FIFA 18 – The Journey: Hunter Returns – Story Trailer | PS4

FIFA 18 – The Journey: Hunter Returns – Story Trailer | PS4

ANNOUNCER: Alex hunter, born to
play at this level. NEWS ANNOUNCER: Images emerging
this morning of Hunter wearing a Real Madrid shirt. ALEX HUNTER: That is not what
happened. MAN: We’ve been had. ALEX HUNTER: Michael! You gambled my career just to
get back to the big time. WOMAN: What does your heart tell
you? ALEX HUNTER: I just want to play
football, win trophies, and that’s all I try and do
wherever I play. [“THE DRUM” BY THE SIEGE
PLAYING] MAN #2: Hey, man.
Welcome to LA. MAN: This is as big as it gets,
Alex. COACH: It is not always we get
second chances in life. MAN: Bigger games. SOCCER PLAYER: Looking forward
to scoring some goals with you. ALEX HUNTER: So after the game? SOCCER PLAYER: I will see what I
can do. MAN: Bigger contracts. GIRL: You’ll be able to get us
tickets to the games; right? ALEX HUNTER: If you’re lucky. MAN #2: Don’t be getting too
dazzled by those Hollywood lights. ALEX HUNTER: It’s the same all
over the world, mate. Different streets, same dreams. ♪ Here we come ♪ ♪ Here we come ♪ ♪ Here we come ♪ OLD MAN: This is a risky move. ♪ Here we come ♪ ALEX HUNTER: This could be my
one shot. ♪ Here we come ♪ ♪ Here we come ♪ ♪ Here we come ♪ MAN: PlayStation, the best place
to play.

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  1. Trash.. another dumb movie let us choose are own characters to become great not these made up characters that are obvious picked bye the developers..madden story sucked also..


  3. Fifa ha il vizio di trascurare il campionato e i club italiani e i giocatori che militano in italia.. Un buon motivo per non comprare più questo gioco oltre alle solite cagate piene di bug e cose veramente assurde

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