FIFA 19 | ATLETICO MADRID VS JUVENTUS | UEFA Champions League (UCL) | Gameplay PC

FIFA 19 | ATLETICO MADRID VS JUVENTUS | UEFA Champions League (UCL) | Gameplay PC

here on the commentary box by Lee Dixon and we’re certainly in the mood for a Champions League group stage action it’s a predicate Madrid up against Avengers yeah the long road to the final starts here in game 1 always think that you win your home games and don’t lose your away games you’ve got a good chance of progressing you you young uh black starts in go Felipe Louis starts with one brand at the back and they strike partnership font one can use van place alongside Diego Costa [Music] [Applause] Bianca very tend to be loved aboard hated by the Italian fans depending on their point of view what’s your take League well must have told you this before my favorite Italian team I just love everything about the Avensis had a kick when I was a little boy a black-and-white strip that my dad bought me used to wear it all the time that was my it’s week two kit believe it or not as well so but just love everything about the team they are iconic colors and the old lady of Italian football going with this stomping 11y checks Jen’s knee starts in goal Sami Khedira place with middle MP a niche in the center of the park and leading the line today is Mario Mandzukic it’s the opening match de Champions League group stage match day one underway [Applause] yes ma’am comfortable on the ball moving it forward here Atletico and skirt for the cross [Applause] Aleksandra now Chiellini pentakill address so the great city rivals Real Madrid but they’ve had a pretty compelling story to tell over the years as well well they have been one of my favorite Spanish teams are really love everything about them I love the new stadium I love the kit obviously I’m big on kids as you know but I also love their spirit they’ve got a real winning attitude a massive part of the equation for France on their World Cup victory and 2018 on to Andrea’s manly why the real threat is made different types of centre forward not gonna win the ball in the air very often but anything around the feet round the box he’s absolutely bullied he’s not bad in the air apt to say but his forte is in the box as a poacher the annex now [Applause] it’s with dibala Mandzukic it’s with Benton Gore Avengers have given us away exquisite past bike okay yes ma’am atlético at the corner [Applause] and firing it into the area not a deep fall in attending to his defensive chores his Rodri the MA an especially high-quality header was it well that was like one of mine or more to the point like one of yours Derek you’re spot-on with that assessment Lee it was Ronaldo it’s with Mandzukic he’s lost it now go Dean of all with Audrey a lot of momentum to this a plenty girl attack others to play it too so yes Renaldo body’s forward and the break looks on and here is dibala now Kadena Rodrigo Vincent or coke a winix cocaine mrs. Diego Costa robbery not too many defenders in the wide positions and Atletico Noack it’s worth Benton core yes Ron Aldo Alexandro they are so hugely popular you ventas leave from the north abyss of a to the south up and down the peninsula they look forward to the group stage of the Champions League every year while they do the Giants of world football they really are I’m not gonna mention how much alike they’re sure absolutely brilliant to every kid to that one well it’s the tradition that goes with that birdie I think he’s that just shooting boots behind at the dressing room well it was well worth the effort poor technique really should do better than that now Kadena Juventus of giving us away Oh certainly making attacking inroads Atletico Madrid but what can they do from this position yes Ronaldo is romantic itch potentially a chance to do damage on the flag for you BAE wasteful in possession don’t really like him [Applause] here’s Korea’s man just waiting great chance without Heather but he sent it why gotta burst was quite easy to head that one over the bar this time he just gets his angles wrong just past the post coke a Withings okay [Applause] [Applause] slide-rule pastor mario mandzukic just straying off side rotary Felipe Lewis has it too malamar it did appear that they might be onto something but not so pity row now Chiellini Mandzukic well he’s got plenty of space on the flank here well he made sure there was absolutely no way through can they do something positive on the counter-attack joking attractive-looking move easy on the eye but nothing there – Inc precision from Mandzukic he said behind the defense here [Applause] as you see from the replay [Music] the different vantage point in terms of the goal of the score [Applause] underwear once more it is advantage Aventis now go Dean now Greer’s man okay with ease [Applause] Turner could be useful to them and a deep corner into the center of the area broadly crossing possibilities you go kloster in the center at lack conviction followed up but not precise enough no not accurate not all the other other options on as well Khedira deanna CH Benten cool with it Alexandra now and plenty of scope to be creative in that wide position they have the ball in a very promising position but now it’s been taken away from them might well be stopped for them to counter-attack here he’s just a thorough reader of the game and that we saw it sending in the right direction Manju Kitsch to the illegal position outside and the opinion of the officials pentakill have given us away and the whistle is sounded for half diving and the second half begins it’s Juventus with the lane it’s worth Benton core Alexandra Benten cool with it [Applause] Cristiano Ronaldo Jannik snap Khedira is he going to punish them here here is dibala the cross courtesy of dibala and his clearest lines [Applause] Lamarr it’s going to be an atlético throwing learn abour than satisfactory performance from ronaldo and the first haffley well Derek the certainly was a good four to five minutes from the light obviously got the goal to give him the lead but he’s looked very very lively as well they weren’t going to get past Bellucci miss with dibala it’s with Mandzukic bent and cool with it Aventis keep possession and it’s positive possession what can they do from this position by Jimenez was never going to a trouble the scoreboard operator well you taught as a youngster technique technique technique he didn’t have any there sour robbery [Applause] now Korea’s man sweep through my diego trust it’s going to be a go kick here Chiellini Aleksandra now here’s one elder slide will pass from Mario Mandzukic can he put it away tenacious chuckling excellent defending their substitution time is [Applause] mr. Yano Renaldo Sami Khedira said the thick of things now the crossbar goes in the way now Glee as man well if that goes in Derek this game would have a very different complexion about it but as it stands it still could go either way and try to get forward they just needs to remain I see call to malamar and the cross is very much on he’s led to shooting boots behind on the dressing room well it was well worth the effort poor technique really should do better than that we’ll now make use of the substitutes bench Chiellini Juventus have given us away cost are showing vision here okay [Applause] let’s let it go on [Applause] strike again first time he’s always difficult to strike the ball [Music] [Applause] concentration is everything [Applause] even-steven want a piece of mismatched dibala [Applause] Manchu Kitsch passing precision from Manchu keeps giving him a different option by moving in fields really brilliant finish [Applause] the ABC a better angle there’s nothing to keep who can do a significant deflection and it’s beaten go back to the goal that was scored [Applause] Kinetico Madrid having fallen behind no they’ve got to get into an attacking gear but all with Rodri Thomas [Applause] Thomas yes ma’am but never likely to a trouble the keeper no he’s got positioning right but it was a poor shot in the end Cristiano Ronaldo [Applause] this attack looks highly promising Benten cool with it Khedira run it superbly to take back possession they don’t normally need a second invitation to give it a go on the counter too much based on that particular bus [Applause] an abundance of space is just a thorough reader of the game and then we saw him for DS forward and the break looks on the through ball by Diego Costa [Applause] and in there from bitola it’s still alive attempting to play catch-up in this second half we off the priorities to be well athletic I haven’t been on their best tonight for me been a little off call in all departments bought they’re still in this game make no mistake about that we always used to see on the pictures we were losing near the end we’re bound to get one more chance let’s see if they do Diego Costa in the center it wasn’t an especially high quality header was it well that’s like one of mine of more to the point like one of yours Derek you’re spot-on with that assessment Lee Chiellini thattagirl we’ll get the throwing [Applause] Havana’s here’s cabinets okay beautifully times Yonex nap Khedira shawol can say though Manju kitsch decided to come in from the flank [Applause] well as we see this again Derek Bobby Jon used to say pass the ball into the the next exactly what he did they’re really lovely finished the gold again albeit from a different angle [Applause] so there it is 3 1 the current store line here Thomas [Applause] go Dean Thomas now broadly Talon H meticulous polisher of his defensive game ganic he’s heading in the right direction Mandzukic it’s with dibala Yonex now Aleksandra now Cristiano Ronaldo [Applause] and a foul in the opinion of the referee now what can they do from this free-kick situation [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and Ronaldo tries his luck and tipping it over the crossbar for you BAE [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] gonna kick played 22 enough terrific blood man yaaaaah black excelling absolutely fantastic goalkeepers make saves like that win games and a deep fall in they’ve had an invitation this game is in the history books and Aventis have claimed all from the opening game and the Champions League season well it’s everything you want the star backed one good strong star that resort will give everybody confidence especially the players well done [Applause]

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  1. I don't know if that's a glitch but everytime when I play on a difficulty more than Semi-Pro the players stop going for the ball and they kick it where ever they want even when I haven't pressed anything.

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo you are the best striker ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

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