19

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