FIFA 18 – What Is FUT | PS4

FIFA 18 – What Is FUT | PS4

MAN: Welcome to
Fifa Ultimate Team, a game mode within Fifa 18 where
you create your dream squad from a pool of thousands of players
from around the world and even some of the most
legendary icons of the past. As the manager, you are in
control of which players make it into your starting 11. In order to get the
best out of your team, you’ll need to link players
together using the chemistry system. Strategically matching
players by nationality,
leagues, and clubs will result in a boost in their
abilities in-game. For example, utilizing the
French link between Manchester United’s Martial and Atlético’s
Antoine Griezmann allows you to get creative building a squad
mixed between the Premier League and Liga Santander while
still retaining chemistry. The real fun starts here. It’s time to get
stuck in some matches, and in Fifa 18 Ultimate Team,
there are a variety of game modes to choose from. Squad Battles. New to Fifa 18, this
single-player game mode matches you against FUT squads
created by real FUT players. These objectives
refresh everyday, allowing you to compete against
a variety of opponents to earn points and level up for big
weekly prizes that can be used to improve your team. You can also take on
your mate’s squad online, play couch co-op, or compete
online against players from around the world
in FUT Champions, Fifa 18’s most
competitive game mode. This is where the
biggest rewards can be found. The great thing about Fifa
Ultimate Team is that each game played earn you coins which
can be used to purchase players and items from the
Transfer Market. The better you perform,
the better the rewards. So get out there and start
creating your dream squad right now in Fifa 18 Ultimate Team.

12 Replies to “FIFA 18 – What Is FUT | PS4”

  1. Do not buy packs, they are a scam full stop.

    That being said playing a ton of games with the icon edition since launch I just now afforded griezy, do not expect a mode where the odds are fair let alone even disclosed, the gameplay consistent or things like having your kit numbers work to be something EA cares about. They only care about tricking you into spending real money on bogus digital rentals. The best thing I opened out of my 2 jumbo packs a week was 79 rashford, best thing out of 3 game inform loans 86 perisic with the rest being trash reserve in forms.

    Someone just posted what 5000£ gets you and it was shocking. I’d avoid fut, it’s a terrible mode filled with toxic players and questionable gameplay. I have to change my kits twice every game because they don’t bother to fix it. Not a fan of my keeper wearing 9 and my 260k griezy I had to sweat blood to earn, wearing anything other than 7, not that EA cares. By all means pick the game up on sale, but play the other modes.

  2. What is FUT? The ultimate EA cancer demon moneymaking machine.
    What is FUT? EA's shareholder value maximization.
    What is FUT? A full priced game, with micro-transactions which on top of that are pay-to-win.

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