FIFA 19 – “Champions Rise” Launch Trailer | PS4

FIFA 19 – “Champions Rise” Launch Trailer | PS4

As we all know,
champions rise early. Yeah?
Well, this one stays up late. [MUSIC PLAYING] They all want to meet Neymar. But me,
I am Neymar. I’m De Bruyne… …and Dybala. This icon played for years
without winning the Champion’s League. But I’ve already won it… …twice! Ronaldo’s the best striker in the world. But on my team… Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not that way. Come on. What? You can’t do that. Okay. Okay. They say Pip’s a genius. Can you reach the final in Madrid? Madrid?
It’s right here in L.A. So here it is,
the biggest game of the year… The Champion’s League Final. That’s right. What’s going on here? We’ll take it from here. PlayStation,
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100 Replies to “FIFA 19 – “Champions Rise” Launch Trailer | PS4”

  1. It's scary how EA has invested itself within Football. Don't forget about their shady tactics and that FIFA 19 barely has anything new in it. Think twice before spending 60 bucks on renamed old modes.

  2. only high dumb level people will buy a football game every year, it's the same game with a different main menu design. how can people be so dumb af to realized it.

  3. its like these people were expecting jet packs or a battle royal mode? its a football game no much more can change go play some fortnite if you don't like it?

  4. People are thinking that this is the same game but what is EA supposed to do then. They can't just make a game and leave it. People would want more of it

  5. 1. Theres absolutely no gameplay in this trailer because they know they have nothing new to offer.
    2. Looks like they put more time, money, and effort into this trailer than the actual game

  6. What I dont understand…why cant you take your ultimate team with you to the next one..its so annoying..that you invest so much that you can play only one year with it..

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