What’s up guys, Alex from FIFA Scouting
Tips here. Welcome to my hands on look at FIFA 19 career mode. The months leading
up to FIFA 19’s launch have been nervous ones for career mode fans, with
FIFA producer Matt Prior saying and no major new features to speak of – aside from the
Champions League branding – a lot of people have been braced for a disappointing
experience. But now that it’s here, what is FIFA 19’s career mode actually like
to play? Is it the same old story from years past, or has it improved on FIFA
18’s formula? Let’s start with the good news: this is not just a rebranded
version of FIFA 18. While it’s lacking a big marquee new feature, it has a lot of
small tweaks here and there that add up to a much more enjoyable career mode
experience. Here’s a perfect example: for years, loyal career mode players have
been asking that your team’s sleeve badges and name and number styles
update when you get promoted or relegated, so you wouldn’t end up with
Premier League sleeve logos when playing in the Championship, for example. Well, that’s now finally been implemented. It’s a tiny change, and one that should have
been fixed in years ago, but one that makes a big difference to the immersion
of your save. Here’s another example: if you finish a season with millions left
in the bank, you now get a proper budget the year after, rather than seeing all
those savings vanish into the ether. There’s now an incentive to stash your
spare cash in case you need it next year, rather than splurging it on expensive
signings because you know you’ll just lose the money anyway. There are
improvements elsewhere, too: the scouted player mini faces have been overhauled
and look a lot more realistic now, plus they actually look the same on the pitch
as they do in the academy – no more jarring mismatches. There are new
training drills, including ones to let you train strength and sprint speed for
the first time. Gameplay has been improved and Ultimate difficulty has
made it across from Ultimate Team. There are new dynamic tactics which let you
change your tactical approach mid-game without even having to pause. Yes, you
could do something similar in the past, but that just gave you generic options
like defensive or all-out attack. This year you can define your tactics in
depth beforehand and assign them a shortcut, giving you much more control
over tactical changes on the fly. And what about
the Champions League package, which was the headline feature of career mode this
year? Well, I personally love it. It looks fantastic and everything feels
on point – the music, the graphics, even the fonts. There’s even a special Champions
League mode separate from your career, which lets you dive straight in with one
of the teams in this year’s competition. Of course, it’s not all good news this
year. For one thing, scouting is still very basic. You can’t scout any new countries (sorry Wales fans), and you still won’t
find any strikers when looking for attackers or center-backs when searching
for defensive-minded players. You still get unrealistic transfer offers, such as
a random Argentinian team offering to take your 16-year-old prospect on loan
when you’re playing in the Premier League. It’s only a minor thing, but it
definitely feels jarring and breaks the immersion. Perhaps weirdest of all, the
number of save slots in career mode has been reduced from 8 in FIFA 18 to a mere
4 in FIFA 19. I’ve reached out to EA’s press people in an attempt to find out
why it was done and if it will be fixed – fingers crossed for now. So while EA did
well to fix a bunch of long-standing issues this year, there are still
problems that persist. While none on their own are definitively game-breaking,
they can add up to create a feeling that career mode still doesn’t get the love
and attention it deserves from the developers. EA got a lot of stick this
year for claiming to be “listening to the community” while bringing nothing new to
career mode but, that seems a little unfair to me. Yes, it is disappointing not
to see a big new feature dropping in FIFA 19 like training did a few years
ago, but the small changes – specifically to things the community has been asking
for – show that EA isn’t completely ignoring us. With the journey wrapping up in FIFA
19 there are hopes that EA will have more budget and time to develop career
mode ready for FIFA 20. While we can only speculate at this point, we feel FIFA
19’s career mode is not a total write-off – far from it, in fact. The many small changes here and there really do add up, and while there are plenty of things
we wish were in this year’s game – a much more in-depth, realistic youth academy for one thing – we don’t feel it’s fair to totally trash FIFA 19’s career mode. So
is FIFA 19 worth buying for career mode? I’d say that it is thanks to the more
immersive experience that’s seen bugs squashed and long-requested features
finally implemented. It’s a much more mature mode than last year’s offering,
and those small changes add up to make it much more enjoyable. It’s not a
wholehearted recommendation – there are still plenty of frustrations and
shortcomings – but it’s definitely not the rebranded FIFA 18 that many of us feared.
Thanks for watching my hands-on review of FIFA 19, I’ll be back with more FIFA
19 videos soon and I aim to start streaming on Twitch as well soon. If
there’s anything you want me to do next, just leave a comment below and I’ll see
you next time.


  1. Welcome back Alex! I would love to see some underrated youngster videos again. Kinda tired of searching and seeing the same world class prospects, I wanna see some new people Ive never heard of before, regardless of their set potential.

  2. Question (I haven't bought the game yet) – When you loan out players to other leagues can you see how many appearances they make in the league? It is a small thing but has always bothered me that you cannot see how many games a player on loan from a prem team for instance makes in league one

  3. Way to kind to Fifa 19.
    I simply can’t believe you can say with a straight face that it’s worth spending 80 euro on this garbage for career mode fans. That’s rubbish.

  4. So they fixed the badge on the sleeve, and made your budget carry over from last season. Thats it? I dont see how you are justifying buying a whole new game for TWO small improvements (the others you talked about dont even relate to career mode). Why do you have to spend 2 minutes of a 5 minute video explaining that its not as disappointing as people say? Seriously, just listen from 3:15 to the end. I love fifa, but we cant keep excusing EA for copy and pasting the same BS in career mode. And Fake reviews like this are part of the problem.

  5. No big new features like training!? No one wants training. I want random progression (or sometimes regression) based on a HIDDEN potential stat. If I have to play 5 mini games every week that let's every player on my team have 99 agility and 99 control to be viable I'll punch a hole in my tv. Also the development of youth squad players was such garbage it made that shit unplayable. Players sit at their same stat or improve a point or 2 over a 5 year stretch unless you force train them with mini games making every player god at like 6 different pre-determined stats.

  6. "Random Argentinian team" – That's Dalkurd. Plays in Swedens highest league and since the player is from England that's not totally way off… Just saying.

  7. Career mode hasn’t changed in almost 10 years, yeah they’ve added training but now it takes over an hour to play through a week of the calendar. Such a stale game. EA is terrible.

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