FIFA 19 – Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup | PS4

FIFA 19 – Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup | PS4

[HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING] [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] A warm welcome from me, Derek Rae,
joined here in the commentary box as always by the former Arsenal and England defender, Lee Dixon. And we’re just minutes away from kickoff time. The fans here expect success in the Champions League and I need to do everything I can to give it to them.

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  1. People that say same as FIFA 18 will be the number one people still buying it in 3 weeks time. So relax. FIFA 19 is looking great. Can't wait!

  2. Que pongan la libertadores o el mundial de clubes o nose no solo exite europa si no america,asia,africa,oseania existen muchas ligas y muchos torneos, eso caga del fifa

  3. Resident Evil deadly silence and resident evil mercenary HD collections for the PlayStation Vita physical copy money money money Capcom in Sony

  4. All those saying fifa this fifa that, still the same thing. Come September ending fifa is still gonna crush pes in sales. Because it is a complete football game.

  5. And no pro Clubs or career mode improvements whatsoever, EA only cares about how many packs you buy in ultimate team and that’s their ultimate goal , pathetic company

  6. Having bought Fifa 06 to 10 then Fifa 16 and Fifa 18 i'm thinking is there much point in buying Fifa 19? It looks just like an upgrade of Fifa 18. Has anyone playing the new PES game yet?

  7. Don't think FIFA will be much any better even with the Champions League and Europa League and UEFA Super Cup licence I just hope PES get a back next year or why can't PES and FIFA have the Champions League and Europa League licence it's not going to hurt anyone is it

  8. Absolutely fifa best football game. awesome graphics and mechanics, physics and ball control are great.! The critics are just poor people, facts are painful.! Yeah now cry losers, cry, cry… ahhaha

  9. Vamos boicota esse joga não vai sair para o ps 3 que falta de respeito não terá o Champions e nem a UEFA Europa que falta de respeito

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