FIFA 19 Demo Trailer – Your Season Starts Now | PS4

FIFA 19 Demo Trailer – Your Season Starts Now | PS4

Here we go.
The best players of the world… Great day here,
wonderful sentiment. [“DON” BY OCEAN WISDOM PLAYING] Huge news, this transfer, with obviously Cristiano Ronlaldo’s switch
from Real Madrid to Juventus. And now he takes center stage. The entire season has built to this. A huge moment on the biggest stage. Someone will make the difference. This is it. [INHALE] [EXHALE]

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  1. ¡¡Todo el que quiera 3 códigos de la beta de BLACKOUT EN PS4 totalmente gratis puede pasarse por mi canal, activision me ha mandado 4 por gmail y me sobran 3, corre y consiguelo!!!

  2. I'm definetly getting it like every year but this time I'm waiting a month so I can get it for 20 €.. Way to few changes to be worth full prize.. A new license is not a selling point!

  3. Haber Sony desde hace 4 mese no me deja entrar en la Play Store me pone a ocurrido un error espero una solución por que no puedo comprar garcías y espero una respuesta

  4. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS FIFA 18. Last year they at least cared that much to improve crosses. This year they claim that they improved the passing and finishing system but don't get tricked. Even if they did something it feels and plays exactly the same. If you want the updated rosters just do it in Fifa 18 yourself. The same thing with the updated ratings. It'll take you some time but I'd rather do that than spend 60$ on a game I basically already have.

  5. I hope PlayStation remaster infamous1 and infamous 2 as well as festival of blood in a collection like uncharted collection
    If they won't I gonna push to Xbox one

  6. Great presentation but I still prefer the feel on the ball in fifa 17. The ball feels more like a real football in fifa 17 to me. I would like to buy the game but most of the time is spent passing the ball and if that doesn't feel right, if it doesn't feel satisfying to score goals – then I'm not having fun. Does anybody feel like I do?

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